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Mechanical Outline for a Hypothetical Emperor Boss (for fun :P)

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Mechanical Outline for a Hypothetical Emperor Boss (for fun :P)

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12.31.2013 , 03:50 PM | #1
I always had this strange phase outline for a hypothetical operation boss with the Emperor. I came up with some pretty strange mechanics for the boss to make it y'know, fun, and I'm not sure where to put this but I wanted to share it for ***** and giggles. The Boss Fight would revolve around the Emperor (spoilers for JK story ^_^) and Revan.

Basically after the Foundry Revan reappears (He does a sort of warp space/PhaseWalk wannabe after the foundry) and leads a mission to destroy the Emperor, who has recovered from his battle with a certain Hero of Tython. In the Operation, there are various bosses related to the Emperor, culminating in the final battle with the Emperor, with Revan alongside you.

So, the outline itself

PHASE 1: Opening, 100-75 percent

In the first phase, the room is a circular structure with the Emperor in the middle. The first 25 percent of this boss fight is quite literally a DPS race. After the opening cutscene, you land in the middle of the room with the Emperor hovering above. There is a console below, and clicking it begins the Boss fight. The Emperor drops, and the goal of the fight is to burn him down as fast as possible from 100 percent to 75 percent. The circular platform you are standing on slowly shrinks. Failing this phase means fall damage death. An interesting mechanic is instead of a pure threat drop, the boss will randomly hit a member of the raid, and this member of the raid will have the following debuff:

Panicked Fury: The victim generates double threat, and every 5 seconds this debuff is present, the character generates an extra 25 percent of threat. Damage taken doubled.

Panicked fury MUST be cleansed ASAP before the affected is y'know, ripped threat and killed instantly.

After the boss hits 75 percent, the phase switches into:

PHASE 2: Invasion Phase and Destruction Phase, 75-50 percent

In phase two, the platform regenerates, and columns appear floating above the emperor. There are several mechanics present in phase two.

*Destruction of the Galaxy: The Emperor brings down the roof on EXACTLY half of the circular platform. Anyone in the half that is being crushed is instakilled.

*Invasion: The Emperor will randomly select a member of the raid who will be stunned and unable to act for 10 seconds. Then, this raid member will be teleported off the map into another room, where he or she must grab a Sith Holocron. The Holocron reads your skill tree to measure the holocron you must take. Hybrid trees are automatically counted as DPS. As a Tank, you must hold threat off of a powerful NPC DPS that is doing a very high static DPS on a Phantom of the Emperor. As a healer, keep an NPC alive from the barrage of a phantom of the emperor. As a DPS, you must burn down a phantom of the emperor ASAP. Here is the twist that sets this apart from raptus: There is NO time limit. INSTEAD, when you are in the challenge, your character is replaced by a invulnerable ADD that does damage based on his skill tree and role. A Healer heals the boss, A tank gives the boss DR and reduces healing the healers do. The DPS does a **** ton of DPS. Whoever is doing the challenge must finish it ASAP.

*Tank Swap: Debilitating Nightmares. In the tank swap, the tank that has threat will rapidly reduce heals recieved by 10 percent a stack, stacking up to 10 times.

PHASE 3: Revan 100-10 Emperor 50-10

Revan has arrived to assist you, and the Emperor has seized his mind for his own use. Revan and the Emperor are now both present, and it has now become a dual boss battle. The Emperor has the same mechanics as phase 2 MINUS the Tank Swap but has a few added ones:

NEW tank swap:
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01.02.2014 , 12:20 AM | #2
I am a fan of anything bringing Revan back, looks cool