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Basics about managing a raiding group

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11.09.2013 , 02:51 PM | #1
Hey, I tried to search for this, but haven't found anywhere, so I'm asking here.

I'm not new to raids, but never took the lead as I don't know how to set instances (eg. story mode, hard mode, 8 men, 16 men, etc). And I don't know how the masterloot works (we click on items? we type a command? how do we hand an item to someone and how to give it random?). I don't know either how to check if everybody is ready nor send those raid warnings.

Can someone please explain it to me? If you want to add anything else I thank you in advance.

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11.09.2013 , 04:38 PM | #2
Some basic commands:
/op opens the operations group; after that, anyone can type /join <raidleadr> to join the operations group
/rw sends a raid warning in white text at the center of the screen and gives an audio cue
/rc presents a ready check to the group; whoever sends the ready check will automatically be marked ready, and everyone else will be able to respond to the ready check within 15 seconds
/oo takes you to operations officer chat, which all operations officers can see. More on this under 'assistant leader'
/ops takes you to the basic operations chat; all operations group members can see this
/p takes you to your party's chat; the 4 people in your party can see this. See the operations pane to see who is in your party. This chat is useful when, for example, 4 healers or 2 tanks and 2 healers are in one pane and want to designate cleanse/heal targets

Loot and phases:
Players may come into an operation with a phase already waiting; for example they might have made progress in a heroic quest instance. If so, their phase will need to be reset/cleared before any operations group members can enter a new instance like an operations group.

Imagine this scenario: player A is doing SM SNV and makes it past Thrasher, then immediately joins your ops group. You all want to do SM SNV now, but player A already has a phase of SNV stored, and the game thinks players B, C... and so on all want to start at Dash'Roode. The game has a conflict: which phase do I load when the players enter SNV? The solution the game picks is to make sure nobody can enter SNV until all phases/instances are reset. That wipes any progress that player A made in clearing trash in SM SNV. Then the game will create a new instance full of trash for whoever enters the instance next. If player A were to enter first, the trash up to Thrasher would be clear. If someone else entered, they would likely be placed at the entrance and have to clear up to Thrasher witthout player A because his lockout prevents him from entering until those bosses are cleared.

Master looter can safely be set before an enemy is engaged, and then any loot the enemy drops that passes a certain threshold will be distributed according to the master looter's wishes. Change loot rules by right-clicking on your character's icon and navigating the expanding menu. Never pass leader to someone else or disconnect while you are master looter and loot is on the ground. The game may bug and prevent loot from being awarded.
Loot styles:
In Master Looter, the raid leader decides what loot goes to whom by right-clicking on items that pass the loot threshold. A menu will expand to award it to a certain advanced class, and within that advanced class to a specific member of that class.
In Free For All, any player who clicks the loot pillar can take what they want.
In Round Robin, all players can respond to loot with a need/greed roll.
Loot threshold decides what tier of item can be awarded by the Master Looter. By default the loot threshold in Master Looter is prototype, which means all items of Prototype/blue or epic/purple rarity can be awarded by the master looter. Set the loot threshold to the epic/purple tier if you want to Round Robin the Exotic Element Equalizers. Set the loot threshold to the lowest setting (no idea what it's even called) if you want to be the only one who can loot things like useless vendor items.

In general Round Robin will take about a fifth of the time that Master Looter would take, you just need to set the ground rules beforehandl. In some PUG operations whenever a non-set bonus piece drops and the loot style is Master Looter, all of the PUGs feel the need to announce that the non-set bonus piece would be great for their alt. In Vent. Instead of putting up a /rol like any reasonable person would.

Assistant leader:
Assistant leaders and raid leaders can place marks upon friendly and hostile targets, send raid warnings, and see /oo or operations officer chat. Using /oo is good when you want to discuss whether a member of the raid is underperforming. Assistant leaders can also remove members from the group. Tanks are typically the ones who do raid marks and ready checks, though there's no reason that needs to be the case. If your tanks are having difficulty marking kill targets it may be useful for you to designate a DPS to mark enemies. Also note that in some csaes, like Toth and Zorn or the tentacles of Brontes, it will probably be easier for everyone if you mark one of the enemies and leave the other unmarked. Your brain can easily remember "marked target has <special ability>, therefore unmarked target doesn't have <special ability>" but it becomes harder when your brain has to recall "bolt has <special ability 1>, saber has <special ability 2>".

I've had raid leaders whose motto was "Shut up and get in position" and I've had raid leaders who took a 5 minute break every 15 minutes to smoke. Make sure that you're the kind of raid leader your raiders want you to be.

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11.09.2013 , 11:27 PM | #3
Thank you a lot! Your post is very informative. This is the first time I read real something about that. Thank you again!

I just don't know now how to set instances, should I go to journal to do that?

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11.10.2013 , 02:44 AM | #4
You right click your character portrait and various options should come up, like the windows start menu. Here you can find "convert to ops group". when thats presses and you are in a ops group you will find by right clicking the ops commands. Set chall mode will allow you to select if the ops group will be 8 player norm 8 player hardmode, 16 player normal, etc. You should also see an option saying "reset active phase" sometimes you need to hit that before your group can enter the ops or you can change its difficulty example you did Tc on hardmode, now the group wants Storymode as well. So everyone out, you reset the phase then change it to story.

The second thing you need to know is that you can hit the options feature on top of the ops frame itself and press "unlock ops frame" This will allow you to move people around within the ops group. In 16m I like to put all the healers in group 4 together, that way they can talk freely with each other. Other times where the raid has to split like oasis city, you can use the groups to put 1 healer in each group then raid mark a "guide"

As a tank I strongly suggest you make the tanks assist. It allows us to ready check and to mark our targets. Last boss in dread fortress for example brontes, has 2 adds in phase 1 that we tank called "hands". They periodcaly disappear and we lose them from our target and our focus, so being able to mark "my" hand with a blue shield stopped the situation we had on our first encounter where both tanks ended up tanking 1 hand and the other ate a dps :P.
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