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The Forum Drinking Game

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11.07.2013 , 09:26 AM | #1
Note: As a responsible adult, player, and forum poster, I would like to remind people that this thread does NOT condone the abuse of alcohol. Drink something else.

This was something my wife and I, along with several other RL friends, created over on the City of Heroes forums a few years ago. I figured at least a few people would find it amusing.

Suggestions are welcome for adding to the list, particularly in cases where they apply to SW:TOR specifically. Some explanation of more obscure references might help, in such cases.

Every time someone does one of the following, take a drink:
  1. Uses the term "slap in the face" with regard to the game itself or the devs.
  2. Quotes their veteran status as supporting evidence of being right ("I've been playing since...").
  3. Uses the term 'tankmage'.
  4. Quotes a lengthy post in its entirety only to then say "signed", "QFT", "me too", "LOL", etc., or responds with anything less than a complete sentence.
    **Take one drink per picture if all they're quoting is images
  5. Asserts that "the majority of players" or "the entire playerbase" agrees with their position.
  6. Ends any single line post with an emoticon.
  7. Demands a response from the devs.
    **Take a second drink if they demand compensation.
    **Take a third drink if the total value of said compensation could actually be calculated as less than fifty cents.
  8. Criticizes anything in the game while stating that they have in fact never done it.
    **Take a second drink if they do that in the same post as the initial criticism.
  9. Insists that they are allowed freedom of speech on a privately owned forum.
  10. Doesn't actually ragequit before posting about it.
    **Take an additional drink each time they continue to post in said ragequit thread.
    **Take an additional drink for each "can I have your stuff" post in said ragequit thread.
    **Everyone in the thread drinks if a community moderator posts "can I have your stuff" in said ragequit thread.
  11. Attempts to derail any thread by linking or otherwise referencing another thread about their favorite unrelated peeve of the moment.
  12. Grouses about PvP.
  13. Complains about an archetype that is 'unplayable', 'unbalanced', 'overpowered', 'underpowered', 'nerfed', or other indication that the devs can't do math when calculating power.
    **Take a second drink when someone with mathematical ability proves the poster wrong.
  14. Posts about how a particular update has "ruined the game".
  15. Invokes Hitler, fascism, elitism, or otherwise generally "Godwins" the thread.
  16. Posts "suggestions" (read: demands) in a section other than "Suggestions".
    **Drink a second time if someone subsequently posts a list with links to all other threads on the same topic.
    **Drink a third time if any or all of the other threads were started by the same person.
  17. Posts complaining that an event is deliberately being scheduled to inconvenience or exclude them.
    **Take another drink for complaints that a contest excludes them despite legalities (usually international) over which the mods have no control.
  18. Asks for a name purge.
    **Insists the reason for the purge is "there are no good names left".
  19. Publicly complains about being reprimanded in some form (banned, suspended, reported name, whatever).
    **Take another drink if they name the individual who reprimanded them.
  20. Posts "IMHO". Because there is usually none of the "H" part in any of it.
  21. Insists that "F2P ruined the game".
  22. Complains about criticals in crafting.
  23. Insists that leveling is too slow/too fast.
    **Take two drinks if both assertions are made in the same thread.
  24. Posts that s/he is a programmer/business owner/MMORPG creator and as such knows how the development company SHOULD be doing things.
    **Take a second drink if the spelling and grammar are abysmal in said post.
  25. Complains they can never find a team.
    **Take a second drink if the claim "no one plays this game anymore" comes up in the same thread.
    **Take a third drink if the poster demonstrates themselves to be so abrasive that, obviously, no one would WANT to team with them.
  26. Starts a thread asking why they can't log in during an official downtime.
    **Take a second drink if there are at least 10 threads and/or official announcements on the forums already about said downtime.
  27. Asks during any kind of downtime what changes are being made after any dev's 14th post saying that no changes are being made to the game.
  28. Uses the term "game-breaking".
  29. Uses the phrase "It's only a game".

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11.07.2013 , 11:02 AM | #2
Are the below rules designed to get wasted on page 1 of a thread?

JFTravis's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 09:32 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ImpactHound View Post
Are the below rules designed to get wasted on page 1 of a thread?
I think you missed rule zero?