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Suggestion: revised tutorial

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02.08.2014 , 07:36 PM | #1
I like some of the concept of the tutorial but Bioware, its not as good as it could be sadly. The initial concept is good but there are sadly several flaws. With these suggestions though the tutorial experience might greatly improve.

-to the best of my knowledge you only get to use one ship, the flashfire and the imperial equivalent, in tutorial. You don't get to use your own ships, you don't get to try it out with your own settings, own abilities, and own companion passives and active abilities. What I am suggesting is make it so we can select the ship we want and test it out in tutorial with the same settings in terms of components and companion abilities as we would use in an actual gsf match, and with tutorial notes specific to the type of ship you are using, like special notes for sniping for instance

- next lets maybe revise the turrets. There are friendly test turrets out there, I do not know why they are there. Lets replace those will all hostile turrets and an option to set it so that it can actually fire at you so you get some practice in if you so choose the preference, with maybe additional turrets scattered for more practice

-I like how it teached you to cap a node though maybe it could just add 3 turrets just like a gsf match that you have to take out before being able to cap, other than that fine

those are just some ideas, I know that with this the learning experience of new gsf players who want to learn can get some extra practice and experienced players can test out newly upgraded components and such. And to anyone who reads this please feel free to add your own suggestions or comments, I just know that at least let us use the ships we actually use in gsf matches rather than just a flashfire, it would greatly help and improve the tutorial
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02.08.2014 , 07:44 PM | #2
Just give the the option to take a group into a map, assign teams as I want to and no requisition/achievements. I'll do a flight school for my Guildies.
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