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How to tell server time

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12.09.2013 , 10:19 AM | #1
Is there a way I can find out what the current server time is? My ingame clock shows my local time. Currently 12.19am for me

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12.09.2013 , 10:52 AM | #2
Server time = PST/PDT or GMT - 8
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12.09.2013 , 05:52 PM | #3
ok thank you

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12.09.2013 , 06:11 PM | #4
Is there a /command that tells you the server time?

Because the clock on the bottom right of the game just gives you your local time.

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12.09.2013 , 06:41 PM | #5
I could be wrong here, and forgive me if I am.

But I am pretty sure there is no such thing as "offical" server time. When they do announcements for a patch, they give the time in PST/EST/etc. Multiple time zones. They never say "Servers going down at 11pm server time."
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12.09.2013 , 08:42 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBloodloss View Post
I could be wrong here, and forgive me if I am.

But I am pretty sure there is no such thing as "offical" server time."
This is correct. There is not a specific "server time". The Pacific time zone is widely used due to the fact that this server tends to be west coast dominant. Whenever an event is held, normally, the original poster announces the time of it within their time zone.

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12.09.2013 , 11:26 PM | #7
Yea, I really needed to ask cos I was bouncing between thinking people have been mistakenly thinking the clock they see on their UI as the local server time and me missing out on some /command that returns the local server time of the server.

It makes figuring out what time the poster meant in my time zone impossible.

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12.10.2013 , 05:55 PM | #8
Know what your own timezone is (GMT/ UTC +/ - whatever) and what the timezone the time you're given is in (for example, when maintenance goes up they usually announce in PST, which someone said was GMT -8? Or if someone says an event starts at such-and-such time AEST, that's GMT +10 if it's not daylight savings time), then use logic to calculate.

For example:
Server goes down at 2am PST.
PST is GMT -8.
My timezone might be GMT +8.
Starting at the PST time given, we need +8 hours to get to GMT (+0), then another 8 hours to get to my timezone, GMT+8.
Now I know what time in my timezone the server goes down- 6pm. That was 2am + 16 hours.

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12.19.2013 , 08:18 PM | #9
You can add a time zone clock to your windows time block on your desktop. If you don't want to flip the time ozne 180 out, or do the calculation; you can just window out and hover your cursor over the Windows time readout and look at what time it is in the PST zone.