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Non responsive loading screen

DannyBro's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 09:51 PM | #1
This has to do with any world to world loading screens, not the one previous to getting to the server select screen.

When this happens my game window will briefly display not responding and the progress bar at the bottom will stay at the midway point.

The only temporary fixes I have found for this is exiting the game and loging back in for another attempt.

In attempts to fix this problem I have gotten new graphics cards (GTX 560), switched to cable internet, and re installed the game. None of theses have had any effect on solving this problem.

If anyone else has had this issue or knows a fix plz respond. I last loged my main out in Taris and have been unable to log back into him and load that map for the past 5 hours with countless attempts made.