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Lord Cytharat Romance Fanfiction *Warning- Agent Storyline Spoilers!!*

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Lord Cytharat Romance Fanfiction *Warning- Agent Storyline Spoilers!!*

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02.07.2014 , 02:32 PM | #1
After much thought… I’ve decided to write a Lord Cytharat fanfic between my sniper and Cytharat. I hope you all like it! I have 3 chapters done of it so far. Must warn this will contain m x m, and won’t be a retelling of the Makeb storyline. The focus will be mostly Lord Cytharat and my agent, Crimsen, who is gay in my head canon. Furthermore, it’ll expand on the flirting lines. Who knows… MIght even expand it beyond Makeb’s story! So, without further ado, here is my version of the Makeb yaoi love story.After much thought… I’ve decided to write a Lord Cytharat fanfic with my male sniper and Cytharat. I hope you all like it! This takes place at the end of the agent storyline, where my agent is mulling over what to do now that
It doesn't help that he's gay, so finding companionship with someone can be difficult in a straight galaxy. And then he gets sent to Makeb by Darth Marr... and the rest is in the story of what happens during his mission!
Must warn a few things:
  1. This will contain spoilers of the imperial agent storyline. Nothing major but don't read if you don't want to miss out on the tale.
  2. This will contain m x m, based on the Lord Cytharat romance. Nothing hard core, of course, but it is there and I won't back down from it. So if you don't like SGR... don't read the fanfic. I won't be offended, I promise!
  3. It won’t be a retelling of the Makeb storyline. The focus will be mostly Lord Cytharat and my agent, Crimsen. The flirting lines in-game will be there, as well as expansion upon them.
Here's a link to a more uncensored version for thsoe who aren't sensitive about coarse language. So, yes, this story will contain SGR content. Don't like, the back button is at the top left-hand corner. Also this will contain Agent storyline spoilers! If you haven't completed the agent storyline, and don't wish to be spoiled, go back now! If you have finished it, or don't care, keep on reading!!

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02.07.2014 , 03:06 PM | #2
Chapter 1:

The Sith are idiots. That's it, they're just plain... idiots! Why does the Empire give them two credits worth of its time is above and beyond me. Why am I so upset?
I joined Imperial intelligence to guarantee I'd enjoy life mostly independently. I just simply do the work the Empire needs to get done that no one knows about. To that end, the Sith and I never talk. My company were fellow Ciphers, Watchers, and Keepers. That's it. Best of all, no moronic Sith butting in and telling us how to do our jobs. And that's how I liked it- serving the Empire without worrying about bullies, morons and fools.

This must be odd coming from a Sith Pureblood. After all, I'm a Sith in terms of genetics. Shouldn't I be one of the people I described? Most people guessed that the moment I walk in the room. Thankfully, the wonder didn't last very long. In fact, I rose to the title of Cipher 8 and became one of the Empire's most duplicit and mysterious double agents. How many visits to the Republic's side did I never make? How many of the Empire's traitors, and the Republic's best, did I make never exist at all? So many... I can't list them all on all my fingers and toes.

But of course the Sith did what they do best in his eyes: **** everything up! And no, I'm not talking about my fellow Purebloods. Purebloods are usually the smart ones. I'm talking the narcissistic morons that human for the most part running the Empire, and screwing everyone over. Their latest crime was disbanding Imperial Intelligence. That did three things. First, prove how unintelligent they are. Second, make the Empire vulernable when we're in a time of war! The Republic aint getting rid of the SIS, after all. Finally, they ditched me with no work. And no, let me stop you right there: I am not ditching my sniper rifle to join the *********** Korriban Academy! I'll remain unemployed and starve to death first.

So, I hope you now understand my frustrations. Thankfully, I did not spend them sitting on my ***. Instead, I went back to Vaiken space dock to try and find a new job. Bounty Hunting perhaps? It seems the Bounty Broker's Association never ceases to need new hands. Perhaps the Mandalorians could use another person in their ranks?

I was mulling over this when I entered the cantina. I thought I came at a good time, as another dancing company was trying to gain some clients here. Would I finally get a date tonight? I brief glance at the dancers, and me asking some of the people in charge a few questions resulted in a "no". It seems these organizations seem to assume that the only people who need eye candy are straight men or lesbian women- of which I am neither. Don't get me wrong, I love being manly and I like having women in my life, but I've never been drawn to the female gender of mine or any species in the romantic sense. Not that the dancing people care, as they never have male dancers. So the straight women and gay men are left sipping their drinks in the dust!

I couldn't help but get frustrated over the lack of male dancers, as it brought me back to where I was a few moments ago. Even though I like being me. I like breaking the norms and going against the crowd, I do get lonely. Occasionally I break down and have one night stands, like with the idiot Sormaro who's spying on the Republic side for us, but I really want something more than that. I let out a small sigh- First finding a job, and then the impossible task of finding a partner to share that job with? There is no end to the stress of life of an imperial agent, ex-agent or no.

As I muse over these things, I look up to see the Imperial News Network give announcements about the end of a rebellion Ilum. Apparently some Lord of the Fools decided to declare himself Emperor. I'm so glad no one called me and asked for my assistance, as I have better things to do then clean after some idiot Darth's messes.

But wait... Oh? Who is that pureblood on the screen? He's fairly tall, and less red skin than I. He's so handsome, I could see myself melting in his arms. But I bet a handsome man like him is probably with someone already, or he's probably straight. What is it with me and getting attracted to straight men, or ones that are already taken? Though it never hurt to fantasize a bit. I haven't been with someone in a while...

About an hour later, I returned to my ship to be greeted by HK-51. HK-51 is a present from one of the few Sith I respect and work under- Darth Noxturna. HK has been the best companion to date, and perfectly compatible with my work. On top of being sent to take out the right people, he does a superb job watching over my ship.

HK-51 greets me, "Salutations: Greetings, Master. I trust your time on Vaiken was quite productive."

I nodded at HK. The droid continued, "Statement: Darth Marr, one of the Dark Council is trying to get a hold of us. Should I patch him through?"

I nodded, and then checked in the mirror in my quarters to ensure I looked my best before heading to the commlink on the bridge. Darth Marr is not so bad. He's like Noxturna- smart and knows what is necessary to win battles. So, I make sure I look my best when I get a call from him. To make a long story short, I decided to help the Empire out by doing what Cipher 8 does best- infiltrate! The planet Makeb holds the key to the Empire's survival. Darth Marr made my day- I told you he wasn't all bad.

Perhaps if I do this for the Empire, perhaps the Sith will wake up and realize that the Empire needs Intelligence? This could be my resume towards getting my career back...

I look to HK-51, "You heard the Lord of the Sith, HK. Set a course to Makeb."

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02.07.2014 , 03:25 PM | #3
Chapter 2:

I'm on Makeb, or rather above Makeb on one of the gravity hooks that I secured as this operations' headquarters. Finally got to meet the new team- Katha Niar is the head of it all. She's smart and knows her stuff- like Xovota, Cipher 10. I should connect her to Xovota sometime.

Then there is... the man I saw on the holonet while on Vaiken the other day! I cannot believe it- and yet here it is right before me. Perhaps fate is being nice to me for a change. His name is Lord Cytharat, and he's more handsome in person. I wonder what he likes to do on dates... I hope to something that he is not straight, nor taken already.

It turns out he was on the holonet because he used to work for the idiot that caused trouble on Ilum. Darth Malgus discovered him on Korriban and took him under his wing. In a way he's what I would've been if I hadn't of done things differently. He now wants to make amends for his superior's crimes.

Here's what I don't get about the Sith- Who cares if Cytharat used to work for Malgus? The fact that he quit before he did anything traitorous, and seems to be giving his 110% to working for the Empire earn "impressive" points in my book. After all, it isn't easy to break away from obeying orders, orders you are taught so hard to obey without question.

I'm convinced: Cytharat is relieved the person Darth Marr sent to help was a fellow pure blood, and an attractive one at that. We can be a rare bunch, and it's often best to stick together. When he spoke, I had to stop myself from drooling a bit, as his voice his so wonderful ton hear in person. His greeting simply was, "Lord Cytharat, tactical adviser. My life for you, my loyalty to the Empire," and I wanted him.
It took all my strength to not look myself over as Katha gave the briefing. Did my breath smell? Are my clothes mismatched, or wrinkled? What if my hair is a mess? Is there a fresher around here I could run to to insure I'm looking my best for Cytharat here? What should we do? I have to ask this man out... but to what? Drinks! I'll ask him out for drinks! Drinks are always a good ice breaker, and perfect for getting to know people.

I finally tuned into Katha's briefing- I do have a job her, though that job might have to hang out in the back seat of this speeder. Turns out we have to get a Zabrak female who has the hutts at her beck and call. Hmmm... Why is Cytharat silent? Perhaps I should alert him to my interest- both personally and professionally? I looked directly at the man and said, "You're my tactical advisor- Step up and impress me!"
Cytharat took a step back at my words. I think he was shocked I recognized his existence! I winked coyly at him as he tried to regain his composure. I hope he knows there was some romantic subtleties behind my words. He finally replied, "It might take a better man than I... but I shall do what I can."

I smiled at his response before looking at him up and down. Oh... he dipped his head, and I detect a minor blush! Depending on skin tone, it can be hard to tell if one of my own people is blushing, but that's not the case with Cytharat. In fact... If I hadn't of held back, he might have turned more red than me.

The moment the briefing ended, I wandered over to a wall to reload my weapon, as well as eye Cytharat. I don't know if he knew I was watching him, but it didn't matter. He has such grace to his movements, it is remarkable. Those who think only women are graceful never met a man like him before. Finally, I got a bit of courage and walked up to his station. I tried to keep body language casual, for I didn't want to come across as being professional nor hyper-sexed.

When he noticed me, he stood up as I approached and bowed before me. Yes, I said bow... A Lord of the Sith bowed before me, an agent! I don't know whether to be flattered, perplexed, or amused. Either way, I am liking him more already. He greeted me with, "Cipher 8, what can I do for you?"
I replied, "Nothing, besides provide good conversation."

Cytharat nodded slightly before saying, "If I may be so bold, it's not every day I meet one of our people that uses ranged weapons."

I chuckled at his comment, "Indeed. I am an odd one. I could've gone to Korriban and train but I chose not to."

Cytharat smiled at my answer, "Really? I was almost dragged there.Then Darth Malgus made me a Lord. At first it was an excellent step towards me potentially becoming a Darth, or higher. Unfortunately, the traitor had other plans."
I asked, "Darth Malgus caused the ruckus on Ilum, didn't he? I'm amazed you were able to pull away from him. Not that I'm disappointed, it's good to see you are still loyal to the Empire."

Cytharat said, "Of course . The true Emperor is our own, not Malgus. If had known what he wanted sooner, I would've killed him then and there."
"Cytharat, you're ruthless... I like that," I replied while winking at him.

Cytharat replied, "And I like that one of our own decided to do things his way. I'm sure intelligence makes life a bit easier."

I replied in a teasing manner, "Easier? You mean, having force powers doesn't equal an easy ticket to the top of the power tower?"
Cytharat chuckled a little, "Heh. Not so much, I'm afraid, Cipher."

I replied, "Crimsèn. My real name is Crimsèn, though you may call me Crim during informal times like this."

Cytharat replied, "Crimsèn... I like that name. It certainly sounds smoother than mine. As I was saying, being a person with force awareness does not guarantee a free ride. Sometimes, it can make the ride much more difficult. Though I am glad I followed this path, as it allowed me to meet a fellow pureblood. That can be a rare thing in this day and age."

I leaned forward on the desk, so my head was a bit closer to his face. I said, "Really? You're glad to meet me? Can't say I'm upset for coming all the way here either. Though, I hope you understand if work might not be my number one priority."

Cytharat chuckled at me, "Of course, Crim. Though I'm not sure we have the time right now to do other things..."

I nodded at the man before saying, "Drinks when I get back, then?"

Cytharat nodded, "That would be delightful, I think. Meet me at the Imperial space station? We can go from there."

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02.07.2014 , 03:40 PM | #4
Chapter 3

Not going to lie- Makeb is a beautiful planet. I can understand why the Hutt Cartel parked themselves here. I would too if I had the resources. I’d set up my own resort… It’d be a resort for the gay people in the galaxy. Lesbians would have their own bars, with female dancers, men like me would have their own bars with dancers. It’d be perfect. And no, let me stop you right there, I’m not a raving homosexual!. I just like thinking about how to make the galaxy more accessible to those who society deems not acceptable. And if I was raving, Cytharat would be on my ship and in my bed already, while I’m shouting to hell with this crumbling Empire!

Why am I thinking about all this now as I’m dodging earthquakes and enemies? It’s how I keep nasty force users away. You know? The kind that show off via invading my mind. I must say my mind has never been invaded by such beings as intelligence training ensures it doesn’t and I pick up some tricks along the way, such as thinking about nothing at the forefront of my mind.

When I finally landed at the place I needed to be, Cytharat contacted me over the comms. He said,”Crim, this is Lord Cytharat,” he said to me and I was shocked to hear my nickname used, “There is a guard post near your position. I advise eliminating its protectors before proceeding.”

HK-51, my trusty assassin droid, spoke up, “Statement: I enjoy working alongside this Lord already. Shall proceed to liquidating the said undesirables, master?”

I nodded as we proceeded to the bunkers. The guards were easy prey, and went down so easily. Do you think Cytharat will applaud my work later? Of course doing things for Darth Marr is important but not as much as looking good for a potential mate! Quickly, I attempted to contact the people in the sky hook. My day got better as it would be Cytharat greeting me first. Maybe there is a more neutral resort around here? Perhaps we can go when we have our drinks tonight? Hard to say.

Cytharat interrupted my thoughts with his silky voice, “Cipher, I am here. Securing the line.”

It was then I felt the ground rumble. I gave Cytharat a nervous look. “What in the world,” I said, “These quakes have been happening since I touched down.”

Cytharat nodded, “I gathered you would feel them. Hmmm… If these quakes continue, none of us may escape here in tact.”

I pouted a little at the thought. Not so much cause I’d not leave in one piece, as I’m more concerned about the man in front of me right now. “It’s a pity,” I said, “I was hoping we’d have time to get to know one another over drinks later. But if we’re doomed…”

Cytharat replied, “Yes, I am looking forward to that as well. Think of it as another reason to survive. Now, Cipher 8, Solida Hesk & her coroporation holds the secrets of the isotope-5. She is currently at the resort, who’s coordinates I’m sending to you now, hosting three hutt crime lords. ”

Katha Niar described them to me, “Manju is a spice trafficker & slaver. Khobisho is advocate and negotiator to the Hutt Cartel, and Prodoranya runs an industrial moon.”

I frowned at the mention of a slaver. I cannot stand slavers. My parents are technically slavers, as they have tonnes of pure blood slaves that work for them. Do you know how they treat them? Only a notch above how they treat me: All I managed to get out of was the no feeding the other purebloods in the house policy. THey slaves and I were beaten up, electrocuted… I barely dodged escaping some of my parents’ experiments… Can you see why I am a sniper? I aint endorsing what parents do to other people just for the sake of learning fancy tricks!

Cytharat cut into my thoughts, “Hesk has installed substantial automated security, and each hutt has a cadre of body guards. Resistance is inevitable.”

I replied to that, “Well, handsome, we aren’t talking about a bunch of Nar Shaddaa thugs. What kind of resistance will I be facing? Who have the Hutts hired?”

Cytharat replied, “Slavers and gladiators. Beasts and beast masters. Formidable opponents.”

I continued, “Soon to be cold corpses! You should rig her security systems and ensure you see me in action.”

Cytharat smiled with a nod as Katha rolled her eyes. Cytharat continued, “But first, you should know your terrain. The resort is built on a self contained mesa. Isolate the mesa and neither reinforcements nor fleeing witnesses will pose a problem. ”

Hmmm… Katha suggested I destroy the landing pads and shuttles close to the resort. Not a problem as I always carry with me the best explosives. I look forward to killing off all of them, as I’m sure HK-51 is. Cytharat interjected. “However,” he began, “the Hutts bodyguards are garrisoned at the landing platforms as well. To cut off the resort you will need to pass through them.”

I replied, “But… they can still call for reinforcements can’t they?”

Lord Cytharat nodded, “Unfortunately, we cannot hide the attack fully. Perhaps you could put your Cipher skills to work? I’ve never seen an agent in action.”

I smiled a bit before leaning towards the hologram and speaks in my best flirtatious voice: “That’s because if you saw an agent working, handsome, he or she is doing a horrible job. Nevertheless, I enjoy an audience. I can rig things to ensure the Hutts don’t realize I’m with the Empire.”

Cytharat shifted a bit nervously. “Well… then…” he began to say before he put back on his professional look, “I will monitor your position and update you as I can. May the force grant you strength.”

He then cut out and I was left shaking my head. The man is hard to read! I think he likes me, or perhaps I just threw him off? I hope not. I like to think he was also checking me out as he supervised my wanderings. He gave me information about my opponents. The more he described the Hutt that is a slaver, the more I looked forward to killing him. Stop talking in my commlink, Cytharat. Don’t you know how silky and smooth your voice is? I can feel goosebumps along my skin forming just from listening to you! I kind of want to take you right here and now, but I have a job to do. All I should do is get this job done quickly and then rush back before sunset to prepare for our date!

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02.18.2014 , 01:26 PM | #5
Chapter 4:

HK-51 spoke, "Statement: Master, are you growing ill? You've looked at your reflection 5 times in a matter of minutes!"

I turned around with a small blush. "Can you blame me, HK," I replied, "It's not everyday I have a date."

HK-51 replied, "Affirmation: Indeed. In fact, it's been about a year since the last time remotely attempted a romantic evening with someone."

I face palmed at that. While it is true, this is going to be my first date in many months, my own assassin droid DOESN'T have to rub it in. "Thanks for the recap, HK," I said as I headed off the ship, "You take care of the Phantom while I'm gone."

I strolled off my ship onto the space port. There Cytharat was awaiting me. He bowed before me in greeting. Yes, I said bow! He spoke, "Crimsèn, I'm glad you hadn't forgotten our meeting."

I had to bite back a chuckle. I replied, "Now why would I forget to meet a handsome pure blood such as yourself?"

I noticed Cytharat started to blush a bit at my response. He then cleared his throat before asking, "So, I'm not sure there are any comfortable places to have drinks on Makeb. However, if you're up for it I do have a Fury Class ship docked that we could use."

I raised my eye ridge a bit before nodding. He lead the way, and I'm glad because I really got a chance to check him out. I've never met a man who was this graceful, never mind bowed the moment I appeared. Definitely a change from Intelligence work. Cytharat cut into my thoughts, "I must warn you, Crim, it's been some time since I was last on a more social outing."

I smirked, "Since this is your ship we're heading to, isn't this a social inning?"

He chuckled at that. "Indeed. Either way, it's been a long time for me. I trust you'll forgive me taking some time to ease into this."

I replied, "Of course. I didn't throw out the invitation because I wanted to test your socializing skills. I simply want to get to know you better."

Cytharat looked at me with some surprise. "What is there to know," he asked as we entered his ship, "I'm simply a Lord who got tied in with a traitor and now trying to redeem himself."

I replied, "I don't understand your predicament. You may have been picked by the moron, Malgus, but you didn't follow him to the end. Why redeem yourself for crimes he did?"

Cytharat replied we sat down in the foyer part of the Fury. "Simple," he began, "because of him my honour is shot. So, I've spent this past year trying to gain it back."

I was impressed. Many of our people would not strive to regain something like that as I don't think most know what honour is. Well, at least I know my parents don't. I reached into the bag I brought. "I know you probably have drinks," I began, "but I thought I'd bring something of our people."

Cythatarat takes the bottle with widened eyes, "Is that...?"

I nodded at him, "Fresh and chilled Sith Blood Wine from Korriban."

Cytharat looks at me and talks in a bit of a hushed tone, "Now I am convinced Ciphers can do anything. How did you acquire this?"

I smirked and leaned forward a bit, brushing my fingers along his chin so he looks up at me. "Normally I don't reveal my secrets, but for now I'll make an exception," I said before leaning back, "my cousin makes the wine. He gives me one bottle annually. I never got a chance to use it until now."

Cytharat replied, "And you thought I was worth sharing this rarity with... I am honoured."

I shook my head. "I didn't do this for honour, you know..."

Cytharat nodded. "No... it took me a moment, but I know you have been flirting with me. Normally, I'd chastise people for such behaviour during a mission. However," he said with a sigh, "it's not everyday I find a pure blood who is interested in me beyond work."

I replied in shock, "Are you telling me no one in the Empire has any interest in you, male or female?"

Cytharat shrugged, "I suppose I should specify: Females are drawn to me. I think it's because I'm a man of power and charisma. The males, not so much, and well..."

I nodded in reply, "Say no more, handsome. I know what you're implying. I've had that problem myself. Doesn't help that my job requires me to seduce both sexes. Believe me it was annoying having to learn what flirts women respond to."

Cytharat summoned glasses to us with the force and poured them. He asked, "You? Needing to learn how to flirt? I thought for one such as you flirting came naturally."

I shook my head, "Not really. At least, not with women. Always was drawn to men."

Cytharat nodded at me with a smile. I think I might be the first male pureblood he's met who's interested in men the way he is. I wonder if he's ever been open about his sexuality before? I know there are many open people, and very closed people, in the Empire. Some days it's hard to determine where people stand. I'm glad I could bring a small breath of fresh air to him for this mission.

I had to bite back a giggle when Cytharat moved a bit closer to me. It was about time the professional garb started to slide off. Perhaps I'll be able to steal a kiss from the man before the night is over?

He looked up at me and smiled a bit. "So, what exactly do Ciphers do? And what made you drawn to that kind of career?"

I answered, "What don't we do? Basically Ciphers are tasked with the most dangerous, and often covert, operations in Intelligence. We infiltrate, deceive, and even seduce for a living. My duties mostly took me to Republic Space. I was often tasked with dragging back to the Empire, or executing on the spot, defectors. Sometimes they were Jedi... Jedi aren't all that tough."

Cytharat nodded, "It sounds like quite the career. Why choose it, though, above using the force? I know it's not because you're not force sensitive."

I sighed, as I knew this question would come up sooner or later. I just don't know how much I'm willing to reveal. I thought for a moment and then realized I might as well lay it all bare.

So, I reached and unfastened the more casual armor I brought with me and began to explain: "It's because of my parents. As you know, many pure-bloods come from abusive situations. Mine was no different: I was strangled, beaten, electrocuted almost on a daily basis. The only thing good about being their son was that I got fed everyday and they didn't perform experiments on me, like they did the other pure-bloods. however, unlike some of our people, I decided to forsake using the force and became an agent instead. For me, force training would've been too hypocritical and too endorsing of how my parents treated me, never mind our people that worked with them, on my part."

Cytharat reaches over as I talk and runs his fingers along my scars. I shiver a bit under his touch as I'm not used to being felt this way. He said as he looked, "Your parents did this to you? How could they harm man who I'm sure was a beautiful boy in his youth?"
I shook my head as he looked into my eyes, "I don't know. All I know is that I didn't deserve it. Neither did the slaves in the house. I hated it and the fact I could do nothing about it."
Cytharat nodded and said, "I am... impressed that one with force potential such as yourself threw it off. For some that's an act of weakness, but I think it's an act of strength. If I became like Malgus, would I be any better than him? After all, if you became like your parents would you be better than them?"
I shook my head. "I don't think either so... majority of our people would've gone to Korriban in order to train as Sith, hell bent on getting revenge on their family, while being unaware that they're becoming no better," I said before chuckling a bit, "as you can see, my views are far from orthodox."

Cytharat replied as he lifted a hand to my chin, "No need to change your views, though. While I didn't agree with Malgus' approach to changing the Empire, I do agree with him that diversity is not our enemy, but friend."
Since when did my face become closer to his? Was it around the time my eyes focused on his lips? Lips that spoke in such a silky and soothing voice? He hasn't pulled away... Good, as I would hate to find out that I did anything to push him away. I replied, "Well, I'm glad my thoughts meet your approval. I hope that's not the only thing."

Cytharat nodded and leaned closer with a bit of a shy smile. "It isn't the only thing," he said, "for you are a beautiful man to gaze at..."

He then jumped at a hissing sound. I asked, "What the..." before grabbing my top.

He stood up to be greeted by... Katha Niar! I am going to kill that woman... I was so close to getting a kiss! Why must women have a knack for interrupting me at the worst times? That's not a rhetorical question, I want to know!!!

Cytharat cleared his throat and said, "Did I not say that I was off duty for the night, Katha?"

Katha blushed a bit before bowing, "I... Uh... you did but the mercenaries are moving. We have to send Cipher 8 to the ground if we're going to convince the locals to turn on the hutts. I apologize for spoiling the evening..."

Cytharat glanced at me with a pained face. He said, "I.. I am afraid duty comes first."

I glared at Katha before focusing on Cytharat, and sighed. "Indeed," I began, "duty calls. I'll be back for a piece of this and this," I said as brushed his lips and behind for exiting the ship.

Take care of mercenaries, & talk locals into fighting for us... Then come back and find a way to ensure Katha is 100% busy before I chat with Cytharat again.

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05.11.2014 , 01:40 PM | #6
Chapter 5: A Twist on Makeb's Tale...

I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t mix romance and business together anymore. Here I am, on Makeb, getting ready to blow up tanks and route mercenaries and all I can think about it is another date with Cytharat. It’s amazing how this man has captured my attention so quickly. Very few of my past relationships have been able to do that.

Cytharat said he wanted to see me again, of course, but it had to be one with little chance of interruption. Something tells me only secured isotope-5 will free both of our schedules…

I’ve been going over possibilities this night. I love doing work at night time, as it removes my chances of being seen. It’s so funny being perched on a cliff and raining fire down on those unsuspecting mercs! They’re all looking around thinking What the ****… and then one-by-one they die at my hand.

Of course in the middle of my shootings I ask a fundamental question: Why am I blowing up these tanks instead of perhaps having a warm, naked, Cytharat in my bed? Come to think of it, why is Cytharat not down here with me? He’s missing all the fun! Not to mention, I’m missing being able to see him in action. Did Katha Niar forbid him from coming down? Just because he and I are attracted to each other doesn’t mean we won’t set it aside on the battlefield.

“Finally,” I mutter as HK and I destroy the last of the tanks. “Come on HK,” I say more loudly, “We need to contact the team up top.”

I set up a small holocomm and contact them. Cytharat and Katha are the first to greet me. I say, “Hello, Lord Cytharat,” in a more seducing voice before putting the professional one on, “The hover tanks have been destroyed, and the mercenaries routed.”

Lord Cytharat replied, “We have observed the enemies’ flight. Riots have begun across the planet.”

Katha Niar continued his thought, “The hutts have ordered the execution of anyone not carrying ID. The mercenaries are demanding a raise.”

I try to casually throw out a suggestion: “Lord Cytharat should come with me next time; staying in the gravity hook means he misses all the action!”

Cytharat smirked a bit before re-assuring me, “We will fight together on the battlefield soon enough. For now, the honour is mine to watch you.”

I replied, “You’re watching, are you? If I had known, I would’ve worn a better looking outfit. See anything you like yet? “

Lord Cytharat raised a brow at my reply before saying, “While your current outfit is fine, Cipher, I was more content with what you wore near the end of our drinks earlier.”

I blushed a little bit as Katha Niar face palmed before replying, “Can we move on? There is something else we must discuss!”

I look at her and say, “Oh? I hope it’s not how you interrupted our drinks earlier…”

Katha sighed before continuing, “No. Unfortunately, some of the civilian leaders are reluctant to take this opportunity to strike. We think they’re laying low and regrouping. But if we’re going to steal the isotope-5, we need the civilian leaders organizing a full-on revolt. Can you push them?”

I replied a bit smugly, “Earning the loyalty of anyone is what Ciphers can do best.”

Cytharat spoke up, “Really? I’d like to witness that first hand.”

I replied, “Come join me during the negotiations… if Katha is all right with that?”

Katha Niar nodded before saying, “So long as it remains professional.”

I rolled my eyes at her before saying, “Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make out!”

Cytharat nodded before leaving the camera. I turned to her to listen to further instructions- Cytharat watching me negotiate? I’ll have to look my best!


I smiled at Cytharat when he managed to find me. I said, “Not exactly a date, but it’ll do for now.”

Cytharat chuckled, “Indeed. Thank you for granting me this opportunity, Crim. I have always wished to see intelligence at work.”

I pouted jokingly. “And to think I thought it was purely so you could watch me closer,” was all I said as we headed out to where the leader should be.

Cytharat replied in a voice that gave a way a bit that he was blushing, “I… Uh… well of course I am interested in seeing that too.”

I replied, “Alrighty, I’ll stop torturing you. I’m sure there will be some time later for more of this discussion, and tossing our clothes off.”

Cytharat replied, “I do hope you’re interest in me is for more than that.”

“Of course I am,” I replied as we entered the building, “if you were just a shallow Sith with no depth, I wouldn’t be interested.”

We enter the room and our conversation is cut short by blasters pointed at us. A man with shades says, “Don’t move, Sith! Not one move!”

Cytharat says nothing but I feel… Is that his voice in my mind. He says, “Listen to their voices…”

I think back, “Cytharat?”

Cytharat replied, “Ah! Crim, you are force sensitve… Good. I can tell they cannot defeat you, yet they are defiant.”

I nod slowly before speaking back, “They won’t be for long.”

I turn to the gunmen and say, “I’m looking for the person in charge- Polus Avesta. Where is he?”

The man behind the desk replies, “Right here,” before signaling his men to lower their weapons.

I say, “Excellent. We need to discuss matters.”

He replies, “Indeed we do. I received your message. You freed the settlements and I’m grateful, but why would the Empire get involved at all?”

I reply, “The Hutt Cartel must be stopped. Hence why Lord Cytharat and I, representatives of the Dark Council, are here.”

Lord Cytharat says, “We’ve given you an opportunity to strike back against the Hutts. You should seize it and organize a planet-wide attack.”

Avesta replied, “And if I refuse?”

I replied, “Then blow up the hover tanks yourself next time.”

Cytharat spoke to me telepathically, “I liked that response. It was full of fire…”

I smiled inwardly as Avesta kept talking. I said to him, “If you want, I can give you a bigger taste of my fire quickly when all this is done…”

Cytharat shook his head slightly, “Unfortunately, we promised Katha we’d keep things professional.”

I frowned at my companion before saying, “Later, though?”

Cytharat nodded with a smile as we headed to meet more of Makeb’s leaders.

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Chapter 6:

Lord Cytharat and I headed back to the gravity hook to meet Katha Niar. He and I discussed briefly how I was able to aid the leaders of the people towards resisting the Hutt Mercenaries. While victory may not be won today, I am glad I was able to give them a fighting chance.

It also gave my another chance to show off for Cytharat. He seemed impressed at my battle tactics. I also like to think he was happy to get off that boring gravity hook and spend more time with me. Would it surprise you to learn I couldn't help but glance at him a few times during my meeting with Makeb's civilian leaders? I think he too was glancing at me!
As we walked, Lord Cytharat changed the subject abruptly: "Did intelligence give you room to have many relationships?"
I stopped at the question and turned to the Sith Lord. I said, "Oh, uh... why do you ask?"

Cytharat replied, "I am curious. It is not everyday I am drawn to someone."
I nodded and then was silent. In intelligence, bonding with people was part of the job description- sex, money, power... anything to get people to talk. And those who were not seduced for career purposes were either killed on a mission, or they betrayed me. That was the nature of intelligence work... and something that could turn Cytharat off. Last thing most peopel want to hear from a potential lover is their track record in the romance department could've been better. Yet, looking into his eyes, I knew I couldn't gloss things over with him.
Cytharat looked away and said, "Is this an uncomfortable subject, commander? Perhaps I overstepped my boundaries."
I pulled Cytharat close to me so he had to look at me in the eye. I said, "First, you will never overstep your boundaries with me, Cytharat. I will always be Crim first and commander second as far as you are concerned. As for my hesitation... It's just that I'm a little bit afraid of how you will react to my answer. I must admit I am drawn to you and coming to care for you... I don't want to push you away."

Cytharat replied, "Oh? Have they been that bad."

I shook my head. "Well, no," I began to answer, "But it's just that in intelligence romance is more of a tool to get information from people or place individuals in a state where they are willing to trust you. The only real relationship I've had lasted 5 years. It was with a diplomat named Vector Hyllus... He became a joiner on Alderaan by the time I met him. I was drawn to his loyalty, calm nature, and beauty. Those were the best 5 years of my life and I was willing to bind myself to him for as long as we lived. Unfortunately, he returned to Alderaan and got killed during some fighting between the Empire and the Republic."
Cytharat nodded silently. I still had my arm around him. Although he didn't push it off, I let go and made it so we were more face-to-face. I continued to speak: "Other relationships... Well, there was one where I was in Republic space with a man who was disguised as a Jedi. I liked him... but we both agreed it to be a one time thing... Then the next morning I woke up to being in a detention centre with that bastard laughing along with my captors. As you can imagine, I am out to kill that chiss 'jedi' first chance I get."
Cytharat nodded. He then said, "Hmmm... So, you would be a risky person to be with in other words?"

I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes," I answered as I leaned closer to him and stared at his lips, "But life isn't worth living if risks are never taken. And I think you're a risk worth taking."
Cytharat stepped back a bit and said, "Indeed..."
I sighed. He's not ready for our lips to meet yet... Hopefully he'll change his mind soon. "How about you," I asked, "how has your romance life been?"
Cytharat replied to me, almost sadly, "I was in one for 6 years prior to recent times."

I asked with concern, "You seem sad saying that- What happened?"

Cytharat replied, "He and I were almost inseparable until he betrayed me and sided with the false emperor."

Cytharat paused and sighed before saying with a hint of hate in his voice, "And for that, I killed him."

Cytharat is loyal to the Empire. I wonder if I could chose political loyalty over emotional attachment? Hopefully I will never have to answer that question. I asked him as we kept walking, "Was it hard to choose politics over love?"

Cytharat replied, "Politics over love? As in was it hard to kill him? I suppose it was... But my first loyalty is to the Emperor above all. For that reason, I am hesistant to become attached to someone again."
I asked, "Is this your way of saying you're really not that interested in me?"

Cytharat shook his head. "No," he replied, "I am simply cautious."

Thankfully, I'd rather change the Empire from within than send an army on everybody's ***. I told Cytharat, "Cytharat, the idea of becoming a Sith in terms of fancy powers and lightsabers turns me off, I am very much a loyal Imperial. So, you really have no reason to be cautious."

Cytharat nodded slowly, registering what I said. "So... the chances of you say joining another rebel?"

I replied, "Slim to none, and slim skipped our galaxy. If I really wanted to betray the Empire, I wouldn't have joined intelligence but found a way to defect. I didn't defect and I have zero intentions of defecting. However, being cautious around me is a good thing..."

Cytharat raised an eyebrow, "Oh?"

I nodded before saying, "I have had quite interesting evenings being under the influence of blood rum..."

Cytharat chuckled and I noticed he walked closer to me as we made it to my speeder- a black nightscythe. It's one of my many pride and joys... a reward for aiding the Empire during our battles on Denova. Cytharat asked, "You took your own speeder?"
I laughed at that. "I always use my own vehicle," I said before asking, "do you not have a ride back?"

Cytharat replied, "I will be fine, commander as I have 250 credits to take the taxi back-" and it was interrupted by me- "Stop! Just wrap your arms around my waist and I'll drive you back. We should get back before Katha Niar throws a fit."

Cytharat freezes a bit before climbing behind the back of the speeder carefully. He wraps his arms around me slowly as I start up the engine. I tell him, "Relax, I don't have cooties... Atleast, I didn't during my last medical examination which was a month ago."

Cytharat laughs at that as we head back to the skyhook. Eventually I felt his chin rest against my back, and his breath against my ears and neck. If it weren't for the fact I had to drive, I may have turned around and tasted him for the first time. After all, Katha Niar wouldn't mind if two Sith took time to enjoy our passion- It is what our species likes to do! But... Cytharat and I had a mission. I'm sure another opportunity will come again.

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Lord Cytharat kissed me. I felt his skin against mine as I slept. It was the most blissful sleep I have had in years. Of course, like with many good things in life, it ended too soon. Cytharat left before I woke up, stating he had to practice his saber techniques before we could join Katha Niar on the gravity hook. Of course, I understood. After all, time is short and we need to get the isotope-5 while the civil war on Makeb has given us an opening.

I enter the gravity hook and prepare for the briefing. Lord Cytharat was there. He says, "Greetings Crim; Katha will be here soon, as she's gathering information on our intervention yesterday."

I replied, "Excellent. Is the in fighting creating the distraction we needed?"

Cytharat explained, "I believe it is for the most part; however, we will face foes when we head into the mines."

I shrugged at Cytharat. "That is expected," before continuing, "as the Hutts still need some protection for the isotope-5."

Cytharat nodded, "I hope it will be just a skeleton force. Personally, I am ready to end this mission and move on from this planet."

I smirked at the man, "As do I. After all, the nexus cantina on Kaas misses me slightly. Would you like to join me when I do go?"

Cytharat smiles and says, "It would be an honor."
It was then Katha Niar appeared. "Lord Cytharat, Commander," she says in greeting, "This is what I found over Makeb's comm frequencies..."

I look up to see a Hutt speaking in their native tongue. One good thing about my minor force sensitivity is intuitive language comprehension... It made speaking with people who only knew Huttese over the course of missions much better, "Koboba settlements du medaua-ou, dopa bidwata kohetkoha paknee ata lohonkeii- an ateema bu Ciduepe mee keueh!"

Cytharat and the others looked confused at what the Hutt was saying. I explained, "He is angry of the rebellion by miners, civilians, and even the Republic military. That is quite the rebellion we've started... and it seems the mercs will walk if the Hutts don't give them more aerial support."

Katha interjects, "We guess it will be a few hours until the fighting settles down. That will be our window to break into Stronghold One and steal the isotope-5."

I ask, "How the rebels braving against the Hutts?"

Cytharat shakes his head in answer, "They fight bravely. They will not win this day, but give them time."

Katha Niar then brings up Stronghold One's blueprint. It seems it is built into a Volcanic Mesa... I should make a mental note to have HK-51 to bring me my heat resistant armor. Only a single entrance above the lava... this will be tricky to sneak inside to. Perhaps a stealth generator is in order?

The plan is pre-planned before i get there, of course, by one of the scientists on our team: Nadrin. He states that the best way is to create a seismic wave by detonating key places around the volcano. In doing so, it would look like a natural earthquake that detonated much equipment.

I nod at the group, showing my approval of the plan. While I hate when sneaking into areas is planned without my presence, the idea of "naturally" blasting our way in there has an appeal. No point in doing anything fancy, and bring in outside material, when inside material will do.

Cytharat talks, finally, "My squad will follow your initial insertion to cover your escape route. Once inside, expect heavy resistance: Regulator mercenaries and automated security, yes, but also specialists loyal to the Hutt cartel."

Katha Niar, "There is also the prototype droid that will most likely be online."

I reply, "A prototype... So expect specialized weaponry. What can the droid do?"

Nemrin replies, "Defensives may include ray and particle shielding; possible gravity field. Offensive capabilities may include high energy lasers, and radiation discharges."

I cross my arms and nod at the explanation. This will not be an easy foe... Good, I needed a new challenge. Better highlight: Cytharat will have to help me move over 100 kilos of isotope-5. Nothing like watching a muscular man exert his build with such force.

Katha Niar ends, "I think that's everything; we're at your disposal."

I look around and say simply, "Things are about to get tense. How is your team holding up?"

Katha replied, "Frankly? No one expected to survive- but we all want to see it through."

I reply, "I suppose that's true of any mission. "

Cytharat adds, "This is our redemption."

I look to him fondly before saying, "I think you have already redeemed yourself. The time for sneaking around is over. The time is for action is now, and it is time for us to save the Empire."

Lord Cytharat nodded, "For the Empire!"

I respond in return, "For the Empire!"

Katha Niar then says, "Nodrin, get the information for planting the explosives. Cytharat, get your team ready. All hands, let's go!"

As I head for my ship, Cytharat calls to me. He says, "Crim! May the force give you strength."

I turn and nod at Cytharat, "Likewise. Keep safe as we do owe each other that dinner date."


"Hk-51, are your explosives planted," I ask over the comm?
"Statement:," came the reply, "The explosives assigned to me are set up accordingly. Warning: There's a team of mercenaries stationed at the exit of the mesa near you master."

I replied, "Oh? HK-51, meet me there and bring my special belt."

HK-51, "Statement: As you desire, Master. Query: Should I bring my own disguise as well, or will we be slaughtering undesirables?"

I replied, "The undesirables are the ones in the safe spot. No need to take out these ones as I'm sure the earthquake will do that job for us."

I cut the channel and then send a message to Cytharat. Cytharat says, "Commander, what is your status?"

I reply, "Explosives are set and I am making my way to the safe area. You should get to your safe place as well."

Cytharat replies, "Affirmative," before pausing and then saying, "Be careful, Crim. I don't want our time together to be shortened prematurely."

I smile and say, "You are a very good reason for me to make it out in once piece. All I ask is that you are careful as well."

Cytharat replied, "Likewise," before cutting the channel.

Rendezvousing with HK-51 was uneventful. When the droid handed me my belt, it only took a few seconds for me to get the right calibrations in order to change appearance. With HK-51's modifications, we both were able to slip past the guards. Overhearing their conversation, it's clear that our work went unnoticed.

I'm smile at the "human" next to me. "Well done, HK-51," I say, "The guards have no clue what's awaiting them."

I crouch near where HK and I need to detonate the explosives. I whisper to HK-51, "Initiate assassination protocol 256. Kill the guards with ranged weapons. I'll take out the one's with vibroswords."

I used what I learned from Cytharat the night before to guide my aim. Within seconds, the guards are dead and I'm in place. I hear a voice in my head, Well done, Crim. I knew meditation would increase your performance.

I smile as I hack into the comms. While I still am stubborn about force training, I am not against an attractive praising my abilities. I alert everyone, "This is the ground team; preparing to detonate charges now."

Katha Niar replies, "Acknowledged," and I trigger the explosions.

THe ground shakes and I use whatever shielding I was provided through intelligence. That didn't stop some rocks from nicking me, but it prevented serious injury. I could have sworn that... No- it is not possible.

Crim, the force can be used as a shield to protect oneself. I hope you did not mind me providing for you, I hear Cytharat's voice clearly in my mind.

I sigh and say, I suppose the force being used for telepathy is not so bad. Thanks for the loan.

I quickly contact the sky hook. Katha Niar asks Nodrin, "Status Report?"

According to Nadrin, the first security protocols are non-functioning... Excellent! Though I will be facing mercenaries and other cartel forces. Not the first time I have faced such and it won't be the last. I mutter, "Lower levels are mine, Cytharat's are the upper levels... Got it. Though pity I won't be seeing much of him in action..."

Or, so I thought! I was able to catch some glimpses of his actions, as I like shooting from the top where no one suspects my presence. The same can be said about HK-51. He is so graceful and powerful when he fights... It's amazing how I have never noticed how wonderful it is to watch one of my people fight with their sabers drawn.

No, wait, that's not true. I have noticed it before but that was irrelevant. Those Sith were just thorns in my side. Cytharat is not like them; from the beginning he was never like them.

I approach what Katha Niar identifies as the security room. Upon entering relatively unnoticed, I overhear the conversation. An alien giving the humans **** because they didn't double the guard. He says, "You mercenaries have gotten soft, guarding a rich little planet all these years. The Regulators weren't worth buying off."
I cut into the conversation: "That's because the Empire is far more motivating than the Hutts. After all, why allow giant slugs to pay the bills? They do not even spend their cash on a decent wardrobe!"
One of the mercs said, "I'm not afraid of Sith..."

The other mercenary shouts, "Send for the guards, and attack!"

I quickly pull out my rifle where I'm standing and fire at two of the guards- They go down quickly! It was then Cytharat enters and takes out the reinforcements the other mercs managed to summon.

In between passing glances at him, I gun down more mercs. One manages to get in close range. I waited for the last possible moment calmly. The merc thought he had a chance, until I pulled out two sharp vibroknives, one of them anointed with poison, and killed the man. Another group of mercenaries appearing at the door I tossed a cyrogrenade at. It took moments for them to die.

I aimed for the grumpy alien and managed to shut him down. Quickly, I approached the computer and shut off any communcation. The alien cried, as he crawled, "I must warn the Hutts... I must..."

Cytharat approaches and says, "You will do nothing," before crushing the man's neck with his boot.

I smiled and clapped for Cytharat. He says, "Commander, we will hold position here. No one will pursue you. No will close off your escape."

I replied in a very shy voice: "Lord Cytharat, I enjoy watching you in your element. We should do this again..."

Cytharat replies, "Say the word, and I will be at your side."

I bite my lip, holding back the temptation to say 'word' in order to ensure he would be joining HK and I for the big moment. However, I resist as we both have a job to do and should one fail his part, this mission will be for naught.

Cytharat and I turn to a soldier. "My Lord," the soldier begins, "I will start trying to access the security controls- maybe we can link them to the gravity hook."

Cytharat replies, "Begin," before turning back to me. "If we can bring Stronghold One under your control, perhaps it will be of use. We shall await your word."

I nod and continue on my way, with HK-51 following. We eventually approach a giant door. Katha Niar reports on the commlink the radiation levels are spiked. Nadrin believes it must be the prototype droid! I nod and quietly enter in.

HK-51 and I have to stop and admire the handy work. HK-51 states, "Admirement: Whilst this droid cannot remain subtle, it would give me more ways to liquidate many undesirables."

I nodded, "Agreed... It's a pity we have to destroy it."

HK-51, "Statement: How should we proceed, Master?"

I replied, "We'll have to reprogram Stronghold One's security settings. HK-51, if I'm correct, there are two consoles up there that we can use to help Lord Cytharat melt the droid... You take the far one, and I take the other. Be cautious, and aware of surroundings."

HK-51 nods. "Statement: As you say master. Initiating combat and assassination protocols."

I can almost sense the droids eyes on me. Quickly I use a disguise to mask who I truely am. I approach and put something on the droid before making my way to my console. I then remove my disguise and nod before pressing a button. The droid stutters a bit as a course of electricity goes through it. The droid is temporarily stunned, which gives HK-51 enough time to input commands into the main computer before getting to his spot.

Never had to think and move more quickly than this moment. Whilst the plan was good on a datapad, the vibrations from the droid's weapons were enough to send me stumbling! Furthermore, mini droids would continue to appear, halting my progress. Same happened with HK-51. Though the end came close, I managed to keep pushing. The Empire, my species, and all my allies, needed me!

Finally unlocking the traps blasted the place with lava for a moment. I shouted, "What the... Why did the lava flow stop?"

HK-51 replied, "Answer: The codes to access the terminals reset, hence the closure."
I reply, "HK-51, find in your databanks and comm channels every last Hutt security code! We'll keep hacking until we get that droid down."

HK-51 left no reply, simply did as he was told. As he manipulated the consoles, I gunned down every last of the giant prototype's little helpers. Blaster fire, rifle, knives... Whatever distance and my weapons would allow. I could feel gashes in my arms, legs... Little do the droids know those wounds mean nothing to me: I've suffered worse at the hands of my mother and father at home.

With one last blast of lava, the prototype went down and the prize was finally in reach. Time to claim the isotope-5 for the Empire and get cleaned up and spend more time with Cytharat. I wonder if he will let me cook him dinner?