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Dak's Operation guide to Bestia HM

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11.16.2013 , 02:29 AM | #1
Its time to end the threat of the Dread Masters, so gear up and take it to them. These fights have been designed to make the raid think and many fights put an emphasis on positioning. Fortress will have trained you to use the tools you will need to down Dread Palace. Its an enjoyable instance with some great fights.

(Disclaimer - There are many strats out there and we do not claim to be the best. This is simply what Vindication is using currently on Harbringer and we want to share. )


Dealing with groups of adds is what will make or break this fight for you. Bestia has some tricks up her sleeve and wont yield to just anyone. Keeping focused and realizing your job in the raid is key. Its a fun fight that adds some interesting dynamics to tanking.

Key Mechanics


Dread Monster - These guys have a bit of HP and buff each other if there near one another, with increased armor and damage. The tanks need to put a bit of distance between these adds and keep them separated. They don't hit extremely hard, but they do have a cleave that will shred lesser armored targets. The real danger of these adds lies in their spawn timer which will ensure its a challenge to kill one Dread Monster, before another spawns. To deal with them have one tank group them up and have the other "pull" them out to be DPS'd one at a time. Assigning two DPS to stay on these adds as they become separated from their group, keeps things succinct.

Dread Larvae - Though these adds have less HP then their big brothers, they potentially can deal quite a bit more damage. They cast an AOE damaging ability that needs to be controlled as best the raid can. Assigning two DPS to kill these things should be all you need to get them down. Once they go down the two DPS on them can help with the Dread Monster.

Tentacle - This will be your high-priority target as these can one-shot their targeted player. Interrupts are key to dealing with this add, so make sure you don't miss them. "Spit" will wreck your raid if it gets off. The two DPS on Dread Larvae, should be able to deal with this add as well.

Bestia - She is not too complicated, but she does put a stacking debuff on her active tank. Tank swap once the initial tanks stacks have fallen off and new stacks have been applied to the new tank who has swapped. There is no need to wait for stacks to build, this mechanic does not work the same way as "Kelsara".

Phase one - Bestia is a non-combatant during this phase, but adds spawn the quickest in this phase. All the adds are on a timer and essentially the raid needs to adequately deal with them, before its over-run. Keep the dread monsters split-up, have your DPS organized into two teams one on Dread Monsters and the other on tentacle and larvae duty. Your goal should be to kill all the adds or come very close to, before Bestia releases herself from her stasis.

Phase two - The easiest of the three phases and your time to "catch up" in terms of healing and such. Bestia comes down and begins applying her de-buff to her active tank, simply tank swap accordingly. The raid will face two new abilities one "Combusting seed" which puts a red circle on its targeted player. That player should "kite" it away from the group and the healers should bubble, top off, etc, to keep this player alive. Always keep moving when you have the seed on you, because you can sometimes get a "Dread pool" at your feet at the same time. The graphic from "Combusting seed' may distract you to the fact you have spawned a pool. This phase is on a timer, but can be pushed pre-maturely if you get Bestia to 50 percent.

Phase three - A combination of the first two phases, this is the most intensive part of the fight. Add spawns here will be less, but the combined assault from Bestia and her adds will ensure its a engaging fight. Bestia will also buff the Dread Monsters in this phase, they will have a bluish hue if their being buffed, watch for it and keep her away. Have the DPS adopt a strat that is similar to the first phase, two DPS on Dread Monsters and two DPS on tentacle and larvae. Kill the first two Dread Monsters of phase three and prepare to enter a pseudo fourth phase.

We call it the Bestia burn phase, during this phase AOE tank swapping will come into play. One of the few times its seen in this game, due to the fact one of your DPS teams will stop killing the Dread Monsters. Both tanks will either have Dread Monsters or Bestia herself to tank. To effectively tank swap, when one tank has more then one Dread Monster is simple, have the tank that is tanking Bestia AOE taunt when he begins seeing stacks on himself. The tank that was on Dread Monsters will then "pull" Bestia away from that tank and the adds. The DPS team that was on Dread Monsters will now switch to Bestia exclusively. Keep your other DPS team on larvae and tentacles till Bestia hits about 20-15 percent. At this point all DPS will burn Bestia with everything in their arsenal.

Fight Tips

Tanking - Position yourself apart from the other tank, but close enough to taunt adds. The tank that is grouping up the adds in either phase one or three, needs to be particularly raid-aware. Grabbing spawned Dread Monsters quickly before they can wreck havoc is key. Understanding how the stacks work and keeping them to a minimum will help the healers quite a bit, don't tank Bestia with unnecessary stacks. Getting used to AOE tanking will require good coordination from the tanks and maybe verbal confirmations. The tanking can be a bit precise in this fight, don't blow a taunt or it could be a wipe for your raid. Helping the DPS, tank adds with AOE taunts will help quite a bit.

DPS - The DPS check in this fight is can you kill the adds before they overwhelm you in phase three and particularly in phase one. If your on Dread Monsters your job is very simple kill them fast. If your on tentacles and dread larvae, remember to interrupt the tentacle and try to "tag" larvae before they hit healers. Continue to be raid-aware during phase two and three, DPS will usually cause the most wipes due to "Dread Pools".

Healers - This fight can get hectic the key in this fight for you is one knowing who is actively tanking the boss and two making sure your not standing in "Dread Pools". find a good visible spot that allows you to see the whole raid and spot the pools. Verbally calling out if you have adds on you, can alert DPS or tanks to help.

more to come