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Why use a power generator?

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Why use a power generator?

Kamatsu's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 06:52 PM | #11
I have a question relating to this topic - leveling as a SW-Jugg in tanking stance (for the bonus to +threat, since Vette seems to be an aggro magnet.. lolz & as it helps me mitagate damage, which I take a lot of.. lolz) and I'm wondering if I should use a shield or focus?

The shield with tanking stance gives me 20% chance of it triggering, but I do not have any +shield rating gear on me, so my shield chance is base 20%, with 20% absorption. I'm thinking that it might be more worth my while to switch back to focus for the higher damage bonus, at least till I get higher up into the Immortal line and get some +shield rating gear / mods to raise my shield chance (and +absorption rating gear/mods as well).

Deathstalker_'s Avatar

11.07.2013 , 03:54 AM | #12
It's definitely doable, and you'll certainly kill more quickly that way, but the focus of a Tank isn't doing damage; it's building and maintaining Threat and staying alive. Equipping a Power Generator means giving up a portion of your defenses, so you'll be more frail than you would otherwise be because the only way you have of mitigating incoming damage is via Defense and Buffs from skills.

That being said, my general impression of the Juggernaut is that it's less reliant on Shield Chance and Absorption than the other two Tank classes are. Shadows/Assassins are primarily Defense Tanks, but the fact that they wear Light Armor means they need as many layers of defense as they can get, in case the RNG doesn't let them block an incoming attack. Vanguard/Powertech Tanks, on the other hand, focus their defense on their Shields, so it's their primary source of damage reduction. Juggernauts focus more on Armor Rating, Defensive Cooldowns, and buffs from the Immortal tree to stay up. The loss of the extra layer of defense a shield gives may not hit them as hard.

All that being said, I have a level 52 Immortal Juggernaut that has 0 Power and uses a Shield, and I don't have any problems killing things. Of course, I also bomb around with Jaesa, so she brings the damage I lack.