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TFB NiM : Scream + saber reflect clarification

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TFB NiM : Scream + saber reflect clarification

Leafy_Bug's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 08:45 AM | #1
Dear All,

I was asked last night to help some friends get a timed run. I have done TFB NiM successfully dozens of times and have the title myself since the early days. At the final boss, we were doing the normal swap on scream as one should but something peculiar happened. If you check the video, you will notice that my guardian co-tank gets scream, he uses saber reflect, I taunt, my taunt wears off and he pulls aggro.

Any ideas?

namesaretough's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 09:34 AM | #2
It's tough to tell from the size of the target of target, but it looks like he saber reflected after your taunt. If the 9k threat from reflect was enough to go 10% over your threat (possible, that early in the fight with how little threat the tanks have on terror) he may have just beat you on threat enough to pull the boss back.

Methoxa's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 09:49 AM | #3
single taunt your rotation + mass taunt (when single taunt wears off) your rotation + single taunt (when rdy) your rotation

Then you should have aggro.

Saber reflect generates much threat abt 9k in that situation so you basically have to do 9k threat in the 5 seconds of your taunt, this isn possible bc the boss takes less dmg from your therefore you also generate less threat.

And yeah saber reflect hits with a delay of 1 - 2 seconds just do a second taunt