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What makes PVE enjoyable?

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02.12.2014 , 11:43 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by NotAnyOldName View Post
Don't know if I will start actively doing PVE but it has been somewhat enlightening, I feel the social and fun guild aspect of it would attract me the most but I don't know if I could find a guild that would take a complete scrub and one that likes to actively PVP aswell as PVE.
That you PvP won't matter to anyone. Pretty much every guild of any size, even those that are ostensibly PvE guilds, have players that actively PvP, as you've already noted. They just won't necessarily try to form a ranked PvP team.

A few pieces of advice if you do decide to try raiding more:

1. Try not to get upset if the guild doesn't include you on a run on a given night, particularly if it is a scheduled raid. Be available, but be flexible as well. Most raiders do more than one raid per week on their alts, so there will be more opportunities to raid and get gear.

2. Related to #1, if you do join a progression raid, don't freak out about gear drops. Loot rules will be explained, and are generally setup for the advancement of the team as whole. With a good team at your back, you will get all the PvE gear you could possibly want and then some, it just might take more than a week. :-)

3. Don't run around in circles unless fight mechanics require it. Seeing someone run circles around a boss is a tell-tale sign of a PvPer. But it's a bad idea, because you are probably just going to get yourself cleaved.

4. If a voice chat is offered, join it. You don't have to have a mic, but being able to listen makes fight explanations much faster, and callouts during fights more effective. Oh, and if you do have a mic, use a push-to-talk key.

5. Assuming you are DPS, identify another DPS in raid that really knows the fights, preferably a melee DPS. And unless told to do otherwise, plan on always hitting what they hit and changing targets when they do. Most avid PvPers don't have a problem with this one, since they are used to focus targeting.

6. Not everything bad is marked with a red circle. But we'll leave you to find those on your own, like the S&V bridge datacron.

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02.12.2014 , 02:46 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by NoFishing View Post

6. Not everything bad is marked with a red circle. But we'll leave you to find those on your own, like the S&V bridge datacron.
Yea, without the 1000 stat boost it's not possible to kill the styrax manifestation before the others close in on you in time.
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02.12.2014 , 03:04 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by DomiSotto View Post
Erm, because you can play it as a game, without depending on anyone else, and enjoy the story without having to be good enough not to be killed by some kid who spends gazillion hours a week to become professional at the art of mouse-click killing and gear-mongering? Because, you know, it takes some over 30 seconds to just rotate the view to see who the heck is shooting at you and another 20 sec to target.... With an absence of skill like that PvP would be neither possible, nor enjoyable. While the PvE is doable and fun. Cause, you know, the story....
I love this answer lol

But as a "console gamer" I'd rather play a single player RPG with a great story. The PvP crowd shows no mercy to anyone who hasn't done PvP b4. I don't have a high tech 47 button mouse with dynamic feedback & occulus rift integration..... But I DO have 2yr old twin daughters who like to sit in my lap & watch me play. (Which slows down my reaction time). And did I mention they're potty training? It's amazing how no-one has to use the bathroom until I'm in a cave surrounded by monsters & Sith lords...
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02.12.2014 , 03:55 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by ImmortalLowlife View Post
... It's amazing how no-one has to use the bathroom until I'm in a cave surrounded by monsters & Sith lords...
O M F G Y E S.

I also think they have the most fun by playing quietly and happily together, listening very very carefully for the beginning of our operations boss pull, THEN start screaming over the toy.

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02.12.2014 , 03:58 PM | #25
Enjoyable? The really tightly tuned stuff like NiM Thrasher, Cartel Warlords, Styraak.
If they removed SM Operations from the game and just had HM and NiM I wouldn't be bothered (well, as long as they separated the lockouts).
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02.12.2014 , 04:44 PM | #26
I agree with many here who have stated that dedicated PvPers place too much emphasis on the "scripted" nature of PvE. PvP may not be scripted per se, but the strategies involved in most WZs are pretty static:
  • ACW: couple of players go to one side (invariably left as you face the center), (maybe) one player to the other, rest to the middle
  • Denova: one player goes to the north, the rest to the south, maybe harass the other team's north
  • Voidstar: one or two attack one side while the rest attack the other, same thing goes for defense.
  • AH: overwhelming majority of the time one or two go to cap their side's pylon (invariably left side when facing the other team), the rest go center. Occasionally someone will attempt to harass and even cap the second pylon
  • Arenas: kill the healer, then the tank, then the rest
  • Huttball: the only one where group composition plays a significant role in strategy because certain classes/specs are better suited to carrying the ball.

The same thing goes for PvE: strategies are static but group composition and player execution play a significant part in how well the group handles the various fights.

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02.12.2014 , 06:33 PM | #27
Here is a long and convoluted metaphor for PvE.

Scripted encounter: Every time you open your bathroom door, a gun will fire through the doorway and If unaccounted for, will most likely kill you. Let's assume for arguments sake that you can't just open the door and not be in the doorway because storytelling has to have some plot holes.

Strategy 1: You can walk into your bathroom door with a bullet proof vest, man up, and take the blow to the chest, but how long will this strategy work before the bones in your torso are turned to pulp from the blunt force trauma. There's also the chance that the bullet rips through your Kevlar jacket and kills you anyway.

Strategy 2: Perhaps you attempt to learn from the greatest ninja master in the world how to catch a bullet before it hits you. You master this strategy but there's still always the lingering chance that you fail and find yourself bleeding out in your hallway.

Strategy 3: You just so happen to be Nick Cage and have just stolen the Deceleration of Independence from Washington D.C. but this time you've brought the bullet proof casing with you. You can now open the door and shield yourself with the case. Of course there is still a chance that you drop the case and die, or the gun backfires and sets your whole house on fire effectively ruining your life since you didn't think a fire would happen to you and didn't take out that affordable fire damage policy from All State.

Strategy 4: You say screw it. You get a new house and let the new tenants deal with this crap.

Strategy 5: You zerg rush the gun, hoping to dismantle the elaborate and underestimated firing mechanism before the bullet can rip through your jugular and cause your bathtub to be filled with your corpse as it empties the remaining blood like a high pressure sand blaster.

Strategy 6: You absorb the bullet but you have a surgeon on standby every time you need to number 2. You've decided to only use this bathroom for boo booing and you'll just use the kitchen for all your other hygiene needs. Your body won't be able to handle this strategy for long either and there's a chance that your surgeon's skills are to be found wanting and you die on the operating table that is your vinyl floor.

Now do you understand why PvE is enjoyable??? I don't think I can make it more clear.
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02.12.2014 , 07:17 PM | #28
3. Don't run around in circles unless fight mechanics require it. Seeing someone run circles around a boss is a tell-tale sign of a PvPer. But it's a bad idea, because you are probably just going to get yourself cleaved.
This would be the single most difficult thing for me to overcome I circle strafe like crazy and I also jump a hell of a lot but the thing is I don't even notice that I am doing it as it just naturally happens when I am in combat.

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02.12.2014 , 08:32 PM | #29
While I pvp in the form of GSF, I mostly pve, cause I enjoy the story.

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02.13.2014 , 01:53 AM | #30
I played on a pvp server in Everquest for four years. I pvped a fair amount at various times in my WoW career. I've done a little bit of pvp in SWTOR.

PVP in mmos is never very balanced. There's always some class/spec combination that has an unfair advantage over others. Also, I hate all the crowd control stuff.

I would argue that PVP is very much scripted. At 55, most of the guys you're fighting will be cookie-cutter specced, you'll know exactly which abilities they have, and you'll recognize them being used. When they use an ability, you react to mitigate it, interrupt it, or avoid it. When you see a group coming at your group, you instantly recognize their composition and you have a pretty good idea of exactly what they're going to try to do. There's a lot of skill in pvp, but I think it's just as much about reacting to the script as pve is. You're dancing to different music, but you're still dancing.

Personally, I find pve more relaxing. I've got a couple of dedicated pvp games, and after playing them extensively, I save my pvp time for pvp games.