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Need help on final boss of HM Dread Fortress

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01.03.2014 , 04:55 AM | #11
while it is possible to do this boss in any healer combination our group killed it on first try when our commando healer was not able to make it on that night and we had scoundrel healer.

Our commando healer is very good (she now plays scoundrel anyway), ranked in top 10 commando healers on many fights in previous content and current one (torparse ranking) but we were struggling big time on Brontes. SO while not having scoundrel healer is not a show stopper, it makes this part of the fight much much easier.

As to the fight itself.

1 - melee dps 4 - melee dps

2 - healer 5 - healer

3 - rdps 6 - rdps

Orbital strike(s) on 1+2 (and 4+5 if you have to gunslingers)
Nuke 1 and 4 then melee from 1 goes to finger 2 and melee from 4 moves to 5. Once melee are at middle fingers get your healers to middle of the room so they have range to any player and can heal whoever needs heals most.

Once 2 and 5 is down move on to 3 and 6.

Also i am putting my shield up at the start of that phase by finger 2 and for 20 seconds damage on our group is much lower. Also not sure how well your tanks manage orbs but if you see 3 orb beams then it means your tanks need to improve their positing with hands

you can watch our first kill here and how we move from finger to finger:

Since we recorded the kill, we changed the way we kill fingers to what i described above but as long as people move out of purple puddles, you not damage fingers 3 and 6 until its time to nuke them you should be fine.
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