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What level can you solo Black Talon

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04.26.2013 , 02:10 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Leovinus View Post
You're probably getting a lot of chest thumping in here.

And while it's true, it also depends on a number of factors. Your advanced class will make a difference, as well as your gear and presence stat. And your experience and skill with similar trials.

I believe my first character (IOW no absurd presence from 8 million capped companions) was about level 12 when I soloed BT. He was a powertech. Squishier characters may have to wait a bit longer, especially if they don't have a solid tank companion.

Probably 13-15 for it to not be too frustrating an experience.
It's not chest thumping to talk about soloing BT/esseles. You did so yourself.

BT CAN be solo'd at level 10 by ANY class. It's not always easy and some classes need to skip the bonus boss but it isn't impossible. I've done it on classes that can heal and classes that can't. Tank companion or no, you just have to switch your strategy up depending on what you and your companion can do.