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The Secret World (MMO)

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02.20.2014 , 12:33 PM | #41
Exploration is a part of the sandbox experience, sure, but not all of it. Sandbox also means having robust character customization. And TSW, you not only have the freedom to build any kind of a deck you want, but are encouraged to do so. Especially early on.

And yes, I'm standing by what I said about MMOers being liars. Games like TSW, EVE and Darkfall were specifically made for gamers that are looking for a hardcore and by and large brutal experience. While games like SWTOR, WoW, LOTRO and any number of other traditional theme park games were made for general consumption by the masses. Yes, they are more massively multiplayer online games. The other titles, as you said are more niche.

But that's my point. They exist. And what really grinds my gears are people that are constantly criticizing the SWTORs and the WoWs for being too easy and for appealing too much to casuals when the games these hardcore players claim to want are out there waiting for them, if they dare to play them.

Stop trying to make theme park games into something they are not or were never meant to be. They have a completely different target audience. I love both SWTOR and TSW and play them both regularly. They both fulfill different gaming needs for me.

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02.20.2014 , 08:55 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeweledleah View Post
yes, secret world is not fantasy, but it still has leveling after a fashion (you have to keep gaining xp in order to keep unlocking abilities), its visuals might not work for everyone (I'm ok with the way the game looks, but my SO cannot stand the palette and how character models look/move - to e honest, I'm not a huge fan of TSW movement animations either)
If you want to be technical about it; every MMO has "xp".
Even games like UO where your sword skill goes up depending on how many mobs you whack with it and/or the difficulty of the mobs whacked with it have a form of xp. You just don't get to see it, it all happens in the background.
The only difference between games like that and TSW is that in TSW it all goes into one "pool" and you decide where to allocate it, while the other games automatically assign it for you depending on what actions you took.

I'm not too happy with the looks of the character models and their animations either; it was in fact one of the original reason I didn't buy the game after a brief beta test.
I suspect the devs themselves aren't entirely happy with it, but they have to make due with the software they got to work with- and which are not state of the art programs due to the small budget they have (something mentioned by Joel himself on the forums at some point - and part of the reason I've learned to respect the man's honesty in dealing with the players).
But the game has so many other great things that I can deal with the less than optimal looking avatars.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lium View Post
Exploration is a part of the sandbox experience, sure, but not all of it. Sandbox also means having robust character customization. And TSW, you not only have the freedom to build any kind of a deck you want, but are encouraged to do so. Especially early on.
I'd say a lot of the sandbox fans would want the following features, and designate a game as sandbox or not depending on how many of them it has:

- Extensive freedom of character customization.
- Robust crafting system; which leads to a player controlled economy.
- A huge world to explore.
- Housing - and preferably non-instanced housing for most it seems.
- A wide selection of vehicles; both land-based and seafaring.
- Open world PvP also seems to be on many lists.

I believe Darkfall has most of those, EVE probably too - but TSW kinda only has the first point on the list (character customization).
It'd be a hybrid at best IMO (and closer to a theme park in most aspects) - which is not something I mind at all since I enjoy the game.
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02.22.2014 , 09:50 AM | #43
Im playing a lot this game. And im happy and sad at same time. Since the game doesnt have much space for casual gameplay, my old cool and fun build became a little stress and disaster. So I changed it. Radicaly. Ive started new weapons combo: chaos and sword. And im building a glance/evade tank character. Much much better results. Both on PVE and PVP.
The sad part its I dont like the sword skills Fx (I like the animations, but realy hate those huge fx halos/rings).
In the begining I was hating, I had droped my beloved Assault rifle and shotgun for some medieval/oriental build, but the gameplay has improve so much that im getting used to my new look.
Ive also learned how to farm Black Venices in PVP (im a templar on a Fusang Iluminati server, so im doing mostlty the Eldorado map, and im start really adding some kills to my statistics on this harsh pvp world). By earning some Black Venice and by buying items on Auction House im enable to use lvl 10 major talismans (so far the only lvl10 itens that I can use, besides my Assault rifle, but I dont use rifles anymore).
So, drawbacks aside, im learning how to play this game. And now that im stronger, I can pay more atention to game content and quests. And im having some good fun on it!
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02.22.2014 , 11:03 AM | #44
TSW is my alternate game also, and I like it for 2 main reasons

1) While its freee-to-PLAY its not free, you stil have to buy it, which almost totally eliminates the gold spammers that haunt us in TOR

2) As mentioned, the HUGE no-class-required ability setup.