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The best healing class?

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The best healing class?

Adaliaya's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 06:44 AM | #1
Hello I know that this is subjective question but I still wanna hear opinions.
I have 43 Sage, 40, Operative, 10 Scoundrel (guild is rep so I'm playing mirror class) and 24 Commando.

I keep hearing that Scoundrel/Operative is superior in PvP but at least I get way better numberss as my Sage than Operative, expect in arena, where Operative is in most of cases better.

And PvE, there I've heard that all healers are viable, but as a quite new player with no extreme skills, what would be easiet to success. I prefer my Sage however, how are they?

cs_zoltan's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 07:00 AM | #2
Looks like you know most already. Sage is fine, it's not hard to play and gets the job done
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AzlanWhite's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 01:24 PM | #3
I'm playing all 3 heals for PvE, so in my opinion for PvE:

Operatives: Sustained healing through HotS, superb energy management, very mobile.
Sorcs: Best at AoE heals, making them very useful in ops. And shields are always awesome when spike damage is incoming.
Mercs: Best at single-target healing, more of a reactive healer compared to the other two. With the recent buff that lets you shell more than one person, it's one hella beast in the hands of someone who can handle the heat management issues well.

For me, I love merc heals the most, even before the buff. (:

jaytdasme's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 06:52 PM | #4
Well it depends on what you mean by "Best".. no class is best in all situations, they made sure of that lol. But they are all viable as you said. Op/scoundrel tending to perform better in PvP, Sage handling Ops better. Commando/Merc best at.. living.. lol. (and single target heals)
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venomlash's Avatar

03.01.2014 , 10:38 PM | #5
In addition to the other stuff that people have said, the Commando is excellent in a support role in Ops, due to their AoE heal buffing everyone who runs through the puddle and causing them to receive 3% more healing, and also due to their excellent off-DPS.