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Operative PvE solo'ing Oricon, etc...

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Operative PvE solo'ing Oricon, etc...

Cokoa's Avatar

12.05.2013 , 12:52 PM | #1
So, I play a 55 operative. I have healed with her since level 1. I am currently in full elite comm gear (with ultimate comm offhand)... my problem is that solo pve'ing takes way too long for my taste...basically waiting on Orbital cooldown - pulling a bunch and aoe... but that doesn't help on Gold Star or above mobs.

To this end - i am investigating the possiblities of hybrid spec'ing just for solo pve.

I have Treek in full tanky Basic comm aim tank gear.

I will not live without Kolto Probe... ever...

I came up with the following spec - wondering of the community's thoughts.

Heal / Lethality
Most of the talents i chose kept kolto probe and surgical probe effective (if not maxed).
Upgraded defensive talents of evasion and shield probe (assuming i'd be tanking with HK killing)
Got upgrades to my poison skills.

There is 1 extra point that i'm not sure where to put... and I was considering gearing up HK and doing stuff with him.

I quick tossed a Heal / Concealment tree... but i haven't thought much into it....

dego-harmonium's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 09:47 AM | #2
you really should set treek in healing gear and just go lethality, you should be able to solo all of the oricon dailys, I have a few accuracy pieces i swap in from my healing set, just set it up so you swap accuracy pieces for items on your healing set that have the power/alacrity enhancement
Arterial <Lethal Dose Fifty>

Hawk_IV's Avatar

12.10.2013 , 02:56 AM | #3
I like coming up with trees too, and I got one for ya.

I like Concealment better for Dailies and such because it feels more bursty, and there's nothing like stabbing the enemy over and over again with triple TA. My spec also provides a bit more healing because of "Medical Therapy".

My rotation is something like this -
I start by putting 2 Kolto Probes on me and my companion, then stealth in.
Hidden Strike > Debilitate > Backstab > Corrosive Dart > Laceration x2 > Shiv > Laceration a bunch etc.
You can use TAs for DPS and Heals - Laceration and Surgical Probe (and Carbine Burst)

With this spec you get Tactical Advantages a ton of different ways:
Killing an enemy, Shiv, Kolto Injection, Kolto Probe proc, Hidden Strike, Laceration proc (with DoT), Stim Boost

IronScarlet's Avatar

12.26.2013 , 07:22 PM | #4
Use answer your own question in the title PVE = DPS why waste your time healing yourself when u have a companion.
So lethality all the way for dps

Although the spec you did is the classic Hybrid since launch which I would have to say I think it fell off the earth when the first mass exodus of people left.

At launch pre 55 bump
You had 2 Medic/lethality hybrid running around, one that went probe and one that went cull with endless TA.

Now after you have both. This is a strictly pvp build and in any raid or fp scenario pure dps and heals is preferred

Here a video of a pre bump 55 (2012) medic/lethality look like, you can see his survivability is amazing and here we are today just think what 5 more lvls did. This is not a op build its just good in 2 things not great at one but if multiplied in arena itís just stupid. I Ďam not going into much detail because all hybrid are banned in this games eyes and immediate nerf bat will fall; even though all ops have it tough these days.