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New Class?

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02.04.2014 , 09:07 AM | #11
I don't see them launching a "new" class or a "new" advanced class.

But who knows, they might allow "changing" your advanced class (inside the base class, naturally) if they increase the level cap .
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02.04.2014 , 11:31 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by sollinton View Post
Or perhaps an advanced class that can spec into healing or tanking. That idea would be difficult to implement properly though, because a class that can tank, heal, and DPS would need it's own special niche or people would whine that it is too versatile.
There's already a class like that in another MMO (not talking about WoW)

Captains in LOTRO can heal or offtank, along with providing excellent buffs to the group/raid. However, the tradeoff is atrocious DPS (worst in the game by far). It would be quite feasible, perhaps as SWTOR's first actual support class/AC.

Just my 2 credits.
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02.06.2014 , 10:41 AM | #13
I think it might be interesting and dynamic if SWTOR broke away from the standard trinity (Tank, Heal, DPS) and added a 4th role. A Buffing/Debuffing/Crowd Control/Hybred support role. This new AC could spec pure DPS (like all other ACs can) or spec in the support role where their personal DPS would be stronger than tanks and healers, but less than DPSers. Their benefits would be group/raid wide through strong temporary buffs as well as debuffs and CC on adds. Obviously the content now would render them useless, but future content of the new Expansion could be designed around having this 4th role. I also would like to see a pure DPS AC added to the Inquisitor/Consular and Bounty Hunter/Trooper classes. So the breakdown of added ACs for the upcoming xpac might look something like this:

IA / Smuggler
Support AC with a DPS tree, heavy buff/survivability tree, and a CC / debuff tree. This AC would be stronger at buffing, off heals and general survivability than the other support AC. Special perks would include Group stealth, Health transfer (in an emergency sacrifice own health to dying teammate), AE instant battle res, long term Stat boosts, in combat group teleport, Threat boost/decrease, group in-combat turbo speed boosts.

Warrior / Kinght
Support AC with a DPS tree, Strong debuff tree, and a CC/buffing tree. This AC would be stronger at debuffing Bosses than the other support AC. Special perks would be slowing the attack speed, multiple fast refreshing interrupts, stat debuffs, Boss usable knockdown/stuns, temporary group/raid wide DPS boosts, long lasting “mes” cc.

Inquisitor / Consular

BH / Trooper

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02.06.2014 , 12:02 PM | #14
On the topic of Windu and Vaapad...

I recall reading at one point, years ago, that he was a Consular. Do I think he was one? No. They're mostly diplomats and such. Some are fierce combatants, but most aren't. I agree, he should absolutely be classified as something else. For all I know, I'm mis-remembering or that's been retconned.

But the new AC thing? Absolutely. As I said, certain aspects of the lore simply aren't in the game. I'm still hoping for my proper Darth Maul advanced class.

And frankly, I find it very upsetting that BioWare will come up with dozens of new weapon skins but won't input any new attack animations for this.... That we're aware of, anyway. Allegedly there's two new expansions coming, hopefully there's new ACs in one of them and not just "Let's raise the level cap again!" route.


Some things I was thinking of, just tossing out ideas:

A new skill tree for Powertechs/Vanguards focusing on their new weapon: the Scattergun. Most of their attacks are close range anyways. Why not give them an up-close and personal gun?

Sorry, but the idea of a BH with a shotgun just... It makes me squee.

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02.22.2014 , 06:13 AM | #15
I wish they would grant Grey or Neutral Force Characters more options like their own kind of Force Powers maybe or Artifacts, equipment Etc. that Jolee Bindo may have learned on his own or maybe his wife's. Taken from Jensaarai stories or Grey Paladins. It would really make SWTOR a deeper kind of game. Although in a way it already is but I think this Part of the Grey Side is rather overlooked / neglected and gamers left wanting. I pray the developers will come up with something wonderful and really exciting for the Grey side for players.