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How to soloqueue sorc

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11.14.2013 , 08:28 PM | #1
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If you are reading this, chances are that you have a sorc, or have played against a sorc. As such, we all understand that playing soloqueue on sorc can be hard at times. This will be split up into the 3 trees played as a sorc, and is aimed at upping your win rate, even though we all know soloqueue is 90% luck anyway in this game.


Your main job is to survive long enough for your, possibly inbred, team mates to be ahead in the coming 3v3. If you survive the entire round and don't do about as much, or more, healing than you did damage, you did not carry. If the enemy team has a marauder, which statistically every team should have at least one marauder on it, you must master the art of running. If you can not run from the marauder due to charge roots/choke/aoe fear/other roots if they're carnage/physical slow that dps sorcs can't cleanse, it simply means you were outplayed and must learn to RNG them with parries and resists. In the event that you know you are going to die, try to put your extremely overpowered 4k damage over 18 seconds dot on everyone, as to put out more pressure. EDIT: If you have the force, you should also bubble your teammates before your death; however it is very unlikely that you will have over 10% force by the time you die in madness.


Your job is to respec madness, unless you are very masochistic; not just a moderate masochist, which every sorc player is at the least.


LoS and heal to full. Focus interrupt enemy healer, and hope that you get a tank, whether it be a real tank, or one of those newfangled AP tank PTs. If you have no tank, pray to the RNG gods that you receive more marauders or deception sins than the enemy team, and that the enemy team doesn't get a newfangled AP tank PT. Now, to properly survive and win as a heal sorc, you must play like this: In the event that you fail to play like the best disc priest in the world, you will not beat any operative that actually knows what they are doing; unless, of course, you receive better RNG than the operative in terms of teammates.

Of course, you may also be a genuinely lucky person and win nearly every match, or perhaps you queue when the most people queue, so that the rating system actually works remotely well. If so, keep at it and climb, because we all know that the SWTOR solo queue leaderboards are very prestigious indeed.

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11.14.2013 , 09:14 PM | #2
i approve this message

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11.14.2013 , 09:45 PM | #3
I vote for a sticky.
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11.14.2013 , 10:51 PM | #4
Since this post did not have Glory co-author madness and Siera co-author Corruption it is totally invalid.


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11.15.2013 , 12:31 AM | #5
I think I prayed to the wrong RNG god
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11.15.2013 , 02:09 AM | #6
oh, im masochist
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11.15.2013 , 07:58 AM | #7
Priceless. I will miss these posts.

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11.15.2013 , 09:04 AM | #8
You are doing it wrong, before you die bubble your teammates, the rest of the fight might not last 18s.

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11.15.2013 , 09:49 AM | #9
I just want to add that my operative in (bad) leveling gear is harder to kill than my freaking obroan healing sage.

And heals for like about 75% of what the sage heals with current gear.

I play operative healer once a month he is 55 since ROTCH 2nd week and i only have like partisan weapon. I have been trying to play sage healer since day 1 for almost two years now.

Im either a bolster genious on Viagra or something is very wrong with this game.

I wont even enter the "skillcap" discussion. Its not normal that i can be so more effective in an operative with bad gear and bad practice, i feel like a clown playing the class. One year from now i will prolly be half conq on Viagra. Im going to be a monster dude just u watch.
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11.15.2013 , 11:20 AM | #10
- learn to pick a class

I am speeding like Yolanda, so I got told, by my random teammate, to stop running behind things - they cannot hit the enemy team!

p.s. I thought this will be one of many threads "all good, u bad, me pro", but made me giggle a little.