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Tanking - Mitigation or Health

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Tanking - Mitigation or Health

Beckwith's Avatar

10.27.2013 , 03:20 AM | #1
I am asking what is better Mitigation or Health for a tank? Doesn't matter what tank, but what is better?

To me it seems mitigation is a lot better than health, but why are so many people telling others to stack health? So my question remains, is it me or is mitigation better than health for Tanks?

Also, I am a Sage healer on this raid team. The other healer is a commando. Now, this fight I know is a huge healer intensive fight because of the DOT, and it helps hugely in my opinion if the tank is set for mitigation because no set of extra health can keep him alive with the hit from Nefra and the DOT I have to cleanse off the other teammates.

I hope all this made sense and my appologies for the wall of text.

THoK-Zeus's Avatar

10.27.2013 , 04:09 AM | #2
Generally spreaking stack migation. However there are a few exceptions. Assassins/Shadows want a little bit of additional health (b mods instead of standard mods) cause of self heal and 16 man hm/nim ops also (depending on your healers) want a little bit of extra health aswell.

Stacking health helps not at all to lower the damage output of a boss. (The self heal of a shadow is an exception but even then 1 migation Point > 1 health point, as migation will always lower the damage output more then additional health would do, the threshold is about 500 dtps.).

Migation helps to lower the damage output of a boss and that's what the tank should do. It also makes the Job of a healer easier. Current content is not doing so much damage to a tank, that a tank with little health will be killed before the healers can heal him.

Liftedranger's Avatar

10.27.2013 , 05:09 AM | #3
Sounds to me that the tank traded out some token gear to com gear perhaps. And lost some mitigation.