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[Spoiler] Last inquisitor fight with Thanaton

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[Spoiler] Last inquisitor fight with Thanaton

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12.22.2011 , 07:32 PM | #1

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12.22.2011 , 08:25 PM | #2
I took a SW with me and even then it was a tough fight. Although as I am lv 48 thats kinda what I would expect.

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12.22.2011 , 08:37 PM | #3
Take Talos with you, and stay in his line of sight at all times so he can heal you. Thanaton actually isn't hard, it's just a few of his mechanics cause a bit of damage. Constantly refresh Static Barrier, and keep Jolt on hand for when he does Revivification, or whatever it's called, as that's his heal. Use Force Speed to sprint out of any AoE attacks if you're slowed, too.

He has a pretty big health pool, so you'll be spending quite a bit just whittling down his health. For reference I was level 49 and spec'd as Madness.

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12.22.2011 , 08:50 PM | #4
I would suggest not using a tank companion vs. the first Sith. The Force Storm just wrecks them too much since they have a habit of not moving out. It's better that you hold aggro and simply move out of the storm while a companion does dps or heals.

I myself did it while healer spec so I used Xalek. I would put him on passive during force storm to get him to move out of it, but that was clunky.

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12.23.2011 , 12:13 AM | #5
Take a dps companion (ashara) be sure to have aggro at all times - run in circles like a mad man - you win.

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12.23.2011 , 03:25 AM | #6
I did it at 49, it took me two attempts

Just try to interupt him as much as possible; use Khem Val, and Shield him whenever the debuff is up, as well as Heal him when he gets low
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12.23.2011 , 04:48 AM | #7
Just round around, he has almost no melee attacks.
After like 30 sec in combat he spams force storm for like 20-30 seconds, just keep running around him and let ur healer companion Talos heal you. On Death field also run around him and on the other spells you try to interrupt him.

Took me 2 tries and I wasn't very well geared at that time.

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12.23.2011 , 05:58 AM | #8
I was darkness spec, did him at 49 and just stood in everything, interupted what I could and talos healed me through the rest - only thing was to knock him out of his revivicaton bubble (or pull him out of it) or you'll be healing him. Just a long fight as a tank, was never low hp

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12.23.2011 , 01:38 PM | #9
Did the OP just write "spoiler" in the thread title, followed by the very last bosses name?

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12.23.2011 , 03:04 PM | #10
Thanks for making your title a spoiler...