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Exal Kressh, an overview of her abilities

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Exal Kressh, an overview of her abilities

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12.16.2013 , 01:57 PM | #1
Based on this request;

Quote: Originally Posted by LadyKulvax View Post
I am impressed with this work you are doing, an Exal Kressh post would be my personal request.
I have created this thread.

DISCLAIMER: This thread represents an analysis of command of the Force of a Sith Lord on the basis of existing canon information. Possibility of an error of judgment on my part in this analysis is unintended and such a matter can be discussed in this thread in gentlemen fashion. And this is NOT a versus topic like Sidious versus (enter name here). Thank you for reading.

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NOTE: Major spoilers from canon sources. Due to scarcity of information on Exal Kressh, this thread will offer a basic overview of the abilities of the character in question.

Quick facts:-

Affiliation: Sith Order; reconstituted ancient Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Lord (Apprentice)
Sith Master: Emperor Vitiate
Bloodline: Kressh
Status: Assassinated for going rogue

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Exal Kressh was naturally strong in the Force and became a remarkably powerful Sith Lord under the tutelage of the mighty Sith Emperor himself.



Exal Kressh possessed Force abilities of such caliber that she could use her powers to easily slaughter multiple individuals simultaneously, disarm and dominate other powerful Force-users, shatter large and heavy structures and even go as far as to destroy or collapse entire stations or gigantic buildings with her efforts.

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Known information:-

Several space stations or colonies were orbiting Lenico and one of these gigantic structures became a battleground between Darth Thanaton and Exal Kressh during which the latter Sith Lord inflicted heavy damage to the station with her powers, forcing it to loose its orbit and crash on the planet surface.

A glimpse of the gigantic space stations orbiting Lenico:

Kressh kills multiple opponents simultaneously with a gesture upon arriving on one of the space stations orbiting Lenico:

Emperor reaches out to Kressh with his telepathic abilities from light-year(s) distance, taunting her and attempting to influence her but Kressh manages to resist such attempts:

Thanaton vs. Kressh:

Thanaton seeks out Kressh on the space station:

Kressh responds by blasting Thanaton with a powerful burst of Sith lightning, sending Thanaton crashing in to one of the large glass tubes which shatters from the impact. Thanaton cocoons himself with the Force to prevent injuries upon impact and hurls hundreds of pieces of broken glass (like missiles in collective fashion) towards Kressh in return:

Kressh quickly forms a protective bubble around herself to prevent all of the pieces of broken glass (hurled towards her like missiles) from harming her. In addition, Kressh telekinetically grips several large droids simultaneously and hurls them like missiles towards the position of Thanaton; the droids explode upon impact, releasing a toxic substance in the process. In response, Thanaton jumps away from explosions and manages to tolerate the effects of toxic substance:

The aforementioned event grants enough time to Kressh to get behind a large metal chamber to ensure element of surprise. However, Thanaton senses her presence in the Force and destroys the large metal chamber with a powerful burst of Sith lightning. Kressh, however, successfully resists the effects of both the blast and Sith lightning of her opponent and pounces upon her opponent, forcing him to the ground. Kressh then gloats about her great strength and gives Thanaton the option to run; when Thanaton attempts to escape, Kressh unleashes her destructive dark powers on his back, inflicting great damage to the structure in the path of Thanaton (who manages to jump on a speeding train):

However, Kressh is not done with her destructive ambitions yet; she proceeds to destroy the main core of the gigantic space station with her telekinetic abilities, inflicting heavy damage to the space station in the process and making it unstable. The space station then begins to fall down on the surface of Lenico:

Thanaton uses the Force to carve a path towards his ship through the remains of the falling space station in an attempt to escape from the doomed structure out in the open space:

Kressh have escaped from the doomed space station as well and watches its fall to the surface of Lenico from her personal starship:

Thanaton arrives in an ancient temple on Korriban, where Kressh have ventured earlier, and witnesses a trail of slaughter(s) that Kressh had left in her wake inside the building:

Thanaton encounters Kressh once again, witnessing her killing Temple guardians and destroying structures with her powers. Kressh destroys a large pillar near the position of Thanaton in an attempt to crush him beneath its rubble but the latter Sith Lord uses his vast telekinetic powers to prevent the debris from crushing him beneath in response. Kressh makes it clear to Thanaton that she intends to destroy all structures of importance to Sith Emperor on Korriban with her powers:

Both Sith Lords then engage in a vicious lightsaber duel:

However, Maggot, a slave of Thanaton, comes to his aid and opens fire on Kressh with his large gun from behind her while she is preoccupied with his master, heavily injuring her in the process. However, Kressh is incredibly resolute and strong in the Force, and manages to cast Sith lightning on both of her opponents in retaliation, incapacitating Maggot and disarming Thanation by destroying his lightsaber with a concentrated burst, in the process. Kressh then begins to choke Thanaton but the latter Sith Lord manages to find another lightsaber lying nearby and telekinetically summons it towards Kressh, impaling the mighty Sith Lord in the process to savior his victory:

--- --- --- ---

Summary of feats (currently known):-


  • Unleashed a blast of power to slaughter multiple opponents simultaneously.
  • Unleashed powerful bursts of Sith lightning on several occasions with which she could destroy large and heavy structures (of stone and metal), overwhelm other powerful Force-users and even undermine lightsaber based defensive measures (against Sith lightning) by destroying the weapon itself.
  • Could simultaneously grip, lift and hurl multiple large objects like missiles towards a target (did so against Thanaton).
  • Inflicted massive damage to large and heavy structures with her telekinetic abilities; even went as far as to destroy an entire space station in an effort to kill her nemesis Thanaton.
  • Possessed and demonstrated highly advanced defensive abilities and great tolerance to external threats; could form protective bubble around her to make herself immune to a wide range of external threats, and was able to fight her opponents even after being heavily injured from blaster-fire.
  • Shrugged off telepathic influence of the mighty Emperor Vitiate, a seemingly impossible task for majority of the Force-users in the mythos.

--- --- --- ---


Exal Kressh was extraordinarily powerful in the ways of the Force. She was also an overwhelming duelist, being able to match (powerful) master swordsmen in effectiveness and expertise in martial aspects of combat.
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