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Upgrade Ideas for Galactic Starfighter

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Upgrade Ideas for Galactic Starfighter

Zidanepunk's Avatar

12.11.2013 , 01:32 AM | #1
1. Addition of more Variants of ships....Bomber, Missileboat, Light Cruiser, Light Freighter, and Light Corvette.
2. Around 20+ more maps
3. Different game modes: Domination (currently in game), Capital Ship Destruction, Capture the Flag (like huttball), Team Capture the Flag (both teams have flags), Destroy the Base, Destroy the Space Station, and Elimination.
4. More Strike fighters, more Scouts, and more Gunship Models
(curious where the Z-95 Headhunter is, despite that it was made during the clone wars)

5. Would be great if Fleet Requisition, Fighters, Upgrades were Legacy/Account bound. As it is extremely long and annoying to grind out all the ship upgrades/unlocks for each character.

6. Ranked Galactic Starfighter: Earning Massive Fleet Requisition, But limited to Mastered/Fully Upgraded ships only.