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GamingCabin Expanding into SWTOR

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GamingCabin Expanding into SWTOR

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02.09.2014 , 07:54 AM | #1
Hi Everyone,

I am happy to announce that GamingCabin has expanded into SWTOR and is taking on GUILDS and Recruits to join this ever growing multigaming community.

GamingCabin was formed 2 years ago and was more of a multigaming community with games such as DayZ, Elder Scrolls, Battlefield 3+4, Dota 2, League of Legends and many many more.

As the founder of GamingCabin I would like to invite those who are looking to join a new community to join us and I have some benefits to give away to the first 10 GUILDS who join.

  1. Recieve a FREE TS Area within GC + Free TS Badge for your guild + Forums
  2. Recieve Free Giveaways (Every 2 months we like to give free things away to our members!)
  3. Recieve your own FREE forum area (Yup thats right a forum area just for you and your members.
  4. Leader/s will receive TS Officer to manage their channels and members.

  1. FREE TS to use at your own will with the public channels (over 30)
  2. Forums to communicate in multigaming as well as SWTOR (People all around the world to speak and communicate with)
  3. Guilds to join and tryout
  4. Recieve free giveaways

GamingCabin is happy to provide these services and help you have a fun and exciting time within an ever growing multi lingual / multigaming community.

If your interested in having a peak please simply check out the links below and come and introduce your self or your guild.

Our Past Giveaways (Proof):

Kind Regards
GamingCabin Founder