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Arndt's VII script focused on Solo/Skywalker kids.

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Arndt's VII script focused on Solo/Skywalker kids.

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01.13.2014 , 06:49 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
"Lens flare" is an optical trick used to fake your brain into thinking you are seeing something real, and not totally CGI. Ironically, we never actually see lens flare in reality, but it's so ingrained in movies, that it looks phoney without it.

It is the most minor quibble in the history of quibbles though.
Now that I have totally derailed things, for me Lens flares cause haze and what I can only best describe as refracted light. Not pleasing to the eye. At least not for me.

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01.13.2014 , 07:04 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyKulvax View Post
It states quite clearly that Episode VII will focus on the big three as the main characters of the film.... yes... so completely and utterly unfounded.
No, it doesn't state that clearly at all. All that was said was that Arndt's script focusing on the "next generation" was scrapped for other ideas from Kasdan. Those ideas are maybe, for the time being, rumored to include a strong role by Solo/Skywalker/Organa(Solo/Skywalker/Amidala/Whatever...).

There are no guarantees. There are no clear statements. There are no certain facts.

However, if we're going to talk rumors, then at least finish your rumor. The heavily rumored script was reported to act as a bridge to the "next generation" and that Ep VII would be used as a handoff from the "last generation" to the "new generation" who will dominate Ep VIII and Ep IX.

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01.13.2014 , 07:15 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
A daughter OR a granddaughter. I can imagine an and, but an or, well, that would be something.
Why's that? My mother has several granddaughters, but she doesn't have a daughter.

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01.13.2014 , 07:37 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by aeterno View Post
My personal dream case scenario would be for them to skip a thousand years or so and give it a reboot. Tired of the royal SW lineages...
Hear hear.

It is not unlikely this new trilogy is going to be awful beyond imagination... Maybe it'll make those two Ewok spinoff movies superb in comparison.