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'Walking bug'

Mathemagica's Avatar

01.27.2014 , 11:20 AM | #1
I couldn't find a thread for this, so I wanted to post this here:

Since the release of Oricon and the Dread Operations there is a bug on the server T3-M4 which is called the 'walking bug'. When this happens, your character keeps walking or turning forward/backward/to the left/to the right, even if you don't use the corresponding button.
Sometimes one can stop this by pressing the corresponding button and let it go again, but this doesn't always work.
The bug is often triggered when a character respawns. Examples that I have experienced often enough to remember them on top of my head are:
- After using the transportation portal in Dread Fortress (There it happens pretty much every time that you are walking forward after using the portal. First time I saw it there, I thought it is actually intended.)
- After respawning in Past, Present or Future during the Dread Master Calphayus fight (This can break the fight, as it is impossible to take up the artifact in the last phase while moving.)

These aren't the only instances where the bug occurs, but I cannot confirm any other cases from memory.

Sometimes the bug happens apparently out of nowhere. It happened to me in the middle of combat somewhere in the open world of Balmorra. In this case I had to relog to remove the problem.

When talking to other people on the server it becomes clear that the bug is far spread, unpleasantly frequent, quite well known and has caused its share of deaths and wipes.
Does this issue arise on other servers and, more importantly, has this been reported?

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01.27.2014 , 12:21 PM | #2
Yes, this issue is known:
No need to create a new thread for this.