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03.03.2014 , 02:34 PM | #371
Quote: Originally Posted by Lytewraith View Post
Goes to show you there is no excuse for bad manners.
What server did this transpire on I would like to come play and get in the fun.
Looked like both people involved were using bad manners. There is no point in telling people they are bad. Just show them. Looks like it was on The Harbinger.
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03.03.2014 , 02:44 PM | #372
TBH, most people in this list for the harbinger are gunship pilots.

Donna'lynn has kindly told me that I am one of those people that complain about everything, needless to say, I don't complain about " everything" I just complain about gunships, and gunship stacked deathmatches where you spend the whole time chasing gunships.

Im sorry but that kind of game is unenjoyable.

I have a lot more respect for people that fly other types and do well. Although, I also think the burst cannon damage needs a small tweak to bring its burst down, but its manageable unlike a hoard of gunships...
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03.03.2014 , 04:58 PM | #373
Quote: Originally Posted by Lendul View Post
Looked like both people involved were using bad manners. There is no point in telling people they are bad. Just show them. Looks like it was on The Harbinger.

they are both the same person,
I told him he was "bad" after about 15 min of whispering me, till i ignored him, and he whispered me on another character, which I then called bad. Maybe I do have bad manners, but If you're gonna be a dbag then be prepared for the worst.

as far as being a "Gunship pilot", eh. I do ok in whatever I'm flying
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03.03.2014 , 08:05 PM | #374
Imperial list here is so empty.... i wanna add one for now: Vospirus . He is good Sting pilot & real dogfighter. Its allways fun to meet him with my Flashfire:> For example:
That was really good fight i remember. Will add more imps if i notice some.
Best regards all Gsf flyers:>

Edit: Also Kelduin is imp guy.

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03.03.2014 , 11:40 PM | #375
It's laughable we are all able to be killed no one is indestructible in gsf yea sometimes we do stupid things like me not knowing proper Punctuation .
Bottom line is we are here to have fun and I'm talking with some friends about getting everyone together on pts next time is up. Everyone char copy your best gsf toon's and form your guild up and lets have some fun and really test these new ships out before launch .Last pts went bad with the bomber and enemy's vanishing off map in the same zone.
We could have full teams running aginst full teams and im sure there is enough people who vid to record an broadcast.I think that would be a lot of fun .Not t mention good for testing the new ships in a good and hostile war zone instead of agins people who just ground pvp trying it and saying um the it erase.
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03.03.2014 , 11:48 PM | #376
For The Harbinger, you should really list Willie & Myx'an together, as I don't think I've ever seen one of them in a match without the other.*

They play both sides, too - they're not exclusively Pub. (Evilwillie & some variation of Myx'an on Imp side).

*(Not a criticism, by the way.)

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03.04.2014 , 08:23 AM | #377
You should add Cocoa-Krispy to the Repub Ace's list from Jedi Covenant. He seems to switch between a variety of ships and does really well on all of them. I would put him up there among the top pilots.
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03.04.2014 , 10:22 AM | #378
one of the best days of the year for me was on shadowlands was when I killed Xi'ao

I may be on his to kill list but it was worth it to kill the best starfighter on the server

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03.04.2014 , 10:27 AM | #379
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamus_Divinus View Post
The Harbinger
Republic: Willie, Aerielle, Twilight, Maxxmillian, Lydocia, Donna'lynn, T'zeal, Lendul, Cobitza, Aerialz, Force'skinn, Snoogins, Poogles

So the underlined 'ace' from The Harbinger sends whispers that scream 'insecurity'? (2nd screenie).

Absolutely hilarious.
LOL most of these people ARE NOT aces! most of them are all form the same imp guild and when GSF started on the harbinger the imps were so bad they started a pub guild call flyboys and assassins. the only reason some of these baddies are on the list is because someone in the guild put them on the list. from playing on the harbinger the ones i believe should be on the list are:

Willie (and his imp), T'zeal (Sleeth), Aerialz, Force'skinn, Snoogins (phatsac), Poogles, Haxx, Donna'lynn, Toshio (not sure on spelling),Touchdown and his 40 alts,

There are some good players to that i wouldnt call aces but can hold there own out there Maxxmillian, Rocknroll, Slugfest, and Lendul

Just because your on the aces list does make you good it may just mean you, your buddy, or guild mate nominated you

Look i dont care if your bad just dont tell everyone what to do before the match and then act like its because of what you said that won the match when you get carried and your on the bottom of the list.

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03.04.2014 , 12:20 PM | #380
I love MMO math, 4 = 40
I'm Touchdown, my GSF alts are D'Hachell, Galil, Amchitka, and Edison'Trent. Galil and Amchitka are both retired from gsf for the moment.
Who are you? I only remember being accused of having way too many alts by phatsac.

BTW, the only one you thought shouldn't make the list that I know is a flyboy is Lendul, i've seen him carry matches before so I guess it depends on how you define an ace... I haven't seen rock'n'roll for a long time but early in GSF he was quite a pilot.
edit: wait, lendul isnt a flyboy either, hes got his own guild but runs with us sometimes, I guess that makes it 0
I'm not in flyboys either though I often run with them, but I think you have their history a bit wrong, flyboys is a combination of pub players and imp alts from despair. If I remember right it started as a guild before the despair folks joined.