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Balmorra Traken 4 legacy

clanqui's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 04:36 PM | #21
+10 to bioware for adding the puzzle.

-10,000 for putting it in a public area.

Not only do you have other players with no clue running around hitting posts, but even if the other group understands, and (hypothetically) was willing to wait their turn, then you still have a multi-minute thumb twiddling for the second group while the first one solves it.

Bad think through.

Zionbrain's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 10:04 AM | #22
Fully agree- the puzzle in itself is not a bad idea- but situating it in a group area is such a mistake- they should have thought about the reality of playing the game for 2 minutes.

Also- if you are going to do puzzles, let it be of the type such as in WOW -where you have to remember a relatively easy sequence (like seeing red -green- blue- yellow sequence and having to repeat it correctly). rather than such puzzle where 98.9 % of the players starting the quest, are not in fact mathematical geeks or ppl with a higher-than average spacial intelligence and therefore need an online puzzle. Telling you Bioware- it was a total HASSLE having to quit out of the game - open browser- look up puzzle solver- make drawing- go back to tell your random mate you're still at it so pls bear with me- then finding another group just changed the F*****G config on the lights.

Seriously Bioware... as far as beginners mistakes go, this was one mission which wasn't very well thought out... LEARN from the early WOW mistakes ffs

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01.28.2012 , 06:04 PM | #23
So they shouldn't make quest's for the 1.1% of the population that do like mathematical quests? Considering that gamers are more geek then the general population, I think you're estimate to be really low.

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02.01.2012 , 01:20 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by indecks View Post
It's not an easy puzzle, but basically, go here:

Set the game to a 3x3 set.
Set it to two colors

Go back into the game and stand on the big turret, facing the towers. Here's an example:



(y = the turret, ignore the dashes, its only for spacing on this board)

Now you have to look at the towers and see which ones are ON (the screens should be yellow). Depending on what you've been hitting on and off, it will be different for each player.

So here's a legend:

I = ON

Lets say a few towers are ON and it looks like this:



Make a note of which towers are ON... not off - ON. Then ALT-TAB back to the Lights out Game in your browser, and set the game like that. Blue means on, Red means off. Click the edit button so you can click on a colored spot and change it.

So you'd have 3 blue squares and 6 red ones, right? After this, you hit PLAY on the game - and then hit SOLVE. you MUST hit play first, or it wont work from what the video on youtube said.

It will give you a diagram telling you how many moves you need to make on each tower. Usually, it will be a single move on a few different towers. Once you have your solution (make a drawing and write it down) ALT-TAB back into TOR, and go to the towers that the java game told you to go to, and hit them whatever amount of times the game's solution tells you to hit them.

Once that happens, the turret should self activate. After this, right near the turret in a pool of green liquid, there should be a ship. Go into the ship and access the blue part and you should complete the mission.
Bump for this post.

Remember blue = on, red = off.
EDIT to select which ones.
Then click PLAY, then SOLVE.
Then just select the towers listed with a 1 in any order.

+1 internets to you.

Bioware, PLEASE remove the enemies from around in... In fact... Never do a puzzle like this again.
Let me make this abundantly clear.
I do the job...I get paid.

alcek's Avatar

02.04.2012 , 03:35 PM | #25
This is so badly implemented puzzle, that i am out of words. I don't mind a challenge, but at least dont hamper me artificially. The blinking lights force you each time you switch a light, to run out, so you gain perspective what has turned on and what off. Coupled with the sheer scale of the place, this makes the process of trial and error pure hell. Thanks, no need. I have better things to do than run around and stare at blinking lights.
The puzzle may be good, but the way it is made in the game is pure fail.
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Talorra's Avatar

02.04.2012 , 03:49 PM | #26
I liked this quest a lot. But, I played a lot of Myst when I was younger...
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Eyfel's Avatar

02.04.2012 , 06:19 PM | #27
I also liked the quest. At first, i didn't notice you can judge by the terminals if the pillar is on so i was just looking at blinking lights.. Then i didn't read the quest so had to come up with the way they function by myself.. But once i did it was fun. We did it with the other person (took us an hour...), and the other person had really no clue as to what to do so was just killing the adds

Sharikon's Avatar

02.05.2012 , 11:25 AM | #28
This website worked great. It takes a minute to make sure which lights are on and to plug them into the site but once I did I hit solve and clicked on the towers it told me to click on and get it first time.

Jalden's Avatar

02.06.2012 , 08:00 AM | #29
I loved this quest. Annoying at first but a great feeling when you clear it. I agree that it should be private, but a few mobs just makes is better.

Are there more puzzle style quests in the game?

Ilintar's Avatar

02.06.2012 , 10:12 PM | #30
This is like the only challenging puzzle in the game and people are complaining?

Yeah, it forced me to actually take a piece of paper and draw this out in order to solve it - which is why I really, really enjoyed it. They don't make puzzles in games like they used to...

Also, people who say that this tests your patience apparently never saw old adventure games in pre-internet-walkthrough times when you actually could spend days unraveling certain puzzles. Feeds the nostalgia a bit :>
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