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Bad healer needs help

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01.31.2014 , 03:32 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Adaliaya View Post
And that running to tank, well most of tanks don't mind but once I got angry Caps Lock response about passing my problems to him he tried to kick me, but that time DPS prevented it. But I'll propably do better now when I know not put pre-heals
Oh my... you must really be Bad luck Brian aren't you? :P
Don't mind those A-holes only time it is in fact a healers fault is, when there is damage to whole group that can't be avoided by ANY means and you can't heal through it. All the other times? Look at them. If there is a single add on heal somebody else screwed up.

For the Cademimu part, well any of the FPs past lvl 28ish or something will have some kind of mechanic. If you are new to MMOs and especialy doing the FP for first time. You should always mention it. On the Last boss in Cademimu the Tank died because he screwed the mechanic, as somebody else said. You are not supposed to stand in a fire. This applies to 70% of all other fights in game, But in ¨most of the others you see a red circle on the ground instead of fire being launched on your head :P

For the Operative healing. My main is Sawbones scoundrel and I can tell you. Before hitting lvl 45 or so you actually want the HoT pre-casted before the fight on you and Tank. because your HoTs are your main Tactical Advantage generator. Even after that level (because up there is a talent that grants 2 TA when u exit stealth) you still want to HoT the Tank and your self at least. There quite a few fights where u want/need to keep it on whole party but having them on Tank is a must 100% of the time. It is his job to mitigate the threat you do on mobs by it. Our HoT is like a Sages bubble. You wouldn't start combat without it would you? :P That being said, my typical thrash pull begins with HoTing me and Tank, then I crouch in the cover and use my free Blaster Shot and occasional Charged Burst/Snipe (But mind your energy, never cast it when below 100) to help kill weak adds. And when Tank or some1 drops below 60-50% then I actualy start using other heals.

Last thing, when u get the unwanted attention. Both Sage and Operative gets a skill on lvl 30 (I think) that has 45s CD and when you use it any other time it looks like it does nothing BUT when you look on the actual description, you will see that it REDUCES THREAT. basicaly making the mobs attack the next guy who has second highest threat on the NPC. "Cloud Mind" is the skill for Sage and "Countermeasures" for Operative. Op then has a combat stealth which is the ultimate threat drop, as it sets your threat on 0. As someone said though if you aggroed by your HoT ticking on DPS and they don't attack the mob before you return to combat, they will be back on you.

Feel free to pm me if u have any questions, or if u happen to play on Tomb of Freedon Nadd whisp me/mail me in game :P
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01.31.2014 , 04:00 AM | #22
You are not (or at least not only one) bad... you just got brain dead DPSs and possibly tank with tunnel vision/no AOE taunt/no energy management yet (25 level PT is overheated by AOE attack so fast it not even funny).
Good side of it - level 30, all mentioned still have possibility to learn... it comes really bad at 55 when you clearly tell 2 DDs to stop race over gold/champ mobs and follow kill order starting from spread normals that tank AOE attacks cannot reach without leaving strong/gold/champ to pray over racing DPS... and get jerk answers that you must L2P if cannot survive or tank with such derps.
You will late see why most sane tanks and healers stay away from GF and PUGs.
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02.02.2014 , 03:05 AM | #23
Ty for all advice. My situation is way better now, because I don't generate as much threat as before cause I only place HoTs on Tank. Also Surgical Probe and Healing Trance made difference. Often there is still 1-3 mobs on me but with bubble I can manage. If situation starts to seem too bad, if there is more than 3 mobs on me I can use Cloud Mind, even if some tanks and DPS seem not like it. Luckily most of them accept apologizes:-)

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02.02.2014 , 12:05 PM | #24
Also some tanks refuse to use taunts at all, because they think they are fatal for them.
On Mandalorian Raiders there comes fight against Imperial Boarding party where is 3 or 4 gold mobs. I was with badly geared vanguard dps, and shadowtank and sentinel from same guild. Before fight tank and sent explained tactic that would be everyone taking one mob, so no one would get too much damage. I agreed because I knew that guildies held power to kick me off, even if I personally prefer healing only one target instead of many of them because switching breaks my healing rotation.
So fight begun. I got dual wielder on me, tank took ranged officer and rest went to our poor vanguard. He had poor gear and he couldn't take many hits, and I couldn't heal him much since tank also needed heal and myself. Vanguard asked for taunt but tank answered something like I have one already. So additional mob would have been sentinels to take but ofc he had no taunt. I couldn't keep vanguard up and he fell. Inq that had been on him came to me but sentinel took that off. Luckily sent and shadow were geared so we didn't wipe.
Side note: vanguard got kicked. I felt sorry for him even if he was undergeared its stupid how two friends can kick whoever they wish
Maybe all talented players play with their guild so there is a lot uneducated in GF. Also Eclipse seems to be quite popular starter server

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02.02.2014 , 02:19 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Adaliaya View Post
Before fight tank and sent explained tactic that would be everyone taking one mob, so no one would get too much damage.
Side note: vanguard got kicked.
The guildies are new/off thier meds. The healer should not, by definition, "tank" a mob. Also there is now gosh darn reason in the world why each member of the group should "take a mob", also by each taking a mob what happens is that there is the same amount of damage being received only now it's spread to those who are not equipped to deal with it, ie: healer and Dps.
By the way don't mind me im just pissed because I had to "tank" the trooper and the smuggler on my Sorc healer about 90% of the time today... F**********

PS:When you're on your Scoundrel just use your in combat stealth or as I like to call it the "nope, **** this I'm out" button and just let the idiots who let the healer get swarmed by mobs die
Quote: Originally Posted by Essence_of_Light View Post
Nobody wants your scams.

And if you spent your time doing this, then you are a fool. Shoo, shoo. Get lost.

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02.03.2014 , 01:02 AM | #26
Well somehow that makes sense, sharing damage between group members causes no one get too big spikes. But tank was in full health when vanguard asked for taunt, and tank refusing to taunt enemy led to vanguards death. Maybe I should have took enemy in order to save vanguard but I don't have tools to generate threat on enemy fast enough because dual wielder has random aggro so he wasn't on me all time. Most of time but not all time. Still, tank was only one who could have saved vanguard but he refused to do it.
After they kicked vanguard I really tought about leaving group

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02.03.2014 , 03:45 AM | #27
Distributed tanking can be a valid strategy if you're playing with friends and know that everyone in the group is up to the task. I'd never do it in a PUG. Tanks have way more mitigation and can easily take two or three mobs for the same damage as a DPS. Not to mention defensive cooldowns which allow them to take even more mobs.

In some games sharing the damage works better than in others. SW:TOR has quite limited area healing abilities. By contrast, Anarchy Online has spammable group heals and longer HoTs, which means that a healer can get 3-4x more HPS by healing the entire group than by healing a single person.

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02.03.2014 , 04:09 AM | #28
If you ever feel like it,give The Harbinger a try,i've gotten quite a few decent tanks and rarely any bad ones.Maybe give mercenary/commando a try if you decide to do that,to get a feel for another healing class.
Good luck with future flashpoints,hopefully you get more tanks/dps that know what to do.
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02.03.2014 , 04:15 AM | #29
Yeah, Sage/Sorc and Operative/Scoundrel have zero AoE heals before they get ability from their skill tree around lvl 40

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02.03.2014 , 04:24 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Adaliaya View Post
Yeah, Sage/Sorc and Operative/Scoundrel have zero AoE heals before they get ability from their skill tree around lvl 40
45 is the earliest you can get the top tier talent,and the lack of aoe can be a pain,but it is doable(not that it wouldn't hurt to get an aoe at lower levels) on the upside operatives/scoundrel get a stackable hot that can be easily refreshed,and sorc/sage get a bubble that absorbs damage.If you decide to level a merc on The Harbinger to check out the server and the class,i'll gladly help out with any questions you may have about merc healing ingame(or if you level one on eclipse just message me on the forums and i'll answer that way)
Whats in a name,it doesn't bring fame.So it's a shame,we're all part of society's game.A need to be known,our fame to be grown.A kiss on the cheek,a paycheck every week.