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Galactic History: The Jedi Archives

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01.02.2014 , 05:57 AM | #1

A continuation of Archivist Master Gnost-Dural's recordings...

BTC 3,247 Ė The First Dark Sith Lords on Korriban

Over three thousand years ago, the Sith Order as we know of it today did not exist. At that time, the greatest threat to the Jedi were those we once welcomed amongst our ranks.

After the century long conflict that followed the Second Great Schism, the surviving Dark Jedi were exiled from Republic space.

Those exiles eventually came across the previously uncharted world of Korriban. It was there they met the Force-sensitive species known as the Sith.

Compared to the exiles, the red-skinned humanoids were primitive from a technological standpoint, but their knowledge of the Force, specifically the Dark Side, earned them the attention of the new arrivals.

The Dark Jedi desired their knowledge and sought to subjugate the Sith. There were hostilities between the two groups, but through careful maneuvering by the exilesí leader Ajunta Pall, the Sith turned against their own King.

Witnessing the Dark Jediís technological capabilities, as well as their Force prowess, caused the Sith to worship them as gods.

Thus the foundations of the Sith Empire were put in place and Ajunta Pall was declared the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Dark Jedi that had survived the Hundred-Year Darkness had an Order to call their own, one where they could study their dark arts without inhibition.

They were free to uncover the dark secrets of the Force, embodying the same tenets of selfishness and domination that drives the Empire we fight today.

The first Sith Lords began expanding, mapping worlds and hyperspace routes, eventually constructing a capital on Ziost.

In true Sith fashion, they operated as individuals each with their own methods and goals. Some saw the primitive Sith as mongrels fit only to serve. Others valued the knowledge and studies they possessed.

The skills the Dark Jedi had utilized in the Hundred-Year Darkness were refined and expanded into what we now know as Sith Alchemy and Sorcery.

And as the knowledge of the two cultures mixed, it was inevitable that their blood would do the same. Whilst the Sith were biologically incompatible with their Human masters, they were similar enough that they could reproduce with the aid of the Force.

The same techniques the Dark Jedi once used to spawn organic monstrosities were responsible for the creation of the Purebloods we know today.

And as generations passed, Humans and Sith came to breed without the aid of alchemy. Because of this, a vast majority of the current Imperial populace possesses at least a small percentage of Sith blood.

For the next thousand years, the Sith Order progressed according to the visions of its founders. Twelve exiles and their followers had laid the foundation for a mighty Empire, the same one that threatens us to this day.

The Dark Jedi were no longer a mere sect. They now had a civilization of their very own.

Although the next major conflict would not come until the Great Hyperspace War, there were those within the newly formed Empire who could not contained their lust for conflict.

Though every exile who sought an early return to Republic space was struck down, the Jedi remained unaware of the greater threat that loomed just beyond their borders.

With the passing of time, memories of the Dark Jedi would fade from the Republicís mind. And even as they stewed in their hatred, the Sith too would eventually turn their gaze away from their former enemies.

Over the course of centuries, the two civilizations would forget one another. They were isolated, eventually ignorant of the otherís existence.

This ignorance would eventually allow the Sith to become the devastating threat we faced one thousand years ago. The threat we face today.

But for all their expertise, the Sith merely expanded upon what the exiles had been practicing for centuries.

The Dark Side of the Force was not born of Sith, nor their predecessors. It has always existed to entice the greedy and arrogant among us. And it was that enticement, and ultimately our response to it, that lead to the creation of the Sith.

Iíll elaborate in the next holo-record.
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