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Maintenance: January 21st

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.20.2014 , 09:24 PM | #21
Them notes.

Post 'em.

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01.20.2014 , 09:29 PM | #22
Rakghoul Resurgence coming?

Otherwise "mid-January" will be no longer valid.
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Quote: Originally Posted by BruceMaclean View Post
..I think it's ultimately our fault for not communicating enough.

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01.20.2014 , 09:31 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Eillack View Post
Rakghoul Resurgence coming?

Otherwise "mid-January" will be no longer valid.
Exactly why it should be. I'm also hoping that's why they aren't posting the patch notes.

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01.20.2014 , 10:42 PM | #24
Yea usually they post them the night before or something

HKtheindomitable's Avatar

01.20.2014 , 10:52 PM | #25
Obvious Revelation: They haven't posted the Patch Notes because it is MLK Jr. Day. They are not in at work. Therefore there are not going to be any patch notes today. They will be available after the update. (Or at least they should be on your Launcher while updating.)
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01.21.2014 , 02:11 AM | #26
Leaderboards Not Updating Over 24+ Hours | 15.01.2014, 18:13
Hey all,

We have a fix in place for this issue, and we're going to apply that during next Tuesday's maintenance. Thanks to everyone who provided information, as it did help us narrow down the problem.

it's a patch with i all think is this bug problem to solve

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01.21.2014 , 03:21 AM | #27
Holy crap, the robot's avatar moves...
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01.21.2014 , 03:34 AM | #28
How about correcting maintenance time. Which one is correct, system alerts time or one in this thread.

Date: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
Duration: 2 hours
Time:3AM PST (10AM GMT) - 5AM PST (12PM GMT)
From system alerts page.

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01.21.2014 , 03:41 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Kheldryn View Post
Yeah, I'd like this one fixed too. I've been choosing not to play GSF because of it. Really hard to tell whats going on when I can't hear a thing.. including being hit. I know they're "Aware of the problem", but that's an excuse being overused in MMO's now, so overused that CRYPTIC and STO used it that they finally decided that the issue with Season 8 Preventing players from logging in wasn't their fault and arbitrarily decided it was fixed and left many of us hanging out to dry (Which sucks for me as I was a founder and LTS member of STO).

If Bio Ware does this then I think I'll give up on games, MMO's especially as Bio Ware in truth is my favorite game developer and if they pull the "We can't fix it" card and then says "Its resolved, sorry" then I'll be done with games.
I have the same sound problem and as much as I wish this was the fix I highly doubt it. Its been broken for the last 3 months for us xp users and I doubt we will be getting as fix now. our best chance of a fix is when f2p get it. chances are this is the activation of the rakghoul event, especially seeing as they said mid January and all the posts on twitter about attacks on Alderaan. But who knows I could be wrong and if so I will be super happy
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01.21.2014 , 04:08 AM | #30
But the Rakghoul plague was exterminated....wasn't it.....
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