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Minimum charge for railguns

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02.01.2014 , 02:40 PM | #31
Also for the record the whole "geared ships are almost never one-shotted" is a straight up lie. A stock Sting with no upgrades and default components has 1k hp and 1040 shield arc. A fully upgraded sting will have 950 HP and 1040 shield arc, unless they took directional shield. The same applies to Novadives.

So no, geared ships are one-shotted just as easily as un-geared ships.

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02.01.2014 , 02:51 PM | #32
I'm in a GSF RP guild on a character that requires we do minimum 75% charge for all ion blasts that have AOE or energy drain. Sometimes I have to switch over to Slug just cause I'm not sure I have enough power to get a full 75% charge off and don't want to accidentally 'love tap'. Whatever minimum Bioware selects, I'll switch to that and I can finally relax and enjoy Ion more..
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