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Thinking about transfering to this server

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Thinking about transfering to this server

Sylok's Avatar

11.28.2013 , 08:43 AM | #1
Hello all , I am currently thinking about bringing all my toons to this server . I was wondering how the pvp pops where
and I see some guilds are recruiting . I have an assassin tank which I have played since launch and have tanked
in every raid except DF DP I haven't been in there except sm DF . I am A MATURE adult married and have kids . I am currently looking for the same people in a guild . I am avail Monday through Saturday 8pm server till 12am , Sundays I play on and off depending on what the family is doing .... and the walking dead is either on or off !

My other toons are a merc dps or heals but I don't play on her much and I have a maruarder in which I am in the process of learning ( would like to get it down like a second nature like I have the assassin ) . I am not looking for MASSIVE guild where its hard to get to know people but a medium size would be good . I like to run alts to get a different look at the fight and learn it other than having giant crotch in the face fights . I am also looking to make a gaming friends that I can play with in other games for long times to come! Had that for along time before we lost a lot of people to rl and marriage ......

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from some great people soon !

ps gear on my assassin is full underworld mid maxed and the other toons are 69 to 72
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RiVaN_'s Avatar

11.29.2013 , 10:00 AM | #2
I wish you had Pub toons because it sounds like we are a good fit for your style.
We have an Imp side guild as well, but aren't very active over there these days.
Good luck in your guild search!

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siyuandai's Avatar

12.02.2013 , 05:41 PM | #3
Check out <Emperor's Hammer>! We are a semi-casual PvE guild with a progression team that's 5/5 HM TFB, 7/7 HM S&V, and 4/5 HM DF currently working on HM Brontes and will be starting HM Dread Palace soon. We do plenty of operations throughout the week and our raid leaders regularly schedules them on our website. We are currently in need of another tank on our progression team so you might be a good fit

Anyways, if you're interested, check out our website (which is linked) and sign up for an account. Thanks to the ENJIN ultimate plan, we have a chat module on site, and officers of the guild are almost always on (myself in particular). Get a hold of me (Ezria) and we'll chat! Look forward to hearing from you!
<Emperor's Hammer>
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woodcan's Avatar

12.06.2013 , 12:49 PM | #4
Grievance - Family, Honor, Loyalty

Hi Sylok, sounds like we are the perfect guild for you if you have any Republic characters you want to play. We at Grievance are a mature, drama-free, 18+, family-friendly guild/community and have people on daily on the Republic side. There are a number of us always interested in running dailies, Flashpoints, Galactic Star Fighter and hanging out in Teamspeak. Our Operations nights are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 7:15-10PM Central but we do not have strict attendance requirements since we understand people do have lives outside of SWTOR . We are currently working on 8-man Hardmode Operations and even 16-man when enough people show up for raid time.

If you would like more information you can PM me and/or visit our guild community web-site to find out more info and apply!
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