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How many people actually play GSF?

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How many people actually play GSF?

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02.19.2014 , 09:43 AM | #21
I have been playing on Bastion and it tends to pop quickly, no more then abour 5 mins max, way less in primetimes.

That being said, pub side is almost always way better (must be all the smugglers) which is funny because standard pvp is opposite with Imps always winning. I have been running on both my BH and my Smuggler and I rarely lose on my smuggler (not that I have much to do with it)

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02.19.2014 , 10:08 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Jandi View Post
Really? Odd, I haven't met any. Or do you mean those guys who fly mastered ships only in premades and farm pugs?
no im on about majority of pugs, and as for premades on red eclipse i dont seem to have any issues with them as blow up the same as a pug does.

yes alot of them pilots have mastered ships but that dont mean squat, alot of them guys including me could hand some ones *** to them in a unmodified ship. if u ever run into me on toretto youll see, that char has zero mods to any ship and youll not see me out of top 3, same as those top pilots on the server and we do have some good ones.

so to OP yeah on our server we have regular popping matches and mix bag of good and bad pilots and i dont see any increase in pop times meaning we are not experiecing any significant decline in player base in gsf.
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02.19.2014 , 10:56 AM | #23
I've been playing a fair bit cause outside of re-running the dread stuff on HM there isn't much else to do. The tactical flashpoints proved to be rather under whelming.

Though it getting to the point where I couldn't really tell you why I'm playing, its all the same groups when the match does fire with the usual faces and then a few f2pers in the mix. In general the side with the more f2ps loses. So I think I am getting to the stage where not logging in is more appealing than to log in and play GSF and get another unenjoyable experience that just provides requisition for a ship I have maxed or ships I don't really fly.

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02.19.2014 , 11:38 AM | #24
On my server I see a healthy population on both factions. My win rate is 75% on republic and 54% on imperial almost exclusively solo queuing. Occasionally I see the same people over multiple matches but more often I see names I don't recognize. I am even seeing imperial vs imperial matches when the most active players are on the republic side. Matchmaking seems to be better than it was before as I have had a lot more close matches. In my experience GSF has a healthy population on my server.
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