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Low fps, gpu or cpu related?

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Low fps, gpu or cpu related?

Osoygatitalove's Avatar

12.24.2013 , 07:13 AM | #11
to be completely honest, i don't think they ever tested illum to it's full scale under heavy stress conditions, or (early stage) someone forgot to do his homework and check if the HE could support more than 40 people without reducing performance to an unplayable level.

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12.24.2013 , 07:29 AM | #12
Obvious ones , windows power management to "high performance" and try the settings here -

Install the directx redist , only version with the dx9 files needed -

Can start with the below settings for the client_settings.ini file in the spoiler, see if it affects FPS majorly and then start raising one setting at a time

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12.24.2013 , 01:59 PM | #13

It seems Owen's information helped me ! I downloaded and istalled directX from the link, and did the profile to CCC as instructed in the other thread. I tweaked it some because the settings in the thread were meant for a high-end computer.(lowered AA and kept shadows off) Now I seem to have 5-10 more fps than I used, and fleet is a much better place now. I played for couple of hours and fps was about 30 or more. For warzones 4v4 worked well, haven't tested 8v8. Also no problem with fp's.

I also thought up one reason why the game is heavier for me than it probably should be; I've got a 24" benq with 1920x1080 resolution, so it may be a bit tough for my 4800 series gfx. But alas, things are better now, and I may try to tweak them a little bit more. Lets hope things stay better...
If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on a metallic spaceship flying through the universe.

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12.24.2013 , 07:42 PM | #14
Glad to hear your running better now mate, playing smoothly is the most important thing rather then the FPS itself

Heppuli's Avatar

12.25.2013 , 09:15 AM | #15
So it seems I was happy too early.

I logged in today, and noticed that yesterdays smoothness was gone. Although the fps was manageable, there seemed to be like nanosecond freezes now and then.. can't describe it any better. I looked up resource management, and noticed that one out of four of m processor cores was doing more work than the rest. Processor usage is at 50% usually, but still one core does more work than the rest. How's that possible? And why this didn't happen yesterday, but today. I didn't change anything...

I got couple of pictures so you can see what I mean; <--- This I took from my keyboard, and that's how it usually shows the cores. The first is always closer to max than the others.

Is there anything I can do about this?
If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on a metallic spaceship flying through the universe.

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12.25.2013 , 09:48 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Yakito View Post
I have the same issue. My game runs a bit better on high than low settings, but I always keep Shaders and Shadows on low,off respectively.
My laptop runs all the other games well, but ToR is a pain in the A. And it's no "Witcher 2", is it? It's a game with mediocre unoptimized graphic engine which is pretty much a joke for a game that costed so much money.

Anyway... I've already been told that my CPU is the issue for ToR, but I don't think I am going to upgrade it JUST for ToR when I can run other games just fine.

i5 M430 - 2.27GHz
Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5870
8 Gig of RAM

Couldn't Bioware just reduce the CPU load of this game? Of course they could, but whatever. The fact that they chose one of the worst Graphic Engines for one of the most expensive games in history is pretty much a joke to me.
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OwenBrooks's Avatar

12.25.2013 , 07:56 PM | #17
Try playing on a clean boot - could be as simple as a virus scan running in the background as to why there is a nanosecond freeze, or if you use crossfire it could simply be microstutter eg -

noobchoco's Avatar

12.25.2013 , 08:08 PM | #18
that spec being a bit old, i'd say like someone else have that the overall system might be just a bit outdated for the game.

i'd consider replacing both the gpu/cpu

EnemyEntity's Avatar

02.22.2014 , 10:28 PM | #19
System specs:
AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processer 3.8 Ghz
Windows 8
MSI HD Radeon 7750 2 GB

Should I be able to play on full settings?
Also with this setup what would be the first thing to upgrade?
The reason I ask is because I get low fps with shadows on which I understand a lot of people have problems with but from my beginners understanding of computers I thought this PC would have no problem.

Kain_Turinbar's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 01:40 AM | #20
I'm sure its just the game's engine showing its limitations.