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What's your character's back-story/Is it lore appropriate?

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What's your character's back-story/Is it lore appropriate?

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01.11.2014 , 07:33 PM | #1
Post yer backstory here.
Also for people like me who aren't quite sure if their backstory is lore appropriate.

For example, my Mirilan (How do you spell this race?! Sith Marauders Back-story, Under tag because it's long, no spoilers.
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01.11.2014 , 08:01 PM | #2
I'm still working on my own backstory... but I will say that, canonically, the Sith Warrior is the scion of a prominent Sith family, so I don't think Mirialan works for that. It might for the Sith Inquisitor, who's a former slave.

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01.11.2014 , 09:05 PM | #3
Ityk'allig was born into slavery with his twin sister. It was a pretty miserable existence, but hey; they had each other right? Didn't matter how many Cantina they had to swab or whatever sordid acts their various owners through the years made them do, they were together and that's what mattered.

Though his sister was taken away from him. Force sensitive, her knight in shining armor 'rescued' her. Damn Jedi. The way he remembers it, she didn't even try to bring him. So began the worst years of his life, considered himself completely alone in the entire galaxy and betrayed by the only person that mattered to him. Naturally, those sort of emotions festered in him and he was practically giddy after he lashed out with the Force against his late and last owner when he was shipped off to Korriban.

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01.12.2014 , 10:19 AM | #4
For me, I don't think you need to really focus on the story of the class for your character. I try to do what my character would do as much as I can in the class story, but outside of that is where I really forge my character.

I've seen some people get so focused on making the class story fit their character that they start saying their person is the one that "killed ___" when everyone does that at some point.

One of my characters is an inquisitor, but being a slave doesn't work for his story so the whole inquisitor back-story is ignored. Of course it does still need to be somewhat lore appropriate, since it ruins the character to say something like "they are the secret son of the famous ___"
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03.15.2014 , 10:26 PM | #5
Each of my characters has a unique backstory, but I think the most interesting is that of one of my alts, Aphanes, a Female Sith Pureblood Agent.
Aphanes was raised by Sith parents on Dromund Kaas, but unlike most Sith Purebloods (including her parents), she was not force sensitive. Because of this, her parents abused her, trying to invoke enough fear and anger into her to make force powers manifest, but nothing worked. Her parents even encouraged her younger sister (who was quite proficient with the force) to torture her.Finally at age 12, after a particularly brutal beating due to Aphanes not being accepted into the Sith Academy, Aphanes ran away. She moved into the cave by the waterfall (where the republic troops are in-game) and taught herself to hunt and to survive, all the while, nursing her hatred of her family and the Sith in general. 3 years later, on the eve of when her sister would be shipped off to the academy, Aphanes slipped back into the city, broke into her parents home, and poisoned all the food and liquids with venom from a plant she had found in the jungle. Then she returned to the jungle, always keeping on the move so that no one investigating her family's deaths would find her. However, she wasn't quite good enough, and two years later, she was found by an intelligence agent, However, instead of incarcerating or executing her, the agent was so impressed by her survival skills and her ability to get away with killing three Sith, that he offered her a job. She was taken to Intelligence and trained as an agent. After this, we get to the actual game play, which I count as being part of her story.

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03.15.2014 , 10:31 PM | #6
Variance - The Force Guardian

Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post

Her gnarled hands shook as she slipped the letter inside the envelope. The stationary was thin and cheap with no laser embossed seals of nobility or elaborate gilt edges. It was the cheap paper servants used.

Servant. The Republic worlds thought it a more dignified title than slave. The little pay and lodging that came with it, implied a better status—with freedoms, that mere slaves would never enjoy. After a lifetime spent toiling for impatient nobles, those freedoms seemed irrelevant.

Her life held so much promise. She was born from solid Imperial stock. Even as a child, she was proud and honourable, but those qualities weren’t enough to save her family. The details of that night had waned over the years—she couldn’t even remember her parent’s faces anymore, let alone why they were executed.

She did remember a smuggler. He caught her wandering the streets and took her in. After a few terrifying months of being cooped up on his ship, helping him to hide relics and trick Hutts, he dropped her off on Alderaan to live with ‘some good friends of his.’ He promised her, they would give her a good life, and they did. They fed her, clothed her and trained her to be a nurse. In the absence of true family, these people were as close as one could get, even if they were Republic sympathizers.

She sighed at the memory. That was a lifetime ago, and the child she had inherited needed to be dealt with. She had cared for him for five years, but it was time to let him go. He was a good boy, as boys go. He had special gifts. A great power slept within him. She would miss him, but not for long. The pain in her chest reminded her daily, she didn’t have much time left.

Dragging the pen across the envelope, she finished her task.

“Master Jedi, I know your order discourages attachments to the past, but please, consider this my last request. Give this to the boy when he’s old enough. So that he understands.”
The Jedi nodded and took the envelope. “Did you want a moment before I take him?”
“No. Just leave me.”

The Jedi waited until his new charge slept, before opening the old nursemaid’s letter. His brow furrowed as he read…


By the time you read this, I will be long dead. My name doesn’t matter. It isn’t out of some desperate vanity, that I’m writing to you. It’s so that you can know your beginnings.

I was nursemaid for one of the top noble houses on the world I came to call home. I devoted most of the years of my life to my master’s well being. I share this with you, so that you may know that I was knowledgeable and respected in my position—that these aren’t mad ramblings from some old woman.

When you study your Republic’s history, you will come to know of an attack on the world you were native to, Alderaan. The battle was led by a powerful Sith—Darth Malgus. I recognized him, because I was born an Imperial. He was stunning, and ruthless. So that you don’t wonder, it was not I, who betrayed our world. I do suspect there was a greater reason for the battle, than merely showing dominance. It is my hope, that you will come to take my meaning.

The day you were born, fire rained from the skies. The mountains heaved and crumbled and the others that live on this world burrowed deep into the soil. While I was away tending to my master’s needs, Imperial ships bombarded the planet. Carriers full of troopers descended and our home was reduced to little more than a crater. I hid in the rubble and watched.

A Sith Lord appeared from the dusty shambles and stalked the area. He was desperate in his search. He used his skills to upturn wreckage and fuselage but found nothing. The world was burning around us. It could have been minutes or hours. I don’t know. I waited for the Lord to leave.

Once he was gone, I gathered what nerves I had left, and began to search for my master’s family. They had all perished in the bombing. Lost and alone, for the second time in my life, I was at a loss. My home was everything to me.

I wandered aimlessly, when I heard a faint mewling. I followed the sound, and found you. Newly born, completely alone…how this was possible was beyond me. An infant, such as you were, should have succumbed to the attack, or the cold, but there you were. I took you and cared for you.

When the battle faded, I made inquiries about you, but none knew anyone who expected a child. So I kept you. Your gifts were unlike any I’d ever seen, even for one so young. I still struggle with the fact of your existence. It was as if you were borne of the battle, forged from fire and prayer. Look within yourself, and you will understand clearly what it is, I am trying to tell you. Your birth, was like no normal birth. You were utterly alone.

~With respect,
A distant memory...~

The Jedi Master ran his hand over his chin and exhaled heavily. Slipping the letter back into it’s envelope, he leaned back in his chair. Truth was the domain of the Jedi, but what would this knowledge bring? This was not a decision for him alone. It was one for the council to make, when the time was right.
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03.16.2014 , 05:46 AM | #7
Firstly to note, obviously the names of days and months are different in Basic to English. That "Thursday" is called that is simply a translation.

Arisec January was a small cog in the Balmorran government before the war, aide to a diplomatic consul. He and his wife Hestia were comfortably well off rather than rich, so jumped at the chance to accept a place aboard a diplomatic vessel on a year-long tour round various star systems to renegotiate a number of trade agreements. It would be a wonderful opportunity for their seven year old daughter, Melody Winter January, to see something of the galaxy, Hestia already having taken note of the daughter's wanderlust. Theirs was a loving marriage and it was neither a surprise nor a concern when Hestia fell pregnant shortly into the trip.

Sadly, a couple of months later, disaster struck. The ship encountered a pirate ship, crewed by a number of pirates who would be later acquaintances of one Andronikos Revel- though not he himself- and a small group of thrill-seeking Sith of no particular importance, justifying their playing pirate by regarding themselves as stirring up crime and sabotage in Republic space. On finding themselves to have landed a diplomatic vessel though, they relished the opportunity to play at being proper Sith for a change.

Captain and crew were brutally slaughtered, passengers abused and beaten, maimed and mutilated and seemingly at random chosen for either slavery or death, the Sith' s only real criteria being to make sure to break up families. Hestia was blinded in front of her husband and deprived of a chance to see him for the last time, then forced to listen as he was given the choice to either kill himself, or else the Sith would abuse and kill his wife and daughter. He chose death, pressing his throat on to the sith' s saber.
This was a decision Thursday, when she heard of it, would later come to consider cowardly, believing that he must have known the Sith would likely follow through on the atrocities anyway, but chose death so as not to be there to witness it. Neither Melody nor Hestia while she lived, would share this view.

Melody ran, her mother providing a distraction, and somehow managed to get herself in the ship ducting, a place too small for the Sith to follow. There she hid, utterly terrified, while the other few survivors, including her mother, were taken off ship and into slavery. It was six weeks before a Republic scout vessel located the stricken Balmorran ship and its traumatised survivor.

She was placed with a foster family of distant relatives on Balmorran, but, disliking them and just too plain afraid of everything to settle to a stable life again, she ran away aged 12, caught and stowed away and made her way around the galaxy badly and, as such people tend to, found herself living rough on Nar Shaddaa.

Meanwhile Hestia' s sad life had drawn to a tragic close - a blind slave had little use and, once her child was born, she was allowed to keep it merely long enough to nurse it. In bitterness and despair she named the baby girl Thursday, since she felt the day of her birth was the only thing she had to give the child. Before Thursday was fully weaned, Hestia finally died, and Thursday taken as a resource, a slave born into slavery, pure property.

She grew up on various work camps and in the cargo holds of spaceships, doing better than might have been expected as the wiry tough little girl became somewhat adopted and protected by those in her work gang, and growing fiercely protective- a family trait- in return.

Meanwhile on Nar Shadaa, Melody had taken up slicing, and grown competent. As she grew, she became increasingly aware that her life had few career options, and that one profession 'suggested' by a number of passing traders and mercenaries with cash and a lack of scruples definitely did not appeal. Intelligent and highly read, she spent perhaps as much time hacking into the galactic library to fuel her dreams of wider horizons as she did on crime. Her slicing allowed her to avoid the galaxy's oldest profession, and eventually she took ship on a freighter specialising in the free transfer of certain goods. The captain had need of someone able to persuade computer systems to not look at the ship's flight manifest or trading history too closely, and the teenaged slicer' s skills were up to the mark. She rose well, and became a favourite and trusted friend to the Captain after an incident where a situation nearly escalated to murder but Melody faced down her own Captain and crew and refused to back down at a point. Once tempers had cooled, the Captain realised that the criminal caper in question had taken he and his crew right to the edge of changing career from smuggler to pirate- and if it hadn't been for the girl, they would have crossed the line. That defiance earned her a friend and mentor, and, in five years time when the Captain retired, a ship. Though by then, war had overtaken them.

Melody enlisted, trained... and did rather badly. Her whole life had taught her that standing by her principles was a good and, indeed, the only thing to do to avoid being sucked under. Responding to orders she disagreed with with argument or point blank refusal had stood her well so far, but it seemed the Republic military disagreed. It ended shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant. Drunk in a bar and utterly furious that the Republic had essentially left Balmorran to rot, as she saw it, events led to her dishonourable discharge on what she later gleefully recounted as "Two counts of bein' drunk and disorderly in uniform, conduct unbecomin' etc etc, four counts of insubordination, three counts of insultin' a superior- ha- officer, one count of assaultin' a superior officer, three count of usin' long words the officers at the court martial didn't understand and one count of callin' them a really short word they definitely did understand."

She slipped easily back into the life of a free trader, buying her old captain's ship at a knockdown price after he retired, and going into business for herself. The Hestia' s Dawn continued as her ship, workplace, and home, with only a third of the cargo bay cluttered with her books and collection of Ortolon poetry until a few years later a job took her delivering weapons to Ord Mantell...

It was Thursday's protective streak too, which got her into trouble. For some months another slave in her little group had been suffering particularly from the bullying of one overseer. Standing up to overseers was impossible, of course, but she did what she could, ensuring food and support below decks for the slave in question. Though only thirteen or fourteen at this point, as best she could remember, she had become very much the leader of their little gang in the small world of themselves, their overseers, and whichever slave pen or project was their current home. Names in the wider galaxy meant little. Now they were in the dark belly of a starship, being freighted to some planet whose name interested none of them, to excavate relics. It did not matter to them.

Now it seemed the slave had lost his temper, hit back and assaulted the overseer who had been victimising him for months. He would die for that, beaten and whipped to death in front of the other slaves to teach them proper respect. Thursday tried to struggle and was held- to be less lethally punished later, to watch her friend's execution. She continued to struggle against the guard holding her as blow after blow fell on her friend, but, physically small and malnourished, there was little she could do but stare at the overseers in building hate and fury... until something snapped in her, and vicious lightning seared out, striking her friend's tormentors dead. As guards and fellow slaves alike stared at her in shock, and Thursday realised in her heart that power- whatever that might mean, would set her free, ten decks above, one Sith sorceress, deep in thought on how to solve her own pressing personal difficulties, paused, and sent her thought down through the decks to a part of the ship she'd previously considered utterly beneath her notice. Lord Zash smiled...
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03.16.2014 , 02:09 PM | #8
I don't rp so no matter but in my own head my Sage is borned on Taris.
My friends Sentinel is son of Brontes and Styrak, I quess thats not correct lore wise. But its fun

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03.17.2014 , 11:35 AM | #9
My main character is a Cathar Jedi Shadow, but I like to roleplay in my head that he isn't the same as the "Barsen'thor" that the player consular is. I like to keep a few of the elements from the consular's story arch but a lot of it is pure headcannon.


He tends to be able to see past the bantha poodoo put in his way and be where he isn't "supposed to be."

He is almost 19 when he finishes his training and travels to Coruscant to deal with the coming War. During the course of the conflict, he gets into many disagreements with the Jedi Council, teams up with an undercover SIS agent, defeats and redeems his grandfather Natherius, and wages a single-handed Kaggath against a member of the Dark Council.
Honestly, when it comes down to it, I don't think I'm a very "good" Jedi. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I trust my heart more than my head, and that's not a bad thing.
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03.17.2014 , 10:08 PM | #10
Human Male Jedi Knight- Cratoren. Long brown hair. White.
After the Second Galactic War. 35 years in the future. A Jedi named Jacen Reparka left the order, believing that it's morals have changed and the only way to find peace was to accept both light and dark.. To become a " grey" Jedi. He left for Alderaan and married the daughter of Theron Shan. The two lived in harmony, and Jacen became a great warrior, however he was old. And his wife...Danna Shan was pregnant. The two humans discovered she was carrying twins. After birth, the boy was named Cratoren, and the other boy was named Phalan.
The twin brothers were force sensitive, trained slightly by their father in the ways of the grey Jedi. But, when the twins were 2 years old, a unknown party of Sith villains invaded the house and kidnapped the two twins...killing Jacen and Danna. The sith escaped in their ship, however a Jedi patrol craft spotted the ship and fired at it. The ship shot out a escape pod to distract the Jedi while it blasted away into hyperspace. The Jedi recovered the escape pod to discover the youngest twin, Cratoren inside. Phalan was never seen again.
Cratoren was taken to the Jedi Temple on Tython to train, his power outmatched all of his class. He grew up under the supervision of Master Trevan Arcadia. The two bonded like father and son.
Cratoren reached the age of 12, he could not remember his childhood even when the Jedi healers tried to pry using the force. Cratoren began to develope a rebellious attitude, he lusted for adventure and battle. Wanting to put his prophesied powers to use. However, when he turned 14, his Master Trevan left the Jedi Order to create a third party faction that would seek to protect the Republic from sudden attacks or threats. Called the Crimson Order.
Cratoren followed his master, and one day Tython was attacked by a sudden Mandalorisn raid called the "Burning". Master Trevan was killed. And the new Crimson Order was left without a only consisted of a handful of teenagers and older troopers. The Crimson orders warriors were killed in the Burning. Cratoren at the age of 17 now decided to fulfill his Masters wishes and lead this team of justice bringers to fill the galaxy with peace. Not knowing what blood runs throughout his veins. He has been called the Chosen One, one that would bring balance to the force. But is he really?