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Hello Everyone

Imposiable's Avatar

11.17.2013 , 08:23 PM | #1
My Name is Imposiable, and I am a experienced player of SWTOR, and a Founder. I am new to the Community Forums, and am working to make my impact on it. I have been ignoring the community forums for a while, which is a mistake of my own that I have been hoping to correct. I am looking forward to helping all of the New Players, if anyone has a question, especially if they think it is a "Stupid Question" (I don't believe in "Stupid Questions") then feel free to PM me! I'll happily try to help you find your answer! Looking forward to seeing you all on the forums and in game.
SWTOR Founder 12/31/11 - Retired Guide of <Phalanx>
"No game of dejarik can be won without pawns... and this may prove to be a very long game." ~ Kreia