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Reposting this from the Juggernaut forums

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Reposting this from the Juggernaut forums

paowee's Avatar

01.07.2014 , 02:39 AM | #1
Sweeping Slash versus Vicious Slash
1. Slash - no threat modifier
2. Cyclone Slash - talented by Swelling Winds and Single Saber Mastery


Slash vs Cyclone Slash talented with SSM and Swelling Winds

Slash 44 activations 132 rage spent
Cyclone Slash 66 actiations 132 rage spent

Ability Total Threat
Slash 76779
Cyclone Slash 92729

Cyclone Slash was surprisingly better at threat generation compared to Slash. However it took Cyclone Slash roughly 22 more seconds in order to spend this Focus. If we check the threat generated in the same amount of time →

Cropped to 2 minutes:

Ability TPS
Slash 535
Cyclone Slash 558

Cyclone Slash still came out ahead of Slash. Slash being used 36 times and spending 108 Focus compared to Cyclone Slash which was used 48 times and spent only 98 Focus.


Ability DPS
Slash 262
Cyclone Slash 248

In the same amount of time:
Slash did more DPS while Cyclone Slash did more TPS

Slash 17638 total damage, 256 DPS , 35285 Threat , 513 TPS
Cyclone Slash 16978 total damage, 248 DPS, 39068 Threat, 562 TPS


In the beginning of a fight Cyclone Slash should be used more in order to maximize threat generation. As the fight drags and threat should no longer be a problem, replace Cyclone Slash with Slash in order to maximize DPS.

In the rage dump: threat section on Vicious Slash vs Sweeping Slash you note that Sweeping Slash came out on top... That was interesting to note and I double checked it. The expected damage / rage values for these abilities should be
Vicious Slash: (1762+2018)*(1+0.18*0.51)*0.7/2/3 = 481 and
Sweeping Slash: (1214+1392)*(1+0.18*0.51)*0.7/2/2 = 497
which means that Vicious Slash, your single-target filler attack akin to Grav Round/Charged Bolts/Disturbance/Telekinetic Throw/Double Strike/Ion Pulse has no place in the Juggernaut tank rotation. Pending review by other Juggernauts/Guardians and maybe a larger sample
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01.07.2014 , 05:02 AM | #2
Test on dummy:

Sweeping slash : 2119 threat 887 damage
Vicious slash : 2743 threat 1371 damage
[Assault : 1771 threat 885 damage ]

Sweeping slash costs 1 rage less

Sweeping Slash : 1059 threat per rage 443 damage per rage
Vicious Slash : 914 threat per rage 457 damage per rage
[Assault : generates 2 rage]

Indeed sweeping slash generates more threat per rage, but especially at the beginning of a fight you want burst tps, vicious slash generates more burst tps when you have enough rage, if you have rage problems you should use sweeping slash instead of vicious slash. Vicious slash provides a little bit more damage but the difference is not much. Sweeping slash also gives the target the 5% miss debuff.

Thanks for the information, gonna use sweeping slash now more often single target vise