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Hybrid build ideas...

BoulderTroll's Avatar

12.22.2011 , 05:22 PM | #1
Hello all, I'm brand new to the BH class (level 13), and think it will become my main. I'm having a blast so far (pun intended). I'm looking for advice on a build. Here are my goals;

I will primarily be soloing (I typically don't even use a companion), and then I'll be doing a bit of PVP and even less of "end game" instances. In "other" MMO's the highest PVE I ever have interest in were 5 mans. I was never a raider and I don't see that changing in this game. I vastly prefer PVP and soloing. And even PVP I don't consider myself hardcore. I just like winning a few 1v1 confrontations, and doing battlegrounds (not a 2v2 fan).

So what I'm looking for is a spec that will be pretty well rounded, but not the best at any one thing. I HATE spamming a single ability, so this build can not center around Tracer. I'd also like it to be as mobile as possible. Long cast times are not really my thing, and I'm not afraid to get in close with ranged classes.

With these things in mind, any advice would be great. Thanks!