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Welcome to Galactic Starfighter Subscriber Early Access
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12.27.2013 , 11:06 AM | #81
A couple notes of feedback here, from a few posts I've read and one for myself that I feel is important.

First, I believe that our personal starships could be used in GSF, whether as a bomber (something we haven't seen yet) or a variation on the gunship. Likely more would play gunships if they could use their own fighter they received at level ~15.

Second, I'd actually like to be able to choose my co-pilot instead of just having to go with a droid that beeps and toots. I'm sure you have all the data there, but repairing one's star fighter is important and surely most go with the repair droid than actually having one of their preferred "common" speaking companions as co-pilot. I've yet to hear my favorite companions speak to me while flying, and this is quite a waste of your time and resource here making lines for them, if we can only use a droid for ship repair. We really should have the ability to repair our ship with any companion we choose.

I love the maps we have so far, and I'm excited for more playable zones in the future and what we will see upcoming with additional fighters.
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