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Planet Comms and Experience Rewards are Nerfed

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Planet Comms and Experience Rewards are Nerfed

BarbaraBuckley's Avatar

01.05.2014 , 11:54 AM | #1
Somewhere between the new PVP gear and double XP weekend and beyond, the reward system has been nerfed.

Letís start with Planet comms. Prior to this issue which I and the people I run with have noticed for the last couple of weeks, you could run a whole planet (except for Quesh because it is so short) and have enough planet comms, or even cap planet comms so that you could mod a whole set of Armor (95 Planet Comms). Some of my friends have actually been complaining about this problem for weeks. Now, you level two or three plus times on a planet and yet at the end, donít have enough planet comms to mod a set of armor. In fact, you are left with a very serious deficiency. For example, last week I ran Balmora with my smuggler. By the end of this very long planet, I had only 65 planet comms. I did every class mission, planet mission, heroic and side quest and yet at the end of it all I only had 65 planet comms and had leveled close to 4 times. Last night I was running my Juggernaut on Taris. Iím not even halfway through the planet and Iíve leveled twice already and only have 21 planet comms (starting from 0 when I came on the planet). It is almost as if double XP was never actually turned off, even though it is not showing on my XP bar. The planet comms vs XP is extremely off balance at this point.

Please look into and fix these issues. I understand the cross server is a dream, but the Planet comms, warzone comms and the XP being nerfed is a real problem and needs to be fixed right away. thank you.

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01.07.2014 , 10:09 AM | #2
Planetary Commendations and XP are being award for me fine.

Note that Subscribers get an extra 20% XP: that can add up fast.

Also, the higher the level of the enemies relative to your level, the more XP you get from them.
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