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Announcing End Season 1 Rewards

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Announcing End Season 1 Rewards
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

shotokan_Ulic's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 06:44 PM | #111
wow kinda freaked out when I saw Tier 1 was 1500, I don't understand why they even have Blue-Bronze-Silver-Gold rating, isn't that the way the tier rewards should be working?

all it takes is 10 wins to get 1500 and there's your Rancor.. GG..

Disappointing really.
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cashogy_reborn's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 06:46 PM | #112
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks!

First off, I am glad to see the excitement around the Rancor. I know I have been eager to show everyone what they could expect from our Season 1 rewards!

One of the things I have seen mentioned a few times on the forums since we announced the rewards is that 1500 is too low of a rating for Tier 1. I wanted to let you know that our rewards tiers are based 100% on data, according to the highest earned ratings of our Ranked players. Currently less than 5% of our entire Ranked playerbase is 1500 or above. So although the number may seem low, very few players across all servers have actually attained it!

All the more reason to hop on and work on getting that rank yourself

This is what I assumed was the reasoning behind it.

Can I just suggest that for Season 2, you announce the rewards at the beginning of the season? You can list them as being Tier 1, 2, etc, and that Tier 1 is for the top 5%, Tier 2 is the top 10%, etc.

I have seen more than a handful of posts in this thread along the lines of 'man if I knew there was a Rancor mount reward I would have tried more'. If you guys actually care about increasing Ranked participation, you will publicize rewards at the start of Season 2.
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Kalli's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 06:48 PM | #113
Can we get some better screenshots of the armor and the different types of weapons please?

MaximusRex's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 07:02 PM | #114
Quote: Originally Posted by Blacklutze View Post
1020 of 38850 listed Players in Solo and Group have a higher ratting than 1500 thats 2.65%
111 Players have a rating of 2000 or higher thats about 0.28%

For me 1500 seems to be fair
The people complaining about the rating what it to be higher because they want to be super duper extra special snowflakes, and its easier to be that when less than 1/3 of a percentage of players are included, instead of that wholly unacceptable 5% Eric cites.

Octom's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 07:16 PM | #115
To anyone complaining about low population and no queues popping - spam your general chat about a Rancor mount and see what changes. Give it a day. If it doesn't then meet your standards, feel free to complain.

... to your alts using in-game mail.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamChattaway View Post
doe snot
No referral link for you. I don't want you to subscribe to this 'game'. I don't want you to play it at all. I want you to go away from this broken mess that will never be fixed and find something else.

Konta_Takuto's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 07:19 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by Octom View Post
To anyone complaining about low population and no queues popping - spam your general chat about a Rancor mount and see what changes. Give it a day. If it doesn't then meet your standards, feel free to complain.

... to your alts using in-game mail.
That isn't the point, we shouldn't need to bribe to get queue pops that is putting a band-aid on the bigger issue.
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Raansu's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 07:41 PM | #117
Quote: Originally Posted by Konta_Takuto View Post
Here is the link again real data

Regardless of what you think or if you got lucky that isn't the point.....THE POINT is queue times are ridiculous no matter what and bioware needed to fix this a long time ago before they posted rewards
you know that site isn't very accurate right? Also, even if it was, pop wise pve servers in most mmos are always higher. But they also have majority pve players... Ranked queue actually exists on pot5 and pops quite frequently, both solo and group.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
Doubt it all you want, but I have had 6 pops in the last hour or so which is damn near impressive considering prior to that it was dead. Of course earlier in the day I galvanized general into queuing up shouting RANCOR MOUNT! You'd be surprised how many people queue up for that lol.
Ya thats called being dead. Even more so for group ranked considering almost every guild I knew over there is now on pot5.

Kozayk's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 08:12 PM | #118
Tier 1 is 1500+ rating?,really?.

Tier 1 should be AT LEAST 2000+ rating
Idk I also think Team Ranked players should get something different than Solo Ranked players

EzioMessi's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 08:35 PM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by JediMasterSLC View Post
Yes actually, tier 1 should be reserved for the elite. Someone who is only in the top 5% of this game is bad.
Considering that there's no cross-server, it would be incredibly unfair to give it to only the top 1/2%. I know plenty of amazing players who aren't up there with 2000+ ratings, simply because Jung Ma doesn't have as many pops as PoT5 or ToFN.

If Bioware introduced Cross server, I'd be all for having top dog rewards for the top 1% of players, and maybe a special unique snowflake reward for the guy at the very top.
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sithlorddrakorak's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 08:41 PM | #120
whoever wrote this ur stupid tier 5 4 3 4 5 weres one and 2 lol