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I suck at Galactic Starfighter,,,,,,,,,,,

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I suck at Galactic Starfighter,,,,,,,,,,,

Ouardajason's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 08:43 AM | #1
Is there a exploit I a missing? I cant shake off my opponent? is there a aim bot that Im not aware of that ppl are using right now?

Do I need to induce my self to be a OCD gamer ?

I tried to play matches all day.. but its just getting to the point .. I was getting excited that I got to lay a hit on someone when they lagged out...

My Latency isnt a issue..

Maybe my piloting just sucks..

Neoforcer's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 08:47 AM | #2
No just the control your piloting with meaning it's there design flaw

Excise's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 09:00 AM | #3
The learning curve is fairly steep. The tutorial is heavy on text but light on actually letting you fly around and shoot things.

You'll get the hang of it.

Hodsy's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 09:12 AM | #4
Best advice I can give is hold S (low throttle) when turning as this gives you more control, try to keep the aimer within the large target circle rather than pointing it far left or right ect this allows more stable control.

Remember Your not targeting the ship your aiming for the little scope in front of them. the are three different play styles to suit you, the scout is the hardest to master IMO as they are SUPER fast and hard to control.

The gunship which IMO is pretty boring as you find a nice quiet spot and camp there while to snipe people as they past.

The strike fighter IMO is the most fun, its allot more easy to control with allot more option in the mid to long range. So if your abit unsure like me you can hang back and pop off missiles at your foes

Maquaii's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:08 PM | #5
You're not alone, even when i have them in my target, i rarely see damage flying. I'll either keep trying until i get it or until i realise i can't do it.

kirorx's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:17 PM | #6
I can hit a damn thing an when guys by I lose them every time.

I can get kills by sniping with the gunship but honesty I love the little fast ship it's the most fun to fly so I practice a lot with that one, maybe in a month or so I will be killing people with that one

IAmFurious's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:18 PM | #7
My first day with Starfighter was a brutal disappointment. My second day has been ... a little better.

There's a lot of people who seem really good because they've been play-testing it for weeks, and are familiar with, and used to, the control scheme, and when/why/how to pop various abilities granted by the crew members you choose, etc... In other words, it will take time to really get used to - and eventually you'll be able to improve you ship as well, and tailor it to how you play best.

That said, I do think a few tweaks would go a long way toward improving it for everyone. Maybe in a patch or two.

IAmFurious's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:21 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Maquaii View Post
You're not alone, even when i have them in my target, i rarely see damage flying. I'll either keep trying until i get it or until i realise i can't do it.
Me too. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to aim at the cross-hair around their ship, or the little circle that leads them. Neither seems to really land the shots.

Also, it would help if the missiles would fire automatically when the lock is achieved, rather than requiring another click afterwards to fire. Seriously, our hands are full enough just steering the damn ship, right?

DanNV's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:26 PM | #9
The learning curve on the controls is really steep. Once you get it, they work well, but getting there will take a few days of playing. Remember there are BETA testers and people who were playing on the PTS that have a lead on you, but you'll catch up.

The strike fighter is probably the easiest to learn to fly. It's a bit slower and less maneuverable but it also takes more damage. Once you get the hang of that, try the other ships and see what you like best. My first weekend testing I hated the scout with a passion. Now it's what I fly most often. I just had to figure out the game before I could make the scout work.
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Devs gambled everything on GC RNG, but they didn't even get green loot.

TUXs's Avatar

12.04.2013 , 01:36 PM | #10
I suck too...but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it once I started to get the feeling for it.
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