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Wookiee Leaks recruiting, empire - apac

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Wookiee Leaks recruiting, empire - apac

Ardinho's Avatar

11.01.2013 , 04:05 PM | #1
<Wookiee Leaks> is currently recruiting capable players for the following progression raid groups below. Note that sometimes sundays are 16man raids for gearing.

BLUE team: raids thurs & sun 7.30pm AEST
Need dps

RED team: raids weds & sun 9.30pm NZDT
Need tank & healer

ORANGE team: Closed

Expected to have ts3 & parse software

Contact me here OR Warhobo ingame via tell or mail

Ardinho's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 12:10 AM | #2
Bump, spots still open

MitchPB's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 12:42 AM | #3
Bump, still looking for peeps
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dscount's Avatar

11.13.2013 , 08:56 PM | #4
I've run a couple PUGS with folks in your guild on my ALTS.

Good peeps if anyone is looking for an honest group to run with.

Good luck on recruiting!
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