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Please clarify: Chief Zokar "working as intended"?

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Please clarify: Chief Zokar "working as intended"?

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01.24.2014 , 03:03 AM | #1
Seriously now, I'd really appreciate if someone sat down with whoever built the Chief Zokar encounter in Czerka Corporate Labs and cleared up if the "red circle of doom" in the last phase of the encounter is working as intended, or if the rubberbanding "BAM you're dead" of absolute suck is a bug.

That encounter is still a pure matter of luck, and it's not fun when the sucker one-hits the healer for the 8th time even though the character had cleared the circle indicator with a lot of margin (i.e., "ran across the room with all speed skills"). It needs to be fixed.

So far, we tried without much luck:
  • walking out of the circle forwards
  • walking out of the circle backwards
  • making sure to run away from the missile
  • making sure to run ~90 away from the missile
  • running towards the missile
  • jumping while clearing the circle
  • not jumping while clearing the circle
  • using flee skills
  • not using flee skills
  • avoiding long casts or channels for as much of the fight as possible
  • sacrificing goats
  • just curling up in a ball and going catatonic while Zokar does his thing
  • yelling at each other really loud in TS
  • yelling at each other really loud in chat
  • filing bug reports
  • various combinations thereof

Those all seem to have around the same rate of success (although the going catatonic thing seems to be around 10% less effective). In the end, it "consistently" takes between 4 minutes and 2 hours before that particular boss dies or we just give up. It's no fun, change it.
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01.24.2014 , 04:32 AM | #2
Have you tried yelling at each other in Vent or Mumble? Might work.

Also, what breed were the goats?

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01.24.2014 , 09:06 AM | #3
I've had some luck actually jumping out of the circles, but even then, my timing has to be perfect, otherwise I get killed swiftly.

He is terribly bugged though, I've died multiple times to him, even being clearly several feet OUT of the bad stuff before the damage hits.
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