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Veteran WoW player, new to SWTOR! Class suggestions please.

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Veteran WoW player, new to SWTOR! Class suggestions please.

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11.06.2013 , 12:26 PM | #1

As stated in the title, I am a 6 year WoW veteran that has finally grown tired of the way Blizzard has taken the game. I bought SWTOR back when it first released, but never played it. I now have recently downloaded the game and, after playing for a short while, have decided to ask for some advice.

I am looking for some suggestions as to what class to play, I have a few guidelines that I feel will narrow the field a bit...but I dont know enough about how each class plays to really make an educated decision myself. I know the best advice would be to play each and decide that way, but I dont feel like spending that much time and energy. I would rather but my time into a single character. So here it goes...

I am looking for a ranged DPS class that has decent mobility, good burst potential, and does well in both PvP/PvE. I have tried out the Imperial Agent class, but I am not a big fan of the cover mechanic. I usually play solo, and would like a class that does well without group support. Basically im looking for the SWTOR version of a hunter, lol.

All constructive advice is wanted here, im a total noob in the SWTOR universe and desperately want to learn. Thank you all in advance for your help!

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11.06.2013 , 12:43 PM | #2
There's no real substitute for the Hunter from WoW. No one has pets. However, everyone has companions which function in the same manner.

If you take the agent a bit further into Operative you might like it. They are more close quarters and utilize stealth and heals. A well equipped operative can solo most of the game as their first companion is a tank.

Trooper/BH might suit you as well as they use ranged attacks. The Assassin (Inquisitor) or Sage (Consular) are also ranged but more about force powers.

Things to keep in mind as a new player. Custom (or moddable) gear is something you will not be used to from WoW. Every armor and weapon slot (except earpiece, implants and relics) can be filled with a moddable item. These are basically shells which can have their mods updated (from vendors or GTN or crafting) to increase their stats as you level. Definitely the way to go. You can also use this type of equipment on companions.

The beauty of them is you can find a look you like and stick with it. Mods can be removed from other custom items and reused in whatever one you are wearing. Whichever class you select, please be aware of their primary stat (Aim, Cunning, Willpower, Strength) and focus on that first.
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11.06.2013 , 01:10 PM | #3
Any ranged class that has mobility will be a dot spec. Any ranged class with burst will have cast times so will be less mobile. Just listing imp classes, rep classes are mirrors.

High mobility class/spec: Sorcerer/madness, Mercenary/pyrotech, Sniper/Lethality or engineering
High burst class/spec: Sorcerer/lightning, Mercenary/arsenal, Sniper/marksman
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11.06.2013 , 01:15 PM | #4
As Ezrat mentioned, every class in SWTOR is essentially a pet class thanks to companions, at least while soloing. You will be without your companion in most flashpoints (4-man dungeons), operations (8/16-man raids), and all warzones (battlegrounds). The benefit of the companions over pets though is that depending on the class and companion used (each has 5 companions provided at specific points), you have a melee dps, ranged dps, healer, or tank to complement your class and playstyle.

For ranged classes, you are looking at Bounty Hunter Mercenaries / Trooper Commandos, which would sort of be like elemental / resto shaman. Picking up the healing trees you would eventually get an "earth shield", and hammer shot is a jump-less chain heal. Snipers / Gunslingers are a strictly dps ranged class, though I agree with you about the cover mechanic. They are likely the closest you can come to hunters. The Operatives / Scoundrels are really enjoyable, but they are also essentially rogues. Finally there is the Sorcerer / Sage, probably most similiar to the discpline priest, able to cast spells at range and shield people as a healer. Not sure if you have to spec into the healer tree for the shields though.

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11.06.2013 , 01:27 PM | #5
Never played WoW so I don't know what classes would compare with a Hunter. As far as ranged classes with mobility go, the Republic Commando Trooper or it's opposite on Imp side the Mercenary Bounty Hunter might suit you well. Both are ranged mirror classes that offer great burst or sustained DPS depending on which Tree you take and also offer on the go heals.

Commandos get an Assault Cannon which is like walking around with a chain gun. It has awesome DPS but I'm more biased towards the Merc with their dual gun wielding bad assery!

So yeah the Mercenary gets two guns but their mobility is about the same which again depends on the Tree you spec into. Speaking of the trees, both have one full healing tree they can specialize in or 2 DPS trees.
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11.06.2013 , 01:31 PM | #6
Right there with you on the merc's dual pistols. I had no intention of leveling a BH, let alone another "commando", but I quickly realized it was the only way I could ever mimic the smuggler seen in the opening cinimatic. Its a shame none of those who lvld a gunslinger will get to experience that without cover getting in the way.

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11.06.2013 , 01:46 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Ezrat View Post
There's no real substitute for the Hunter from WoW. No one has pets. However, everyone has companions which function in the same manner.

If you take the agent a bit further into Operative you might like it. They are more close quarters and utilize stealth and heals. A well equipped operative can solo most of the game as their first companion is a tank.

Trooper/BH might suit you as well as they use ranged attacks. The Assassin (Inquisitor) or Sage (Consular) are also ranged but more about force powers.
I am very sorry to say so, but if someone asks for a Ranged class it's quite a poor advise to recommend: Operative, Assassin and Trooper/Bounty Hunter in general. Operative (unless healer specced) requires to be in 4m range for an attack that's more or less suppose to be used every 6 seconds. This is in no way a ranged dps class. The Assassins has (for as far as I'm aware) one 30m range ability (Death Field in the Madness tree) and the rest are 10m to 4m, unless Force Potency or Recklessness is used, requiring you to be in melee range almost all the time. So does the Powertech/Vanguard speciality of the Bounty Hunter and Trooper.

As for your question OP:
The ranged classes (DPS-specced) are: Commando/Mercanary, Sage/Sorcerer and Gunslinger/Sniper. Any other class doesn't perform well at a 4m+ range.
Commando/Mercanary feels the most like a Turret class to me. They have a lot of cast-time abilities in their optimal rotations, for this reason they can be difficult to play in PvP environments if your enemy knows what he's doing. But they do have 30% movement increase that protect vs movement impairing effects and an ability that makes 1 or 2 abilities instant for on the move.
Sage/Sorcerer have a bit more movement with Force speed and the damage over time gets cast on the run, still they have a few casttimes depending on spec, mainly the burst spec (Lightning/Telekinis.) On top of that they have no defensive cooldowns minus an invincible bubble that has to be channeled, has it's uses but not quite like other classes. They do have a few instant heals requiring 'only' a global cooldown.
Gunslinger/Sniper have the most mobility in my opinion, but not until level 51+ and varies depending on your spec. The cover mechanic is annoying to get used to, but makes you immune to interrupts and ability pushback, giving you a big edge over the other 2 ranged DPS in a PvP envoirment on top of being unable to get leaped to. Their burst (especially in Marksman) is very impressive. Casttimes are there, like any class, but the damage is a high and in quick succession.

For all these reasons I honestly think Gunslinger/Sniper fit the description of what you want the best. However it might be worth giving one of the others a try if you really think you won't ever get comfortable with the cover-mechanic. All classes can fare really well in soloplay. They all got plenty of AoE and plenty of damage with survivability (Sages/Sorcerers have to get it from a bit of self-healing though.) I'd highly recommend taking a tanking-companion for the Commando/Mercanary and Sage/Sorcerer to avoid ability pushback, where-as a Gunslinger/Sniper can manage with any companion without it hindering their play.

Sharpshooter/Marksman is the only spec in my opinion combining burst with movement. An example: This pesky melee character finally got in your range (quite a challange with all the knockbacks, roots and anti-leap) you press 1 button -> You roll to a safe distance, gaining not only Entrench (anti-stun / AoE damage) for a short period of time or increased movement speed if you chose to leave the Entrench, you also gain an instant snipe. Distance, little loss of burst and a defensive cooldown, all in 1 global cooldown.
Though a Gunnery/Arsenal Commando/Mercanary is a close second with their 2 instant abilities whilst on the move, shame it's once every 2 minutes or so.
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11.06.2013 , 02:50 PM | #8
Thank you all! There is alot of good information here. I think, based on the advice I have gotten, I am going to try out the Merc and Sniper classes first...maybe with some time I can get used to the cover mechanic. I guess I just got so used to running around like a hooligan on my hunter spamming instant casts that I need to relearn my tactics.

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11.06.2013 , 03:09 PM | #9
A few more things.

I believe your bags are called inventory, and you can have up to 80 (?) slots. It should be cheaper for subs to unlock additional slots, but you might consider checking out prices for account wide unlocks on the GTN (AH). With enough alts, it might be better.

Your bank is called a cargo hold, which subs get access to when they are assigned or steal a ship (roughly lvl 16-20). You can get up to 5 tabs of bank slots, purchased either with creds (subs) or cartel coins. Once again, you might consider looking into account unlocks if they exist on the GTN. Just make sure you are getting the extra holds and not the unlock for the first hold.

The GTN can be found on your home worlds -- Dromand Kass / Coruscant -- as well as the fleet and Nar Shadda. Eventually you can unlock access to the GTN on your ship.

There are two additional companions you can unlock / purchase. Tweek is a mercenary Ewok and supposedly the best companion healer in the game. HK-51 is an assassin droid who was originally the top dps companion in the game, though I am not sure where he stands presently.

There are a few other things I had to relearn coming from WoW, but can't think of anymore at the moment.

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11.06.2013 , 03:23 PM | #10
Companion Affection - Just as you used to "feed" your hunter pets, so to must you pamper your companions (well, you will need to torture the masochists).

Don't worry about affection at the start, just learn the class. I would then recommend training at least one mission skill once you hit fleet. Focus on missions that reward companion gifts, with Rich > Bountiful > Abundant (?) having the chance to crit. Feed the greens to your companion even if it is just a small gain in affection, sell the rest.

Alternatively, you can visit the gifts vendor, find your companions favorite gift and buy somewhere between 100-150 rank 1 gifts. Rank 2 gifts are not worth the extra cost in my experience. Then watch tv as you start clicking on the stack.

For each 2k affection, your companion will output more healing / dps, craft better, and have a better chance of critting on missions (max of +5%). Your companions will also excel in two crafting areas, either being more efficient (5, 10, or 15% faster) or having an increased chance at critting (1, 2, or 5%). By default, I believe you have a 5-10% chance to crit on orange difficulty patterns, 10-15% chance on yellows and greens.

After you get to rank 3 at 6,000 affection, you can start picking up the missions your companions offer. These are seen as "quests" over there heads when they are in cantina's or on your ship. Some conversations are only allowed to be held on your ship. You don't have to wait until 6k affection, but it is more efficient.

Hope that helps.