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8-man DPS Leaderboards

odawgg's Avatar

02.15.2014 , 11:23 AM | #211
Hey Board, a minor correction my Grob'thok parse is Pyro instead of Arsenal

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02.15.2014 , 03:45 PM | #212
Nefra, Who Bars the Way
Enflammer - AP Powertech - Vodka and Balalayka - 3449.25
Vodka and Balalayka [Guild Master]
Tomb of Freedon Nadd

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02.16.2014 , 12:56 AM | #213
Me'gamind - Delirium Tremens Rus - Pyro Mercenary - 0/10/36
Nefra - 3305
Grob'thok - 3414
Bestia - 3038
Tyrans - 3322
Calphayus - 2442
Raptus - 2472
Dread Council - 2937
Moreover, I have 72 mainhand so far. Hope I'll get my 78 soon)))

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02.16.2014 , 04:11 AM | #214
Dread Master Bestia
Diwata - Scrapper Scoundrel - Stop Ewoking Around - 3025

The Dread Masters
Diwata - Scrapper Scoundrel - Stop Ewoking Around - 2834
Sucks to be on Calphayus on p1 :/ this will prolly get knocked out fast.

Dread Master Brontes
Diwata - Scrapper Scoundrel - Stop Ewoking Around - 2645

Had to trim on brontes because it bugged out on us and the hand was still up when we killed her. Trimmed to 11:58:18.994 Dread Master Brontes's Supremacy effect of Manifest Supremacy fades from Diwata. I didn't know where to trim exactly but if you could find a better spot to trim would be great.

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02.17.2014 , 05:14 AM | #215
Dread Council Kiters
Shay'm - Hybrid Sniper - Hatred - 2756.89

Could have been better. DPS was a bit confused last phase and Raptus was at 20% while Bestia was still 30+ so that left me with little to do while they burned her.
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02.17.2014 , 03:46 PM | #216
Dread Council Kiters

Zavi - Lethality Operative - EinHerJar - 2529.74

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02.17.2014 , 04:26 PM | #217
Quote: Originally Posted by odawgg View Post
Pizza'dah'hutt - Pyrotech Mercenary - 3826.55

Pizza'dah'hutt - Pyrotech Mercenary - 2548.88

I'm so mad, I had 2870ish on calphayus if we killed him on the first drop

WOW! How the heck do you get a Rail Shot to crit at 17K??

Also what crit rating do run with for each spec? I like playing both specs, but not to sure on ideal ratings for each one
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02.17.2014 , 11:32 PM | #218
Kiting Dread Council
8 Man Hard
Rööt - Lethality Sniper - 2525.56 -

I do have a video. I will post the link once its up
Dead on Arrival Begeren Colony
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02.18.2014 , 12:20 AM | #219
So my group decided to be complete scrubs and chain pull bosses with adds or killing me with boss at 20k hp but meh it can be fixed.

Invinc - Concealment Operative - HATRED - 2637 -

Invinc - Concealment Operative - HATRED - 2761 -
doing the actual fight AKA killing both tentacles and waiting, not cheesing and clipping.

Bestia - this is one of the chain pulls, however it is easily noticeable and just clipped it.
Invinc - Concealment Operative - HATRED - 3435 -

Raptus - tank decided to wipe the whole group with boss at 30k hp with last circle thing, considering u used that other guys 6 second AFK parse, this shouldnt be much of a problem to use right? . PS: had to challenge Raptus too X-X
Invinc - Concealment Operative - HATRED - 2849 -

i also know kesmet did some insane parses the other day in his first raid with us, beating most of these, hopefully he will upload when they allow him :P.

Hmaull // Carlenx // Carlenix // Pyrotec // Invinc // Hwynn

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02.18.2014 , 12:29 AM | #220
Quote: Originally Posted by Fabious_Aeon View Post
WOW! How the heck do you get a Rail Shot to crit at 17K??

Also what crit rating do rutoo ith for each spec? I like playing both specs, but not to sure on ideal ratings for each one
Did I?! I dunno I'll have to check the logs, I'm assuming there was some sort of damage increased debuff or increase buff from myself must've been applied to do that.

I think I have around 290 crit, anywhere in the 200-400 range should be just fine for either spec, some people argue to wear less crit on Pyro but don't think you'll see any significant difference in that range

Edit: snap, I see the hit, yeah looks like every hit in that part of the log has increased damage, 10k power shot too... I'm thirsted and I don't know what other buffs or boss debuffs happen in that fight.