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Suggestions Thread


12.03.2013 , 03:26 PM | #1
Let's collect some suggestions for the Devs to make this game better!

I'm a bit disappointed right now as it seems like all we got out of beta was some interface fixes and balance adjustments, and really I think there are at least a few changes that could make this game much more fun.

1: First off, we need a radar screen. The minimap is fine for seeing the overall battle, but way too small to be able to tell what's going on near your weapons' range. The indicators around your HUD are good for following your target, but next to useless for actually choosing a target tactically or telling you who is shooting at you.

2: More into personal preference here but I think it would be more fun - increase the speed of normal and full throttle much closer to boost speed. The boost mechanic is a fine idea, but I think it's just way too much of a jump over normal speed, meaning that I keep seeing enemies boost out of weapons range and turn, and I boost to catch up and there's a brief exchange of fire, then rinse and repeat. Not everyone takes advantage of this but when they do it's more like jousting than dogfighting. I just feel like entering weapons range should be more of a commitment than it currently is, and boosting normal speeds across the board would accomplish this while maintaining the maximum travel speeds boost gives you.

3: In a similar vein to #2, I think that all craft currently turn too quickly. Dogfights seem to be a lot of just whipping around in circles shooting for brief moments at something you can barely see let alone hit for any significant damage. To me, dogfighting should be more about trying to get better position on an enemy and then shooting him rather than both players spinning around and shooting at each other in passing and barely scratching each other until someone decides they've had enough and flies off and makes an easier target of themselves. So less turn speed across the board means everyone has more time to line up a shot from outside a dogfight, and a harder time getting into a firing position chasing in a dogfight or getting out of the line of fire when being chased. Maybe buff the lasers a bit and with the above speed changes I think you'd have much more satisfying dogfights, maybe even with more teamwork required. Contrarywise, maybe increase rolling rates. From a physics standpoint and from what I'm used to from other flight sims rolling should be faster than either pitch or yaw.

4: PLEASE let me aim the Barrel Roll ability while using it. I always replace it with something else ASAP right now because inevitably I hear the missile lock-on warning and hit my evasion ability, only to then realize it's Barrel Roll and I've just boosted myself straight into an asteroid from several kilometers away. Or just make it roll without boosting, I dunno, but as is it's caused me to suicide more than it's saved me from a missile.

Basically those are my big issues right now. It's still loads more fun than the on-rails space game, but I could be having much more fun. Just look back to the X-Wing series or even SWG's Jump to Lightspeed. They had it perfect or near-as-makes-no-difference, and basically #1-3 above are attempts to bring this closer to their feel.
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