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Future Content...

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

View Poll Results: Vote for what you want most for future content...Pick up to 5
Class Story 2,635 70.15%
Operations 1,064 28.33%
PvP Content (Warzones, Arena's etc) 1,404 37.38%
Companions 1,057 28.14%
Space Content (beyond what is coming already) 660 17.57%
Planets 1,594 42.44%
Crew Skills and Crafting 634 16.88%
Character Customization Options (Hair, Faces, Body sizes, etc) 927 24.68%
Legacy 952 25.35%
Mini Games (Sabacc, Pod racing, pazaak, etc) 1,423 37.89%
Playable Races 1,100 29.29%
New Class 1,552 41.32%
Other 250 6.66%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 3756. You may not vote on this poll

Branovices's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:31 PM | #351
I would love to see Pazaak; but I would doubly like to have that weird, holo-chess game from A New Hope.

Arkillon's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:31 PM | #352
Quote: Originally Posted by Cryowolf View Post
Top 3 picks, huh.

1. PVP content. More WZ's.
2. PVP content. A diff location from fleet with all the things a pvper needs like vendors, class trainerss, mission givers and a dueling area. Etc.
2. PVP content. More pvp vendor items to spend comms on.
I agree! I'd want a pvp section on fleet or something, more pvp-only content.. IDC if they bring 2 new arenas, but include more than just that! Warzones, buffs, more choices of gear, dailies, weeklies, in-game tournaments not organized by players, more items to use comms for... Hell, different types of WZs too?
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RodneyMcNeely's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:36 PM | #353
I picked PvP Content, Planets, Class Stories, Mini-games, and Other.

For me, "Other" means graphical and quality-of-life things that affect my immersion as a player. For instance:
  1. Engine fixes.
  2. Let us sit on all of the available chairs, benches, seats, barstools, etc. in the game. HUGE QoL and RP improvement.
  3. Let us swim in the water. Give Tech users an Aquata Breather passive ability and give Force users a Breath Control passive ability. Then add Selkath as a playable race and throw in the planet Manaan.
  4. Chat bubbles.

Okay, that's it. Thanks for the poll guys and keep up the good work!

Alexjkls's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:39 PM | #354
Miss 2 things:
DECENT OPEN PVP (whit objectives and weekley q.)
DECENT GUILD SYSTEM (flagship ?!?! )

LordArtemis's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:41 PM | #355
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
I agree with you entirely! General Discussion and this forums can certainly be a great representation of the playerbase at large, and its opinions. I don't want you to get the idea that I was saying otherwise. My reasoning is specifically tied to polls. Again, not that polls are bad, just that in many cases players can misunderstand poll results as "undeniable proof" of a point. It is when you can put a tangible number behind an opinion that things get a bit tricky and that is where the "in a vacuum" comment comes in. (like the Warzone type example I made)

Fair enough Mr Musco. The only thing I would impart here is that perhaps the devs should consider less expensive class story extension methods OTHER than a Makeb style expansion....that is, if they feel this is something the playerbase wants in majority.

And bios. We are, IMO, our characters.

I have made one suggestion, but by no means the only one. There are quite a few good ideas out there on how to provide story extensions while keeping costs low.

Rafaman's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:41 PM | #356
746 responses thus far. Not too shabby. Good to see actually.

TUXs's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:46 PM | #357
Quote: Originally Posted by Joesixxpack View Post
If we don't get more HBs I'm going to put the BW logo on a glove then smack myself in the face with it.
I'm with ya...I'll put the BW logo on a glove and slap you too!

Quote: Originally Posted by Rafaman View Post
746 responses thus far. Not too shabby. Good to see actually.
Prior to Eric posting today, we had 473 votes, as of like 9am my time, right now it's 2:45pm and it's 757...kinda demonstrates the power of a YELLOW post doesn't it?!
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LordArtemis's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:47 PM | #358
...and so far, other than a jump in PVP from late comers, the numbers seem to be running the same...the top three are still the top three, class stories by a wide margin.

My guess is it is how it will be for the most part, but would like to see if it reaches 1000 votes.

strallart's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:50 PM | #359
I REALLY want the class stories to continue. That's really the only worth while content SWTOR has. Everything else reeks of mediocre. The PVP is the only thing I like in this game now.

So class stories, and PvP.

Though I'm 100% sure Bioware will NEVER continue class stories. It will cost them too much money. God forbid you spend a little money improving your game.

ikinai's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 02:50 PM | #360
Quote: Originally Posted by Tatile View Post
Not if you listen to some people
Actually if you do the math that Eric doesn't want to do, it's quite representative.

Let's consider this, Gallup Research does a poll on whether the people of America approve or disapprove of elected officials job ratings. This poll is reported as fair and accurate in accordance with how polls get run.

With this in mind let's do some math. There are 150 million registered voters in America. 207 million adults who could vote if registered. Now, one would think that there would be a huge number of people polled given these numbers. In fact, only 1500 (.0000075% of adults) people were polled. And yet, that poll is reported world wide as statistically accurate.

Now, let's look at this poll. 700 (~ .00025%) poll entries out of maybe 3 million players including F2P and preferred? Seems to me to be rather a significant result.
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