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02.17.2014 , 03:55 AM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by HoloGrinder View Post
JC Imp side. No love for Eichman, Chitterling, Bountydog or Snakepliskin?
Eichman is in the list. the other ones may not have been nominated when I did the update on that post. Sorry on the delayed timing of updating it but since I haven't had luck with the lottery I have to work on occasion and I never mastered that whole shadow clone jutsu thing in real life so it means it actually has to be me at work. I'll probably do the updates and add the European servers this Wednesday.
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02.17.2014 , 04:03 AM | #102
I play on Herbinger and fly both Imperial/Republic almost equally. And I agree with others on there are bunch of really good players on Herbinger.

Having said that, I rarely feel overwhelmed by other pilots when going 1 on 1 except when I face "Willie" and "Twilight". I consider myself a fair scout pilot and can hold my ground most of the time, but when I go up against those two scouts, I get beat up. In case of Twilight, I had to resort to cheap Gunship-sniping-from-carrier tactics to get a kill from him

They are both republic scouts.

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02.17.2014 , 07:11 AM | #103
I also play on JC as a solo PUGer. Iíve probably played 400+ matches for both the Imps and Pubs each. I die a lot. So Iím somewhat experienced with identifying who the killers are. Iíll just list people that I think are better than me and call them aces. Perhaps thatís too permissive. But, when you are down where I am, itís like Iím primordial pond scum looking up into a forest of trees and trying to tell which are the tallest. They all look pretty tall to me.

Anyway, first my thoughts on the Grunty and Udezak prejudice. Both are really really good. Excluding them seems silly.

Udezak flies everything well. He has the best spatial awareness of any pilot that Iíve faced. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, he used to use Koiogran Turn effectively on his Flashfire (although, he seems to have switched to retro thrusters lately). I hate KT. I never end up where I think Iím going to end up. When Udezak uses KT, I start mashing ďCĒ only to see him already bearing down on me from some bizarre and unanticipated angle. He seems to avoid head on confrontations because itís that easy for him to get behind you. In blowouts, heíll switch to weaker ships, and still get top kills. He kills me in his Comet Breaker using only blasters. Every time he kills, itís a work of art. If on his journey of starfighter battles he should encounter God, God will be cut by his lasers.

Plus, if you do manage to kill him, this whole posse of enraged teammates will chase you all over the map, which is kind of amusing.

As for Grunty, he is also one of the top pilots. Is he better than Udezak? I canít say. I will say that I only ever seem to see him flying the Burst Laser Bypass Surprise version of the Flashfire, so I donít have a good feel for his ability in other ships. I think this is where some of the prejudice come in. Some pilots seem to resent players that rack up kills flying the Flashfire because they assume that itís easier.

Additionally, there is an impression that flying Pub on JC is much easier than flying Imp. Anecdotally, I have experienced a difference in difficulty between flying Pub and Imp on JC. When I fly Pub, it really opens up my ability to get kills. Iím almost never under pressure from an opposing pilot, and if I do come under pressure, I can get away easily because of the quality of my team. In contrast, when I fly Imp, Iím almost always under pressure. My kill windows are often 5 seconds or less. And then I have to work for 20 or 30 seconds to set up another kill window. I often die of exhaustion (out of engine power from being chased by three or more quality opponents), which pretty much never happens Pub side.

Not every game is like that, of course. But as a general trend in my games flying as a solo PUGer, it is more difficult to fly Imp than Pub on JC.

Anyway, I think thatís where the prejudice comes from. Grunty just ended up as the figurehead for it because he is probably the best of the pilots that appear to only fly the Flashfire. But he certainly isnít the only one that does it. Gruntyís self-promoting post failing to acknowledge any other pilots probably didnít help.

Anyway, Iím not going to exclude any pilots because they choose to fly only Flashfires. You pay your money, and you can play how you want to. If you exclude them, it just makes you look petty.

Moving on. Here is my list of JC aces (in no particular order). Iím always happy to fly with any of these pilots, and enjoy playing against them when they are on the other side.

Republic Pilots: Oscarette, Miscionvera (sp?), Jadea, HolyOne, John Basilone, Lightsider , Grunty, Udezak, I-toon, Pearl, Padraic, Fanteen, Fezz, Mikalíb, Aeden, Beq, Dogstar, Riceball, Sardonic, Ketch, Karlth(sp?), Cleanbreze, Velocitie, MelkadíI, Battledress, Henray, Amunzuul (sp?), Wan-ti, Lon-o, Palon, Jostorians, Dinkerus, Darttan, Impspy, Morfran, Challish.

Imperial Pilots: Ghrymm, Dhatlee, Vehementt, Darkforester, Chitterling, Fantean, Dinkeria, Durauhn (sp?), Unobawana (sp?), Darkspice, Illscanyou, Loveless, Maldarus, Graendahl, Eichman, Maríec, Kíorvith, Szangel, Rauen.

That list is not intended to be comprehensive. I play in the late morning or early afternoon. So if you only play in the evenings, we probably just donít cross paths often. And Iím going off of memory. If we do cross paths a lot, and I missed you, it isnít intended to be a slight. My memory isnít what it used to be, and Iím sure youíre as good as you think you are. Apologies in advance for the oversight.

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02.17.2014 , 08:29 AM | #104

Thank you for a well thought-out, constructive post .......see you out there.

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02.17.2014 , 09:18 AM | #105
Here, I'll give you the factions for your "unknown" list for Ebon Hawk (the ones I know for sure, which is most):

Nailin - Republic
Ded'i - Imperial
Shayd - Imperial
Delphi - Imperial
Rainous - Imperial
Itkovian - Republic
Ko'shii - Imperial
Kym - Republic
Andern (is Nailin also, but plays Andern more) - Republic
Liantra - Republic
Grixx - Imperial
Balor - Republic
Deception Assassin
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02.17.2014 , 09:54 AM | #106
Clarifying the current Jung Ma list (since no one has mentioned the factions):

Satele, Alex, Jaxin, Tsukuyomi, Aloriana

Rumina, Mas

I forget:
Phaleg, Khraam, Shadehawk

I'd also nominate Rokoth for Imperial (scout).

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02.17.2014 , 10:20 AM | #107
some Bastion Pub good fliers (Can't say they're all aces, but they all get between 30k and 70k damage average)

Xanckef (hasn't been on in a while though)
Phytia (anastasie's pub)
Frenchfries (not sure if he still plays)
That guy on the Bastion with only a Nova Dive

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02.17.2014 , 12:16 PM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
I forget:
Phaleg, Khraam, Shadehawk
Those are all imps. don't think Phaleg or Shadehawk do GSF anymore tho, haven't noticed them recently.

If you want to get serious about the aces on Jung Ma you could just pull the roster from the imp and pub Pilot channels, yet to see a half decent pilot that isn't in one or both of those.

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02.17.2014 , 12:29 PM | #109
I've seen the following in game and know they are Republic characters: Maxxmillian, Lydocia, Donna'lynn, T'zeal
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02.17.2014 , 02:48 PM | #110

Udezak was never excluded from the list. He is the first name posted on the republic side aces for that server. If my information is incorrect and he needs to be set to imperial I will be happy to change it.

That being said there are two names that are not on the list that I have seen posted. Grunty is one of them yes. Both of these people have not been added to the list because they failed to follow a simple rule of do not nominate yourself. Think of this as Corellian Blood Stripes. If someone were to wear them who didn't earn them from the people of Corellia then the actual holders of the title have the right to shoot the person on sight. Nominating yourself is like deciding you want to wear the honor badge without having made the effort to earn them.
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