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02.17.2014 , 09:13 PM | #121
Pot5 list somehow managed to skip Nixx'd, Zuchisen, Da'uno, and Animal'mutha on pub side. All great pilots. Animal and Uno are two of the three best gunship pilots pub side (Buzz is the third, but order changes almost daily because they're so close). Zuch and Nixx regularly give me a run for my money.

Scrab plays both sides (on both Pot5 and TEH), while Is'pep, Kegger, and Keeneye are imps.

Toe is another amazing pilot for imp side. So's Shock, when he's around, on whatever name he's chosen for that month. Kyorai and Jaggedfell are also definitely worth a mention. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the Pot5 imps have gotten less and less active over the past month or so.

TEH's pubs should have Kintosi and imps should have Imperius.

There's a bunch of unknowns for TEH. I'll clean up what I can.

Pubs: Itkovian, Ko'shii, Balor, Gis'ella

Imps: Ded'i, Shayd, Delphi
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02.17.2014 , 09:34 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramalina View Post
Uh, are you sure about that? When I think Khraam the image that pops into my mind is Starguard in Pub v Pub matches. I don't think I'd be happy to have Khraam on my team if a Rycer were being flown.

Could be a near duplicate name on both sides issue.
I don't ever recall encountering a Khraam pubside, and I main a pub that has been active in gsf since day one. I do remember a imp gunship that was named Khraam although I think he had some special characters in his name. Perhaps a alt.

For the record Pylan and perhaps Shranishor should be added in as a superb Pike Ace for Jung Ma.

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02.18.2014 , 05:42 AM | #123
Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI View Post
Aren't we all.
I've barely ever fought you. I'd only nominate someone I'd flown against.

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02.18.2014 , 05:49 AM | #124
POT5 Aces on Pub side

Animal-mutha you can't hide lol
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02.18.2014 , 08:12 AM | #125
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
I've barely ever fought you. I'd only nominate someone I'd flown against.
I was going for some humor.

Sanity is for the weak minded.

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02.18.2014 , 09:55 AM | #126
Cody and Lee on the Progenitor are definitely Republic aces, I'd also like to add Alastra can be a real pain in a gunship and I think Kessler's pretty good too.

I know the Imps tend to be outclassed, but do we have any Republic pilots from the Prog that would like to name some names?

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02.18.2014 , 11:07 AM | #127
Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI View Post
Aren't we all.
You belong up there too Crin
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02.18.2014 , 12:21 PM | #128
This thread seems to show which servers GSF the most.

For JC the story is interesting. You see a lot of RRepublic but a short list of imperial. The likely reason is not that they are so much better.

Essentially all the players from my server nominated run in permades exclusively. While Imperial sees more solo que. The other bit is the insanely high percentage of repub v repub, while in 200+ matches I truthfully can count my imp v imp on a single hand. I feel you truly know a players skill by fighting them. So with so much repub v repub there are 2 factions worth of players to nominate repub players. While only one faction fighting against us Imperials.

I'd nominate. Backup and Ceon who are repub flyers on Jedi Covenant.
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02.18.2014 , 12:49 PM | #129
Quote: Originally Posted by Anishor View Post
You belong up there too Crin

You shouldn't have.

Sanity is for the weak minded.

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02.18.2014 , 01:51 PM | #130
Quote: Originally Posted by mr_sim View Post
This thread seems to show which servers GSF the most.
I don't think so. There's plenty of people I play with/against that haven't been named on The Bastion that are definitely skilled players (I'll compile some kind of list at some point). These same people may be forum lurkers or may not post at all and don't visit the GSF forums. Some of the people on other server's lists (like Keeneyes) play on The Bastion as well. Regardless, I don't think the sample size is large enough to make any determinations one way or another as far as how active the GSF community is on a server by server basis.
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